Technology and ingenuity makes this table one-of-a-kind

This large boat-shaped boardroom table designed by Gensler New York has some incredible features, including a rubber edge to save chair arms and motorized, retractable monitors. 


This innovative table quickly divides in two for multiple uses 

Thanks to a center section of removable Summit tilt-top tables, this large conference table quickly reconfigures into two tables that can be separated by a room divider. WallGoldfinger calls it a "bridge" table and it is an innovative solution for those with multiple conference needs. 

WallGoldfinger is FSC certified

For the benefit of the environment and to meet clients green building needs, WallGoldfinger is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

A message from the CEO

Repeat customers have a big impact on our success, and indicate the quality of our work. 
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