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July 2015

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Music Video Filmed in Rocky Point
Music Video Filmed in Rocky Point

Drone Video of Morua Estuary 
Drone Video of Morua Estuary

Welcome to another beautiful month in paradise. July has arrived and with it comes the heat of our Rocky Point Summer months. After a short rain and pretty good wind storm yesterday, the humidity is up today but it hasn't been too bad yet. Give it a couple more weeks and that will change too. It's definitely time to enjoy the pools, the ocean, and the air conditioning for a while.

First and foremost, PLEASE try to make it to our 4th annual Las Vegas Night for Charity on Saturday, July 4th. It will be a great time and all proceeds go to local charity. See the story below - I hope to see you there. If you absolutely can't make it, our friend Manny Sanchez is going to set it up so that you can see it live online. Free link to live stream: http://penas.co/lasvegasnight. But of course, we would still much rather have you here in person!

As I mention all too often, time just continues to fly by. We're already half way through 2015. That is hard to believe. Yesterday was my birthday and today marks my 5 year anniversary with the Sonoran Resorts. This is also my 53rd consecutive monthly newsletter. Life is really good but it sure goes by fast!

Elections are over and we will soon have a new Rocky Point Mayor and State Governor. Kiko Munro of the PAN party won the election for Mayor of Puerto Penasco and Claudia Pavlovich of the PRI party won as State Governor (she is the first ever female governor of Sonora). There was no Presidential election this year. I know that this really doesn't mean alot to most of you but it's kind of nice to have an idea of what's going on anyway. We look forward to continued support from both the State and Federal Governments as Kiko moves forward with ongoing projects and begins some new ones. The Mayoral term is only 3 years here and they can not serve consecutive terms so they really do have to move fast in order to get some things accomplished during their reign. There is a decent chance that our current Mayor and also our Mayor Elect will stop by our Las Vegas Night event on Saturday. Be sure to attend to meet them and say Hello.

Rocky Point has been very busy and we have seen several "sold out" weekends, even when there aren't special attractions (think Roger Clyne) or a holiday involved. Sales have been very good this year as well and we are a bit ahead of last year at this point. I hope and expect to finish out the year very strong as we continue to bring Buyers and Sellers together and sell Sonoran Resorts condos.

Construction and improvements continue around town and the home port project is moving along nicely. It's nice to see things really picking up and looking very positive again here in Rocky Point. And, all indicators say that we are just beginning a growth phase which will benefit everyone throughout the town.
Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I'm here full time and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
 Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist
Broker/Director of Sales and Marketing
Sonoran Resorts   Spa - Sea - Sun - Sky

I hope that you enjoy my newsletter and continue to recommend it to your friends. Please feel free to give me thoughts, suggestions, or ideas for future newsletters. Puerto Peñasco is my home and I love to share the news and goings-on with you.

I do get email requests each month asking me to add someone to my list. While I certainly don't mind doing so, all you really need to do is click Join Newsletter Mailing List, add the email address, and it will happen automatically. Not to worry. I will not spam you or share your email address, and you will only receive one email-newsletter each month on the 1st.
This Saturday Night, July 4th is Las Vegas Night for Charity! Here's the Latest News!

Interest and excitement for this, the fifth annual Las Vegas Night for Charity has been simply effervescent! Whether it's because this year the event date falls on the 4th of July, or because attendees remember that it is a sold out event every year, Las Vegas Night for Charity is the major "buzz" throughout the community!


Just as a reminder, the fun starts at 7:00 PM this Saturday inside the cool air conditioned environment of our beautiful Los Volcanes Ballroom on the second floor in the Sonoran Resorts luxury beachfront Sky Resort and Condominium on Sandy Beach.


There will be shuttle service so we encourage you to park along the road to the resort and our volunteers will be escorting guests right to the elevators.  We have many charity-minded volunteers from our sales staff and corporate office to handle ticket sales right at the door. Your $35 US Dollar entry is worth $300 dollars in "Charity Chips" and one raffle ticket for the dozens and dozens of drawings held throughout the night. You can, and should purchase additional tickets for cash or chips anytime during the night.  We say "should" because this year our volunteers and generous businesses, artisans and artists have broken the record for prize donations, nearly one hundred valuable prizes as of today and still coming in. We'll tease you with a few of the prizes below. They will all be awarded in raffles and later in the auction. Wow!


After getting your ticket at the door, just turn around and say "Hi" to Charlie Muratore of Tequila Peñasco. He'll get your night started with a complimentary shot of one of his palette palpitating original tequilas!  Now you're ready to bring this casino to its knees!


Oh, your ticket is good for dinner provided this year by local restaurateur Ramón Ramos of Mariachis and Tequila Restaurant in "5th Avenue" aka "Rodeo Drive" where the curio shops  are located on the newly paved road to our Puerto Peñasco Expo Center. Ramón has a great buffet planned for 7:30 to 9:00. If you're too busy breaking the bank and miss the buffet, no problemo, amigo. Ramón will be serving snacks and appetizers for the rest of the night! Ramón will have cash bars set up serving your favorite libations throughout the evening.


Examples of just a few of the prizes you can win or bid on include 18 holes of golf for a foursome on the Links at Las Palomas, 18 holes for two at Mayan Palace, and 2 night stays in resort hotels and condominiums such as Playa

Bonita, Laos Mar, Sonoran Sun and Sonoran Sky. You can win a complete SCUBA certification class by Lea Parris, a fishing trip for six on the "About Time" fishing yacht, Two VIP tickets to the gala 4 day music festival, Circus Mexicus with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and the eight to 10 bands they bring along for the party in June. And there are many, many more: spa treatments, dinner, quad and jet ski rentals, sunset cruises, drinks, bottles of Tequila Peñasco,  photography sessions, artwork, shuttle rides from Phoenix and more. Plus, we will be revealing some incredible surprise prizes for the auction at the end of the night where you'll use your accumulated  chips to bid.


Once again this year we are lucky and grateful to have Randy Van Hulle, owner of Ace Casino Rentals of Tucson lending his expertise to our event. Through his company founded in 1987, Randy has over 3,000 corporate casino functions to his credit. Randy and his wife Linda drive in from Tucson every year to give of their time and expertise for this charity event. Linda volunteers as a dealer.


This event was the brainchild of our own leader, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Sonoran Resorts Group, who wanted to help local charities. He starts putting this event together in January and you will see him working alongside Randy, overseeing the food and beverage service, helping dealers, fetching prizes when needed and would probably wash dishes in the kitchen if the need arose, but he does such a great job of selecting the food service providers each year that he'll never have to wash dishes! Be sure to tell all the volunteers how much you appreciate what they do for the community when you cross paths with them Saturday night. Thank you for that gesture!


The casino games this year have been expanded to include three fun new games, Red Dog, Chuck-a-Luck and Sic-Bo in addition to our Blackjack tables, Roulette and possibly Texas Hold'em. Try them all!


One of the main ingredients that make this night so much fun is the jovial camaraderie among everyone, invigorated by the smiling attitudes of all the volunteers who give their time and energy to serve as dealers, ticket distributors, chip counters and everything else to make your evening fun.


By the way, if for some serious reason you are grounded in a foreign country that has Internet, please note that this year out webmaster and video guru, Manny Sanchez, has created a neat way for you to tune in and see much of the night's activities. Just go to http://penas.co/lasvegasnight Saturday night. Won't cost you a dime!


But  where else can you have so much fun for such a small cost and help so many deserving charities?


PART XV: Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco

Infrastructure in and around Puerto Peñasco will take on more importance as the projected completion dates for the home port construction phases become more predictable. There are at least three phases to the home port construction project and we are still waiting for start dates on two of them, so completion dates are impossible to project.  After the pier reaches the planned length then construction of the docks will begin. That phase is under separate federal contract with another company. The terminal construction is under another federal contract with yet another company.  Until we are quite a bit further along, and the new administration gets settled in and begins to reveal their position on creating the overall infrastructure there are just too many pieces of the home port puzzle not connected to think about priorities. It took all the foregoing to justify an opinion that we have reached a lull in our series which could last through summer.


Therefore, with the splendid photography of Eric Brown, we will follow progress of the home port letting his pictures speak their "thousand words".  We will also stay in close contact with our friend and pier construction project administrator, Wendy Winzer for any new information she can provide.


Of course, we will continue to attempt making headway into the new city administration, specifically the Mayor's office to learn what we can as to how they are thinking in terms of launching infrastructure activity.


Let's take a walk, no matter how brief




Our walk with Wendy this month was indeed a short one with limited new information, though she did share all she had with enthusiasm.


Last month she had reported that to date through May they had poured 20,000 small one ton cubes and 4,500 large 10 ton cubes. They had placed 7,400 small cubes and 1,800 large cubes on the jetty (pier). Thanks to their increase to six giant cranes last month which are strategically placed from the pier to the cube field, the ability to place cubes on the pier will increase.


Inclement weather last month hindered progress on lengthening the pier which was at 630 meters by month's end. They were still able to continue building up the east side with 10 ton cubes to protect the small rock.


"As it stands we have still added 50 meters in length to the pier, bringing it to 680 meters," reported Wendy.


Installation of the on site concrete plant adjacent to the cube field increased their capability to pour more cubes each day. This month  they have averaged pouring 300 small (one ton) cubes and 100 large (10 ton) cubes daily and have successfully tried to place the same amount on the pier each day.


Wendy said, "We continue to dump rock from the quarry , slowly but steady, and are  looking into new screening machinery that should accelerate the process."


She also added, "Regarding the new elections, funding for the project is from the federal government and is given to the state government to administer. They will now be of the same party, so I assume things will go smoothly with the monies for the next year."


We look forward to hearing from Wendy further during July.  We also thank Eric Brown (EB Photography) for his historically important photographic journaling of the home port construction progress.


Post RCPM Circus Mexicus-It's Like Rock and Roll Withdrawal


But what a four day ride-and it just gets better each year! Starting with a great kickoff party at JJ's Landmark  Cantina in Cholla Bay on Thursday June 11, with a lineup of new bands Roger brings each year along with the most popular from years past...and the jamming begins!


Thursday night is the reunion of old friends since hundreds upon   hundreds are loyal fans who return year after year and have made lasting friendships each year. The amiable  atmosphere at JJ's Cantina sets the pace   for this eclectic festival of non-stop rock 'n' roll music-really good rock 'n' roll music-that goes through a full cycle of fun, camaraderie,  guitars and drums highlighted by the major shows on stage at the Mexican Moonshine natural   amphitheater across from Roger's Bandito's Cantina on Sandy Beach Friday and Saturday evenings and ending up on Sunday with the traditional"Mañanathon," an all day jam session back at JJ's Cantina. We repeat, "What a ride !"


That Circus Mexicus gets better each year is an absolute fact that we've become accustomed to, and are never  disappointed. This year Roger invited a record 10 bands who grooved and jammed day and night through 26 performances during the four days.  Also a first this year, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers appeared on the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage both Friday and Saturday nights with completely different play lists each night plus three different bands opening for them each night! This year the Mexican Moonshine stage was bigger with more lights and room to jam.




With more lights the crew could get even more creative than their past spectacular light shows, throwing a halo-like glow on the musicians, the entire stage and even transcending the acre of enthusiastic fans cheering the whole colorific extravaganza of lights, fireworks and excited rock and roll music!


This Circus Mexicus XXIV brought a record number of fans who donated a record number of items for the various charities that Circus Mexicus supports each year, including La Casa de Esperanza para Los Niños (The House of Hope for Children) and the Youth Sports Foundation. 


The beats didn't stop even after the concerts as those hardcore  fans rock and roll to the wee hours to music from  bands  who are wound up from  the  concert and continue their licks and lyrics on the outside stage at Bandito's.  RCPM fans are always special fun loving folks ready to party, as our photos by Tony Ballesteros and Mark Olszewski clearly illustrate.  If you are not among these photos, please remember that we had nearly 4,000 fans to wade through and not enough space in this story to post but a small percentage of well over a thousand pics taken!


If you haven't attended a Circus Mexicus extravaganza yet, put it on your bucket list. In fact, Phoenix Magazine's 101 Bucket List for things to do before you die listed Circus Mexicus Rock and Roll festival as #11 in their February 2013 issue! See you next June?


Full Story and Lots of Great Photos: 

Overpass Construction Moving Along Nicely

If you have driven around Puerto Penasco lately, you can not help but notice all of the construction projects under way. There are new roads, new monuments, cement trucks constantly roaming the streets on the way to work sites, and an overall infrastructure renovation happening all around us.

As part of these efforts, a new overpass is being built on the highway at the intersection of the Sonoyta/Rocky Point and Laguna Shores turnoff. That intersection has been the scene of several serious accidents and the city has decided that an overpass is the best solution for making the intersection safer.

In she short term, this will cause yet another detour (we are used to construction detours by now) but in the bigger picture, it will be certainly allow traffic to move more smoothly and safely through that intersection.   
New Mini Market & WiFi Café Opens at Sonoran Sea Resort!


This unique, fully equipped and supplied market is actually more than a mini market; it's a coffee shop, a free WiFi center, a drug store and a boutique. You can get your coffee fix (in all the flavors and styles you are used to) and enjoy it right on the premises in the "Loft" of comfortable love seats and glass top tables while using free WiFi and munching on fresh made waffles, bagels and other classy delights. And we're not talking just any coffee-only fresh beans from the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico's best, are roasted locally by Puerto Viejo Roastery and ground on premises to awaken your taste buds. They'll even grind you a bag to take home!


The new Mini Market & Café at the Sonoran Sea was designed and built by the Sonoran Resorts Group especially for the owners and their guests. They spared no expense in remodeling to create a welcoming environment and stocking the venue with the highest quality products with the objective to exceed the expectations and needs of Sonoran Resort owners as well as increasing the value of the overall resort property.




In addition to the basic staples for convenience such as milk, several brands of beers, wines and soft drinks, candy, cookies, chips, dips, nuts and many other snacks, you'll find bags of ice, spices, juices, cereals, even whipped cream. For the kids, and the kid in all of us, the ice cream machine will dispense a hefty portion of brilliantly swirled creamy delight made with the highest quality ingredients available in the U.S.  It makes a delicious, refreshing milk shake, too!


There's an entire section with a broad selection of the most popular liquors in brands that give you choices of price. Choose bottles of wine from South America's finest vineyards at very competitive prices as well. Classy, comfortable beach hats, beach wear, sunglasses in all the trending styles and colors are right before you eyes within easy reach for a one-stop shopping experience.


"Quality products and a pleasant atmosphere are the obvious themes here in order to uphold the high standards we have set for all Sonoran Resorts amenities. This business is for all the owners, and like a new baby, our new Café & Market needs support from all the owners to grow healthy and strong. We look forward to their support and constructive feedback as we continue to customize the business to better serve their needs", said Ingeniero Fernando X. Anaya, CEO and Director General of the Sonoran Resorts Partnership.  


"Our genuine desire to provide the ultimate service experience for our guests is reflected in the hours of operation, from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM week days and until 9:00 PM on weekends, and the availability of room service during those hours as well", Mr. Anaya added.



You can call for room service or more information by dialing (638) 382-8182, or have the front desk connect you to the market. Be sure to check out their daily drink specials. Every day is something new at a discounted price. 


Stop by the new Mini Market & Café to check it out for yourself no matter where you're staying on Sandy Beach. You'll find it makes a trip downtown for most food or ingredients simply unnecessary, plus it's a nice place to enjoy a coffee or cold drink to plan or review your day's activities.  You can enter from inside the reception foyer or from the outside adjacent to the main reception entrance.



And, maybe best of all, this business, including location, is for sale. Unbelievable low price for a turn key business including this top of the line location inside the Sonoran Sea Lobby, complete with long term financing. Just 20% down and it's yours. You can't beat this deal. Here is a link to the listing: SEA STORE LISTING.


Please contact me or one of my Sales Representatives for more information.  

A Visit to Serenity Spa at the Sonoran Sun Resort Will Surely Enhance Your Vacation Experience

Welcome to yet another great new business in the Sonoran Resorts family. The Serenity Spa is now open at the Sonoran Sun and a visit to this first class attraction may well be one of the highlights of your trip to Rocky Point.

Serenity Spa is under new management and the location has been completely remodeled in a way that allows for maximum comfort and privacy while the soothing music and atmosphere helps to melt your stress and worry away.

From the moment that you step in the door, you will be pampered and treated with kindness and professionalism by one of the best masseuses in all of Sonora. And, after just one visit, you'll be hooked.

In life, it really is necessary to take a break from the daily routine and stress once in awhile. Life can be stressful and we often make the mistake of putting our personal needs aside. Serenity Spa is just the answer.

It is conveniently located within the beautiful facilities of Sonoran Sun Resorts on Sandy Beach and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a new and serene experience to soothe the body and soul with the relaxation massage therapies offered.

Spa Serenity has wide variety of massages, facials, body treatments, manicure and pedicure options that will make you look and feel rejuvenated. It has been proven that their spa treatments can indeed help reduce tension and stress caused by working too many hours, excess exercise, headaches, neck/ back pain and in some cases, symptoms of anxiety. A professional and proper spa treatment can really recharge your batteries  and re-balance your body and mind.

If you would like to call ahead to make reservations, they can be reached by calling the Sonoran Sun Front Desk and then transferring to extension 6005. From the US, you would dial: 011-52-638-383-0220 and then the extension. 

If you are an owner at any of our Sonoran Resorts (Spa, Sea, Sun, Sky), you will receive a 20% discount off of services at the spa.

Sandy Beach Medical Center Offers Full Medical Service In An Affordable Annual Membership


About Sandy Beach Medical Center's Dr. Jesús González-Gaytán:


At the age of seven, when most kids' loftiest dreams are about how high they can climb or how fast they can run, the  young future Doctor Jesús González-Gaytán, declared to his mother that when he grew up he was going to be a doctor and cure cancer.  When he was four years old his family relocated to Del Rio, Texas from Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico just across the border.


His goal to be a doctor and cure cancer grew into a passion to study illnesses of all types until he graduated from Del Rio High School. Jesús went straight into medical studies in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico where he met Myriam, a fellow medical student who became his wife. During their three years studying in Monterrey they were blessed with three baby girls, including a set of twins.


Myriam, a naturally faithful and devoted wife, opted to trade her medical career to become a full time mom so the family could  accompany Jesús throughout his studies which took them as far away as Barcelona in Spain.  He finished his studies in Puebla , earning a Diploma in Internal Medicine and Obstetrics along with his License to practice medicine. During this time he and Myriam welcomed their fourth child, this time a boy.


The required internships afterward took them to Hermosillo and Zaragoza over a two year period.  The Doctor  even received a government scholarship to practice plastic surgery in Argentina, which he turned down in favor of taking the renowned U.S. Medical Residency test, which had the reputation of passing only 10% of the 20,000 applicants who take the test each year.


He passed with honors and began post graduate residency at Texas Tech  University Medical School that required intensive service in the four areas of Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Neurology and Emergency Room care. Jesús was recognized and accepted to the final three years of residency in Internal Medicine at Texas Tech Medical.  In 1986 he took the FLEX exam in Santa Fe, New Mexico and received his full License to Practice as a Medical Doctor.


Doctor Jesús González followed his passion to care for others over the next 17 years in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico where he built an historic relationship with over 4,000 patients in the small but iconic town out of a total population of only 8,000 men, women and children, one 35 bed hospital and eight other doctors, who, between them, handled the remaining 4,000 residents. During that time the Doctor was appointed as Medical Director of nearly every health facility in Truth or Consequences, including the 120 patient nursing home, the Amber Care Home Health Organization and the Hospice Center. He was ER Director of the local hospital and Director of EMS for the city.


All this while Dr. González performed the full gamut of medical care for his patients; delivering over 150 babies and assisting with hundreds of surgeries and emergency cases. He developed in-depth knowledge and skills in identifying a vast array of cancers and other diseases.


As satisfying as all these challenges were, 17 years of small town politics finally became a distraction the Doctor and his family found harder and harder to deal with. At the urging of his loyal wife, Myriam, Doctor González chose to return to his country of birth, where his vast skills  could be of benefit where they were needed the most. He accepted the position of Medical Director of the large chain of AmeriMed Hospitals in Mexico and, in 2006 he and Myriam came to Puerto Peñasco and set up their own practice to treat the Mexican and American residents of this small but growing seaside community.


He specialized in state-of-the-art cancer treatments for several years with remarkable success, but the most  successful methods were receiving mixed responses at the federal level of both the U.S. and Mexico, making consistent treatment next to impossible and very expensive. Dr. González' childhood dreams had been realized in many ways and in 2010 he determined that the next phase of his career was at the threshold. That was to create a much needed full service emergency medical care facility to serve everyone at any level of medical need. While he emphasized that he was available for anyone, he found that the American and Canadian expats and visitors were in need of a fully bilingual doctor with the expertise that could only be gained over many years in the U.S. environment.


Dr. González then began working toward developing an all-inclusive medical care plan that would be affordable for everyone. He perfected this  concept over the next four years which included creative attempts to import Doctors, to reuniting with AmeriMed to build a hospital at his Sandy Beach facility. The persistence and perseverance of the determined...


 Read Entire Story:
Mexico Moves to Regulate Use of Drones

Drones are becoming much more popular, affordable, and easy to use. They take great photos and video, and they are just downright fun to use. So, what would be better than taking your drone along on vacation to Rocky Point? Well, not so fast. Mexico, just like everyone else, is scrambling to come up with rules to regulate the safe use of drones as they become more and more popular with the general population.

If you have a very small drone (under 4.4 pounds), you should be just fine bringing it along with you. But, if your machine is heavier than that, you might want to know some of the new rules. As far as I know, these rules have not been enforced as of yet, but it's usually best to know them and understand that you could face penalties or have your drone confiscated if you break them.

Mexico has published rules governing the use of drones, allowing people to operate the smallest drones in daylight without a permit but with safety rules.


Mexico's Transportation Department has established three classes of drones according to size:


The smallest weigh 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) or less. They won't require a permit, but like all other drones must stay 9.2 kilometers (5.72 miles) away from airports and 900 meters (985 yards) from helicopter pads.


Medium-size drones are defined as weighing between 2 kilograms and 25 kilograms (55 pounds), and require a permit unless they're operated on the grounds of a flight club.


Under rules published earlier this year, large drones over 25 kilograms will require an operating permit and the operator must also have a pilot's license.

Tourism Grows by 36%
Jose Antonio Perez - JoinUs

Puerto Penasco receives nearly half million visitors in first quarter


In the first quarter of 2015, Rocky Point had a 36% increase in tourist flow, receiving almost half a million visitors which represents an economic impact of at least 375 million pesos, revealed Hector Vazquez del Mercado, President of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).



The OCV President cited occupancy data reconfirming the positive development of the tourist industry, which has not been affected by the travel warnings issued by the United States. Rather, tourism to the area has been on an upward trend over the past four years.

He explained that during the first 16 weeks of this year, a 36% growth in tourism was established. This has benefited Puerto Penasco, particularly in employment, as a large part of the results of that growth is distributed in the local workforce.

This represents almost 100 million pesos in economic benefit over just last year, moving toward a total of 375 million, of which at least 115 million goes to employing families in Puerto Penasco.

Vazquez del Mercado noted the 36% growth in visitor flow is derived from whale watching activities between January and February, as well as the favorable numbers of Spring Break, Easter, and Easter Week.

The president of the OCV emphasized it is important to add that travel alerts issued by the US government have not had a negative impact on Puerto Penasco. Tourist have not stopped visiting this destination, for it is understood that this is a safe city for visitors.

Vazuez del Mercado remarked the positive numbers in the tourism market during the first quarter of 2015 should generate the commitment of sectors across Puerto Penasco to maintain and improve service standards that have enabled sustained growth in the numbers of visitors over the last four  years.
How to Rock a weekend road trip to Rocky Point, Mexico


Anita Kaltenbaugh     Phoenix Mexico Travel Examiner

Where are you going this beautiful summer weekend? Have you decided yet? 52 weekends, that's how many exist in a year. And as the year ticks by, the weekend become a rare commodity. Stop for a moment and decide, how many of those cherished Friday, Saturday and Sunday's will you be lounging surfside, salt on your skin and warm breezes in your hair? You know toes in the sand, it's five o'clock somewhere land?


If you shook your head and said I don't know-- don't stay home another weekend. Let's examine just how easy it is to get away for a weekend road trip to Mexico.


If you live or can get to Phoenix or Tucson, it's only a 3 ½ hour drive to the stunning Sea of Cortez. Fuel up your car, grab your favorite friends or family (make sure they have a passport or passport card) and head on down to the seashore. Summertime weekends should be full of beach memories and road trips.


Rocky Point Mexico versus most beach towns offers a special feature; there are more condominiums for rent on a weekend basis than there are hotel rooms. Beautifully decorated second homes of many Arizonians and folks from all over the world who own a second home, rent out their condo so others can enjoy it. For the price of a hotel room (less than the price of a hotel room in Southern California), you can have a beautiful two-bedroom two-bathroom condominium. These home- away from home rentals come complete with a full kitchen, balcony, washer-dryer and a view to die for--all yours for the weekend. If you like to cook, fantastic, bring your food and you never even have to leave the property. But if you're like me and love the taste of the local cuisine-- and the cooking is better when left up to someone else-- just bring coffee for the morning, a few snacks to munch on as you watch the beach scene from your balcony and then go out and try a different restaurant for every meal. Rocky Point has plenty of cantina's, café's, taco trucks and fine dining establishments.


Recently, on a quick weekend jaunt, I had the opportunity to stay in a two-bedroom two-bath Sonoran Sun property on Sandy Beach. I don't know if you ever took a vacation where you live, but playing tourist in Rocky Point was amazing.


At this particular resort--and many more are just like it-- one could drive down, park their car and never have to leave the property. Sonoran Sun has a fantastic fitness center, and a convenience store that is advantageous. You forgot the ice, no problem. Did you forget beer? Get one before you head to your room. The property also has an excellent restaurant, where I swear; I had the best-grilled chicken salad in Rocky Point and a sports bar to catch the latest sports scores. Of course don't forget the Aqua bar where you can sit in the water, and someone brings you drinks and food while you're taking in all the action of the pool.


Lying on the pool deck loungers next to the sands edge was another wonderful way to pass a few hours. Vendors walked back and forth and if you wanted you could go shopping while relaxing in your lounge chair looking at the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Where else in the world does the shopping come to you on a lounge chair? If you didn't want the vendors, simply move away from the chairs on the sand wall and read your cozy mystery or nap in peace.


In the entertainment category, I give it high marks, especially the "people watching"--I have friends that swear it is a sport. Your eyes will constantly be roaming trying to absorb all the good energy and activity happening on the beach. There's the red shark (the new alternative to the big yellow banana boat) where a ponga boat driver loads up kids and adults of all ages and takes everyone for a bouncing ride on the sea. Yes, folks fall off this long red inflatable innertube, especially if they encourage the boat driver to go fast and make sharp curves. We witnessed a full load of folks on a red shark, and the driver made a sharp turn knocking everybody off in the water. The funny thing is they all got back on and tried to get the boat to flip again.


It's a constant moving slideshow of images. Horses are happily trotting down the sand; the wheelbarrow pineapple cart man is selling sweet beverages served in freshly scooped out pineapples, and couples are enjoying an outdoor seaside massage under a colorful umbrella. Kids are burying each other up to their necks in the sand and families are lounging under a large square beach umbrella enjoying a cool drink while watching sandcastles constructed at the water's edge. There are dogs chasing balls, Jet-ski's, paddle boarders and Hobie cats gliding across the sparkling water. If a picture paints a thousand words, I'm just skimming the surface.


Convinced you need to get to the beach? Here are a few suggestions to plan a perfect weekend road trip to Mexico.


Suggestion #1 take Friday off or at least half a day. It's not absolutely necessary that you have to take a day vacation but let me tell you, if you can leave work early you will be glad you did. Heading down Thursday night or Friday and then coming back on Sunday is a beautiful weekend away.


Suggestion #2 if you've never rented a condo in Rocky Point just give it a try for a weekend. You can go to www.seasidemexico.com and check out all the properties that have condos available for rent. They supply detailed descriptions and photos of each property. Renting a condo, is so much more than a hotel room, it's like having a beachside property with all the comforts of home.


Suggestion #3 Relax and take it easy, put your toes in the sand, a cool drink in your hand and remember life is good today. Forget the schedules, the places to be, just go with the flow.


I'll leave it to Jacques Yves Cousteau to sum it up:


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.


Happy road tripping!


Original Article: 

2015 Wet Feet Ocean Camp

Every year CEDO has a fun-filled kids' camp and this year was no different! For the 2015 Wet Feet Ocean Camp we had 13 kids ages 9-13. With six girls and seven boys, the camp had a great mixture of kids. Most of them are from the Phoenix and Tucson areas. They were a wonderful well behaved group of kids ready to explore and learn.

The CEDO camp counselors enjoyed watching the kids discover and experience the wonderful places that Puerto Peñasco has to offer. We went to the Morua Estuary and walked along the water and saw many different species of birds and crabs that call the estuary their home. We ate fresh oysters and enjoyed the beautiful weather at a local Oyster Farm. On our exertion to San Jorge Island, one of the biggest breeding grounds for Sea Lions in the Gulf of California, the kids swam just ten meters from sun bathing California Sea Lions.

The theme this year was endangered species in the Gulf such as Pacific seahorse, East Pacific green sea turtle, California sea lion, vaquita, fin whale, totoaba, giant sea bass, great white shark and least tern. The children learned about what threats the species face and, more importantly, what we can do to save them from extinction. The staff dissected creatures for the kids to learn about the anatomy of several little sea creatures. Another great learning experience was tide pooling. We explored the rocky beach at low tide and found creatures some of them had never seen before. One of the counselors even caught and carefully held a twin-spotted octopus for everyone to see!

Overall, everyone had a blast! We had wonderful adventures and swam a lot in the ocean outside of CEDO. Each night we made crafts like T-shirts with the endangered species on them and Piñatas designed like ocean creatures. The finale to each night was the kids bundling up in their sleeping bags and sleeping beneath the stars.
The group spent time learning about the many incredible species that need our help and grew an appreciation for them and their survival. It was an amazing thing to watch when the families came to take their children home and the kids performed skits about some of the species they learned about. We know the camp touched their hearts and we are hopeful that they will always remember the wonderful time they shared together at CEDO. On behalf of CEDO and the camp counselors we can't wait for next year!

Morgan Gourley
CEDO Intern and Camp Counselor

Arizona's Welcome New Stance Regarding Mexico

Mexico is the State's most important trading partner.

"It is time to talk to Mexico and stop talking about Mexico."


That was probably the most remarkable comment made by David Farca, the new president of the Arizona Mexico Commission, during the reception hosted by the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to introduce him to the community of southern Arizona on June 2 at Casino del Sol.


The reception was a good opportunity to restate Gov. Ducey's international relations strategy and send Mexico a strong message of collaboration, trust and cooperation.


Mexico is not only one of the most important political allies and trading partners of the United States, but also Arizona's most important economic partner, with a trade exchange of US $14 billion per year. Arizona and Sonora have geographic proximity and share generations of history. It is vital for our state leaders to raise the international stature of our state by reaching out to our neighbor and other important global players.


Gov. Ducey understands the significance of implementing a strong international relations campaign that repositions Arizona on the world map. The current developments in the Ducey administration validate that Arizona is not only open for business, but also open to the world and ready to revamp relations with Mexico.


During the last five months, the Ducey administration has been introducing significant initiatives.


First, last February, Ducey appointed Juan Ciscomani, former vice-president of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as director of the governor's office in southern Arizona. The appointment perfectly suited the state's interest in growing relations with Mexico, as Ciscomani is bilingual and familiar with the political, social and economic factors related to growing business relations with Mexico.


He was raised in Sonora but moved to Tucson with his family at the age of 11. He values the strong relationships built over decades between southern Arizona and Sonora, and will work to establish relationships between our new governor and leaders in Mexico.


Secondly, Ducey appointed David Farca, a successful entrepreneur and Mexico City native, as the president of the Arizona Mexico Commission.


"In this increasingly competitive global economy, it's critical that we continue to strengthen Arizona's partnership with our largest trade partner, and to capitalize on opportunities that make both Arizona and Mexico more globally competitive, (and) David will be key to this effort," Ducey said.


Farca represents the new generation of Mexican immigrants who not only have achieved the American dream through hard work, but also embrace American principles and serve as a bridge between our country and their home country.


Thirdly, last May, Ducey created a business leadership group called Arizona Zanjeros. The Zanjero was once the most powerful man in any community along the Colorado River basin, entrusted with overseeing its most valuable resource: water.


Ducey created a group of active and diverse CEOs and business leaders from across the state co-chaired by Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Lea Marquez Peterson and Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwell.


The objective of the group is to promote the international image of Arizona while working closely with the state's economic development partners to bring foreign direct investment and joint ventures for business leaders who want to live and do business in Arizona.


Lastly, to show his commitment to international trade, Ducey will travel to Mexico City with a delegation June 17 to send a clear message that Arizona is open to business and ready to revamp the binational relationship, which suffered a backlash after the enactment of the controversial SB1070 immigration legislation in 2010.


Ducey will meet with high-ranking elected officials and the most important CEOs of Mexico in a trade mission trip that acknowledges the strategic importance of our neighbor to the south, a country whose nationals spend an average of $7.3 million per day in Arizona. He and his delegation will also meet with the Arizona Mexico office that opened in late 2014.


Mexico stands as the 12th-largest economy of the world. It is a country that in 35 years will become the second-largest economy in the western hemisphere, just after the United States, and whose middle class today represents 44 million people.


The Tucson Hispanic Chamber and its affiliate chambers in Sierra Vista, Nogales and Douglas will continue their work to grow business relations with Mexico. Our 1,100 member businesses applaud the governor's leadership in engaging the public and private sectors of Arizona to work together to provide economic prosperity to our region.


Link to Story: 

Mexico: Happy Country and a Happy Language

World Happiness Report puts Mexico in a very cheerful 14th place

Lack of security and poverty are among the larger issues that negatively affect the lives of many Mexicans, but it sure doesn't stop them from being a happy bunch.


The evidence is in the World Happiness Report, in which Mexico ranks right up there as one of the world's happiest places, coming in 14th on the list of 158 countries.


The index is based on polls that asks questions relating to income, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption to produce a measurement between 0 and 10. Zero represents the worst possible life and 10 the best possible.


If you live in first-place Switzerland, which scored 7.587 on the index, you likely have the best possible; if you're in last-place Togo (or almost anywhere else in Africa for that matter), whose score was 2.839, life is probably pretty miserable.


But in Mexico things are pretty cheerful, if the 7.187 score is any indication.

In Latin America, only Costa Rica did better, placing 12th, while Brazil wasn't far behind Mexico at 16th.


Mexico also came out happier than the United States, which was immediately behind in 15th place. Canadians, meanwhile, are happier than both: it was in fifth place.


After Brazil, the next Latin country on the list was Venezuela, in 23rd place, whose happiness has not been reflected in recent reports of decidedly unhappy economic conditions.


The report, which is published annually by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, is not the first happiness study of the year. In February, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published one that concluded that the world's happiest language is Spanish.


The result was based on an analysis that identified the top 100,000 of the most frequently used words across 10 languages. Researchers then asked native speakers of the languages to rate whether the words were happy or sad on a scale of one to nine.


Spanish speakers, it turned out, use the highest number of happy words in their everyday speech.


Mexico, it would appear, is a very happy place.

Did You Know: Arizona's Slanted Southern Border Was Negotiated

Ever wondered how Arizona's southern border got its shape? Why, for instance, doesn't the state line go straight across? Why is the border on an extreme slant? At least one answer may lie in a group of land surveyors who worked the area in the days before statehood and, more specifically, about what they'd been drinking when they drew the line.


When it comes to the Arizona state line, historians say there's an old wive's tale that goes something like this: The land surveyors, who were in Nogales at the time, were looking for a drink and found that the closest bar was in Yuma. While making the trip, they actually marked the state line. But, did you know the slanted borderline was really a decision made by the U.S. and Mexico?


"Instead of being a story of great intrigue and excitement," said John Southard, an Arizona historian. "When you boil it down to its simplest form, it's a real estate transaction."  


Southard said after the Mexican-American War, the U.S. acquired many Southwestern states from Mexico, including Arizona. At the time, Arizona was bordered by the Gila River on the south and the U.S. wanted to claim more territory by extending it further.


U.S. Ambassador to Mexico James Gadsden negotiated the purchase of land further into Mexico. He came up with several proposals, most including what the U.S. government had in mind.


"There was a proposal to extend U.S. territory down to Guaymas, which is a port on the Gulf of California," Southard said. "It was actually held by the Americans during the Mexican-American War for a brief period."


Southard said Mexico's Baja California was also part of the original plan. The U.S. saw this as a way to ensure greater access to commerce.


Not wanting to divide its territories of Baja California and its main land, the Mexican government refused the plan. The U.S. wasn't sure this plan would be ideal either. There was a contentious issue clouding the country at the time, the debate over expanding the reach of legalized slavery for growing crops, such as cotton.


"Abolitionists and other opposed to the expansion of slave-holding territory objected to the idea of obtaining such a large swath of land and particularly a port that could increase the trade possibilities for cotton growers and other slave holders," Southard said.


Tensions were still high after the Mexican-American War. And the U.S. and Mexico were afraid of further dividing their respective countries, so the two sides agreed upon a simpler Arizona-Mexico border, the one we have today. Ultimately, the U.S. acquired the land needed for an all-weather transcontinental railroad.

Rocky Point Featured in Forbes - Rotary Club Charity Abounds

8 Lessons That May Change The Way You Think About Summer Vacation


Last week, I took my wife to a small resort town called Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point at the north end of the Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Before this year, I'd never heard of this place and had frankly never been curious about it. We weren't there to relax on the beach sipping umbrella drinks. Instead, we were there with 750 other people affiliated with Rotary Clubs in Utah to spend a week doing service and holding a conference.


The planning and execution of the 55 service projects completed last week was 100 percent volunteer. It is difficult even to communicate the scope of what was accomplished; I'm sure that despite being there and seeking to learn all that went on during the week, I can't begin to report on all that was done.


Here's a quick sampling of what we did:

  • Built three two bedroom, two bath homes from the stage of empty pads to having all of the block walls constructed and roofs installed.
  • Finished and decorated four other homes that had been similarly constructed last December
  • Expanded a piñata factory that employs young people with a wide range of disabilities, from blindness to cerebral palsy
  • Worked with those employees to build 200 piñatas that were then sold to the volunteers to help fund the programs at the piñata factory
  • Organized a pop-up dental office for people who can't afford dental care; treated 293 people in four days
  • Equipped a dialysis clinic, the first and only one in this part of Mexico
  • Donated an ambulance to the dialysis clinic
  • Landscaped the dialysis clinic to reduce dust and improve air quality inside the clinic to maintain a sanitary environment
  • Replaced a secondary school typing lab with a computer lab with 65 iMac computers, networked them, obtained internet access and set up a projector for instruction
  • Created a library for an elementary school
  • Set up a learning lab in the elementary school with 30 tablet computers, a hub, charging station and internet access for one year
  • Painted and fenced an elementary school
  • Donated two buses
  • Donated 1,500 pairs of glasses, including 800 pairs of sunglasses to people who work outside all day, including construction workers, oyster farmers and fisherfolk.
  • Provided dresses to over 100 little school girls
  • Refurbished 50 school desks
  • Donated 200 toy cars to students, one of whom reportedly asked, with tears in his eyes, "Did we get these because we were good?"

The event was led by Michael Wells, a dentist from Tooele, Utah who serves as the volunteer "District Governor" for the Rotary District that encompasses Utah. Wells said repeatedly in the days leading up to the event, "I get chills just thinking about it." Clearly, his passion was vital in creating an unprecedented district event.


Jerry Summerhays, a past district governor, was charged with organizing the service projects. He made several trips to Puerto Peñasco in preparation for the big week-all on his own dime. After the event, he noted, "The many project sites were picked because of needs identified by Puerto Penasco Rotarians.  Each of the project sites was delegated to a club or family.  The needs were so overwhelming that we know how much good we did. What was more than expected was the satisfaction, the emotion expressed by those performing the service.  Whether eight years old or 18, or 80 those performing the service felt like they owned their project, and were so delighted."


Floyd Hatch is the President Elect for the Salt Lake Club; he was tasked with organizing the construction of the piñata factory expansion. He recruited his children and grandchildren along with other members of the club to help with the project. 

Hatch said, "I still cannot believe our progress. In 4 short days, we doubled the floor space of the factory, roofed it with a much better roof that its existing [roof], rolled out insulation, and initiated dry wall. One of my daughters [Courtney Hatch], a high school art teacher chose colors that I wouldn't dream of and we painted the structure pink with turquoise highlights. It stands out, even in Mexico!"... more


Read Entire Article from Source: 

Chicken and Cheese Chilaquiles 

The word chilaquiles comes from the ancient Nahuatl word for "chilis and greens." The Nahuatl language was used by the Aztecs. It originated in Central Mexico and is still spoken today in select communities. Chilaquiles are a very common food in many Mexican families, owing to a traditional legacy that has existed for hundreds of years. They came to America via "The Spanish Cook" by Encarnación Pinedo in 1898, however this recipe did not fully appreciate or replicate the simple beauty of real chilaquiles.


Part of the beauty of chilaquiles lies in the incredible versatility of the dish. Though the basic ingredients only required fried tortillas and a chile sauce, nearly every variation includes additional ingredients and garnishes. Chicken, onions, eggs, queso fresco and other additions are found in many chilaquiles recipes. Chilaquiles were made as a base, which could be added to as ingredients became available. Often these ingredients were identifying markers of a particular region or family.


Chilaquiles are created using ingredients that are widely available and cheap. Their function often has been to extend the use of expensive proteins in dishes. Small pieces of meat, cheese, or eggs could be added to a plate of chilaquiles, providing a large amount of calories while only using a fraction of the expensive ingredients. The dish was created as a budget conscious standby, and now it has become a home cooked classic.


Chilaquiles provide an important reminder of the history of Mexican cuisine. Tortillas are made from the corn that constitutes the majority of diet in Central America. Tortillas and corn are what rice is to southern China. Chilis grow widely in Central America and provide a much needed spice and flavor boost to the bland tastes of corn. These two ingredients combine to form the basic of chilaquiles. Their significance lies in their tradition, their function as a staple of budget conscious families and their incredible versatility.



  • Prep Time: 7 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 32 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4-6
  • 12 corn tortillas
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil or lard
  • 2 large chicken breasts
  • 4 green onions
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 jalapeno
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons ground chile powder
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 6 oz sour cream
  • Salt to taste
  • 16 oz. queso fresco
  • 2 oz cotija

Prepare the tortillas

Cut the tortillas lengthwise into one-inch strips. Heat the oil or lard in a large frying pan or skillet for about a minute. Pinch a tiny corner off of a tortilla and drop it into the pan. If it just sits there, the oil is not hot enough.  If it sizzles and floats to the top, the oil is hot and ready.  Break up the strips with your fingers and very carefully drop them into the pan.


Fry them in the oil until they become golden and crispy. Remove the strips from the oil and place on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil. Pour the remaining oil out of the pan and discard it but do not wipe the pan out. Leave the oil residue in for the next step.


Prepare the Chicken

Boil the chicken breasts until cooked through. Place them in bowl and use a mixer (egg beater or whisk style)  to shred the chicken. Set it aside.


Prepare the Sauce and Vegetables

Cut the root portion off of each green onion and discard it. Slice the green onion all the way up, into rings. Remove the peel from the garlic and discard the skin, and chop up the clove (or you can use a garlic press if you have one.)  Seed and dice the jalapeno and discard the seeds and stem. Heat the oiled pan over medium heat and begin to cook the squash, onions, garlic and jalapeno.  Cook it for about 2 minutes to soften the vegetables and release the flavors. Add in the butter and let it melt. Sprinkle in the chile powder and flour.


Mix together to work the flour and butter together. Very slowly, pour in a few tablespoons of broth and mix it in, then add a few more. Repeat until all the broth has been added. Turn the heat up and bring the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally. Turn it down to a simmer and continue to stir occasionally until it begins to thicken. Stir in the sour cream and mix until smooth.


Assembling and baking the dish

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In an 8x8 baking dish, place a layer of the fried tortilla strips. Drizzle about half of the sauce over it and half of the chicken and a handful of cheese. Add another layer of strips, followed by a layer of sauce, chicken and cheese. Continue to layer until all the strips and sauce have been used. Top with the remaining crumbled queso fresco and bake for about 12 minutes. Remove from the oven, sprinkle the cotija over the top and serve with additional fresh sour cream, and chopped fresh cilantro. This is good stuff. 


Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

Cardinal numbers (one, two, three, four) in Spanish are fairly straightforward until you get into the billions  but ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth) get complicated almost from the start and they are certainly more complex than they are in English. Here are some rules (just in case you are interested):


The numbers from one to ten, or more precisely first to tenth, are worth committing to memory as they appear frequently:


Primero - first
Segundo - second
Tercero - third
Cuarto - fourth
Quinto - fifth
Sexto - sixth
Séptimo - seventh
Octavo - eighth
Noveno - ninth

Décimo - tenth


When the numbers get into the tens - i.e. 11-19 - you use décimo in the first place and add primero through noveno; therefore:


Décimo primero (or undécimo) - 11th
Décimo segundo (or duodécimo) - 12th
Décimo tercero -13th
Décimo cuarto -14th
Décimo quinto 15th
Décimo sexto - 16th
Décimo séptimo 17th
Décimo octavo - 18th

Décimo noveno - 19th


A similar structure applies for cardinal numbers 20 through 90, thus:


Vigésimo - 20s
Trigésimo - 30s
Cuadragésimo - 40s
Quincuagésimo - 50s
Sexagésimo - 60s
Septuagésimo - 70s
Octogésimo - 80s
Nonagésimo - 90s
Centésimo - 100th

Milésimo 1,000th


Several points need to be made here.


Separate or Together

21st through 99th can be written as one word or separately, as they have been above. For example, 23rd can be written as vigésimo tercero or vigesimotercero. Note that vigésimo loses its accent when used as a prefix in a single word, since accents in Spanish are applied according to the position of the stressed syllable.


Gender Agreement

The ordinal numbers also have to agree in gender with the noun, using an 'a' ending for feminine and 'o' ending for masculine, for example:


El décimo cuarto partido - the 14th match (partido, masculine)


La décima quinta vez - the 15th time (vez, feminine); but if expressed using one word, it becomes la decimoquinta vez, with no accent on decimo, and no 'a' in the middle of the word, although it ends with 'a'.


While on the subject of gender agreement, when the ordinal number precedes a masculine noun in the case of first and third, the ordinal number drops the 'o', for example:


Mi primer libro - my first book.
Nuestro tercer aniversario - our third anniversary.


La primera semana - the first week.


This may all appear unnecessary when there are simpler ways to deal with ordinal numbers, but it is worth knowing since they are used frequently in formal text and speech.


Using 'avo' for 'th' and Fractions

You can, of course, just add the ending "avo" to the cardinal number, which would be roughly equivalent to the English "th". For example, 11th would be onceavo, 23rd would be veintitresavo, 48th cuarentayochoavo, etc. These can also be written 11avo, 23avo, 48avo (there are variations on these endings).


The avo endings are also used to express fractions. For example, one twelfth, un doceavo; one twentieth, un veinteavo (note, *not un vigésimo*).


Using Cardinal Numbers Instead

Another acceptable practice, and a way around complex ordinal numbers, is simply to use the cardinal number, e.g. the 158th anniversary of the Reform War could be expressed as the "aniversario ciento cincuenta y ocho." No centésimo; no quincuagésimo octavo. No gender agreement to worry about either.


For additional clarity you can say "número" before stating the number. For example, "Piso número ocho" (floor number eight) for eighth floor, or even just "piso ocho".


Other Uses

Here are two other uses where ordinal numbers in Spanish may be commonly used or heard in everyday conversation:


When referring to decades such as the 1980s or the 1960s, in Spanish the number can be expressed in singular or plural. For example, los ochenta or los ochentas; los sesenta or los sesentas. Either way is fine.


Spanish also has a version of the unspecified ordinal number: enésima vez. For example, te lo digo por enésima vez - I'm telling you for the umpteenth time (literally, "the nth time"). 


Confused yet???  


Enjoy your month. See you on August 1st!  

Let me know if you would like links to any of the earlier ones. (There are 4+ years worth now)

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1BR West Building

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Not many of these great one bedrooms left and this one is a beauty. Fabulous views and a great price. This would make a great rental or keep it for yourself. Either way, you can't go wrong here. Beautifully furnished and ready to go, this condo can't be beat. Excellent rental history and lots of potential for even more. You really need to come and see this one before it's gone.
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Sonoran Sky 302
Premium 3Bed/3Bath

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This is a fabulous premium 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo at the luxurious Sonoran Sky Resort. Spectacular Oceanfront Views. This condo comes impeccably  furnished like a model and it has never been in the rental pool. It is the lowest priced 3 bedroom at the Sky by far. This one won't last long so come and check it out right away!

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Sonoran Sea E802
2BR East Building

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This is a great price on a fantastic condo at the Sea. The views from this condo are nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the Sunsets and the future cruise ships from the comfort of your private oceanfront terrace. Nicely furnished and ready to go. Come and see this one today before it's too late.

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Sonoran Spa N502 
1 Bedroom - 1 Bath

Luxury one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa at a bargain price. Recently reduced and it has gotten a lot of attention since then. It is the lowest priced one bedroom at any of the Sonoran Resorts and it won't last long. Sold fully furnished and ready to go. Don't let this one pass you by. Call today.

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Sonoran Sun W801
3 Bedroom End Unit
$489,900 Terms Available

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This is the perfect deal that you have been waiting for. Three Bedroom, Wrap Around Terrace, Great Terms, Great Rentals. You really need to take a look at this beautiful condo. The wrap around terrace gives you the most unbelievable views in town and the price/terms make it a great deal. This condo rents VERY well.

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Sonoran Spa W207
2BR West Building

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Very Nice 2 Bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa Resort. This is one of the few remaining great deals at the Spa. Oceanfront views, palm trees, Old Port lights at night. Come and take a look at this one. Owner may consider financing with large down payment.

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Sonoran Sun W906
2BR 25% Share

Owning a 25% share of this condo can be the solution that you have been looking for. Enjoy ownership and 13 weeks for a fraction of the price of buying a full ownership unit. This condo is very nicely furnished, turnkey ready to go and has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. West side location allows views of old port lights at night as well. The price is right so come and buy this one before someone beats you to it.

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Sonoran Sky 705 
1BR Premium Condo

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Great price on a 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sky Resort. This one is unfurnished and waiting for your creative design. Seller financing is available with 25% down. Great Buy!

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Sonoran Spa W406
2 BR West Building


Beautiful 2 bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa overlooking the pools and the beach. Great condo, fully furnished and ready for you to move in.
Not many at this price left for sale.

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Sonoran Sea W904
2 BR West Building
$274,900 Great Terms

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This is a model perfect condo with absolutely stunning beachfront views at the Sonoran Sea Resort. This condo is in perfect condition and has the best of everything. If you are looking for a truly luxurious, turn-key beauty, this is it.  Great price. Great views. Ready to go. You can't lose on this one. Take a look!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 709
3 Bedroom Premium Condo

Luxury 3 Bedroom at the exclusive Sonoran Sky Resort. This is an immaculate condo and a great rental income property.  The views from the terrace are nothing short of breathtaking. Take advantage of this fantastic price and make this condo yours. Seller will finance for up to 10 years at only 5% interest.

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  Sonoran Sun E307
2BR  East Building


  Beautiful Oceanfront 2 bedroom at the Sonoran Sun. Views, views, and views. Priced right and just 20% down and enjoy a 5.9% loan. Come check this one out today. This one won't last.

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Sonoran Sun E509
3 Bedroom Premium
Reduced Price and Financing!
This 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Premium condo must be seen to be appreciated. Great price and ready to move in and enjoy This one is a Must See beauty with ocean front views beyond belief. Just 20% down and your in.

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Sonoran Sun E204
2 Bedroom East Building

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Beautifully furnished oceanfront condo. This condo has never been a rental and it is in perfect condition. Priced to sell - this one won't last long.
You need to see this one to appreciate it. 

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Sonoran Sky 1010
4 BR Premium End Unit

This is one of those condos that absolutely has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Premium end unit with wraparound terrace and views forever. You can see all the way from Old Port to the new Home Port from the comfort of your luxurious 4 bedroom condo. Impeccably furnished and ready to go. Be sure to come and see this one as soon as you can. It won't last long.

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Sonoran Sea W403 

2BR West Building


If you are looking for a great 2 bedroom at the Sea, this is the perfect opportunity for you. This is a fantastic condo and here is your chance to buy it. Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

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