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June 2015

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Puerto Penasco - So Close to Home
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June has arrived and the weather is absolutely perfect. May was beautiful as well and temperatures seemed to have been a bit lower than I remember from last year's May. It hovered in the mid to high 70's most of the month and, aside from a few windy days, it couldn't have been better. Tourism is up again this year over last year, marking at least 4 years of steady increases, since the drop off when the recession hit several years ago.

Rocky Point proved to be a very popular Memorial Day destination and the estimate is that over 50,000 visitors (doubling the size of our city) showed up for 3 or 4 days of fun in the sun. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and, aside from the wait at the border on the trip back home, things were near perfect. I didn't hear about any serious accidents or injuries at all.

Our giant wind generator is spinning again after they presumably received the part that they had been waiting for. I posted a video of the spinning behemoth at the end of this newsletter.

We are still looking for volunteers as blackjack dealers for our fast approaching Las Vegas Night for Charity, to be held on Saturday, July 4th this year. No experience necessary as we will train you. You will just need to commit 100% (last minute cancellations can cause a real problem), and be available a day or two before the event for some fun practice sessions. All proceeds from this fun night will go to local charitable causes so the more the merrier. Please put it on your agenda and plan to attend. It really is a great time and it only happens once a year.

One other thing that I wanted to bring up if you are enjoying time in the surf is that we have had a few recent cases of stingray stings. Please remember to shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, your feet. By doing that, they are scared away and don't sting you. Stingrays are not aggressive at all. It's just that when some big human steps on one, the first thing that they do is react in self defense. That could mean a painful sting for an unsuspecting beach goer.

Most people who are stung by a stingray will receive treatment from the Red Cross or the Urgent Care Center on Sandy Beach. If you want to treat yourself, be sure to remove the barb (if it is still there), and submerge the wound in the hottest water that you can stand (that stops the toxins). These stings can be painful so most people who are treated are also given painkillers. Aspirin can help if self-treating. If you experience dizziness or nausea, seek professional medical attention.

Don't let the threat of a sting dissuade you from having some fun in the ocean. The stings are not super common and as long as you shuffle your feet when you are walking, you should be just fine. They are also generally only in areas with a flat, sandy bottom and mostly only at certain times of the year. Areas with a rocky bottom generally have no stingrays. So, just jump right in and enjoy yourselves.

If you missed the grand opening of the Serenity Spa at the Sonoran Sun, you still need to stop by sometime and check it out. You will be impressed by the location and the services provided. And, if you are an owner at any of our Sonoran Resorts, please let them know to receive a 20% discount on any of their fantastic services or packages.

Enjoy your month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and remember, as always, I'm here full time and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
 Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist
Broker/Director of Sales and Marketing
Sonoran Resorts   Spa - Sea - Sun - Sky

I hope that you enjoy my newsletter and continue to recommend it to your friends. Please feel free to give me thoughts, suggestions, or ideas for future newsletters. Puerto Peñasco is my home and I love to share the news and goings-on with you.

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Arizona News Outlets Wrongly Criticize Mexican Real Estate Ownership System

In typical fear mongering, sensationalizing fashion, a few "News" outlets are blaming the Mexican Government, the Mexican Real Estate Professionals, and just about everything Mexico for the troubles of a few owners at Bella Sirena Resort, here in Rocky Point, who are losing their condos due to a court proceeding in which unpaid workers won the case and seized assets of the original developers - who were still the legal owners of the condo or condos.

There is no denying that what happened was tragic to the few condo "owners" affected, but to cause the uproar and concern about investing in Mexico is so far out of bounds that it borders on ludicrous. It is easy to understand why the people affected reached out to news outlets - they no longer had any other recourse but to bring public attention to their situation in order to try and garner sympathy and, just maybe, someone will get involved and help just for the sake of stopping the bad press. As bad as I feel for them, that isn't likely to happen, and creating an unwarranted fear in others is not the way to make it right. Had they done things correctly, this problem would not exist for them today, period.

In Mexico, just as in the USA, to say that there are never problems with title, there are no shady deals, no bad Real Estate Agents, or no developers who don't pay their bills would be totally untrue, but legal problems are exceptionally rare when a Buyer, Investor, or even a Renter does their homework, follows the law, and uses only reputable representatives and attorneys. Things in Mexico do work a little differently than they do in the USA, but the way that a potential Buyer approaches a purchase should be exactly the same. Do you think that someone in the USA would go for several years without asking why a property has not been transferred into their names? I think not, but because this is Mexico, it becomes a problem of the System, the Government, and the Country, rather than a problem with a Buyer or Investor who didn't use due diligence before plunking down a bunch of money, or who didn't follow through with the correct procedure afterwards.

I'm sure that this story will eventually reach someone from the news or social media who will want to cause another stir and they will contact me to "call me out" on my statements. I will not be making comments because it is an absolute no-win situation. The way that things are twisted and distorted in most (maybe all) "News" stories, it wouldn't matter what I said. They would print what they wanted or what they thought would get the most attention anyway. I truly believe that there is no such thing as balanced reporting in this day and age.

Here is the truth: First and foremost, don't leave your common sense North of the Border. It just baffles me how people will spend money here in Mexico without checking things out and following the proper procedures - something that they would never ever consider doing back home. If you follow the rules, work with a knowledgeable professional with a good track record and reputation, and if do your homework, you can absolutely buy property in Mexico without risk - Just as it is in the USA. I started investing in and around Rocky Point about 15 years ago. I did it right and, guess what, I have never had a problem. My best advice is to always think Bank Trust (Fidecomiso in Spanish). That is your title and your proof of ownership. If you do not have a bank trust, you do not actually own the property. It also never hurts to consult with a reputable attorney. If you ever have questions as to what the proper procedure is, or if you ever want me to check our your individual situation, just let me know and I will be happy to help.

The Sonoran Resorts are the most rock-solid company on the beach (maybe in the State) and our three developers/partners are the same people that have been here since 2001. In our four fully completed developments, we have Zero liens on any of them. We have Zero cases in which someone could not get a bank trust. We have Zero lawsuits, pending lawsuits, or potential problems, and there are Zero outstanding debts on any of the Sonoran Resorts developer properties. We have over 14 years experience on Sandy Beach without any problems. You can find me in my office every day. You can find our CEO in his office every day. We are always here to help and to answer your questions.

If you want to work with a reputable company, it doesn't get any better than ours. All of our Sales Agents are true Buyer Representatives whose only job is to find and represent Buyers. Myself, and my Office Manager work with the Sellers. That way, both parties have fair representation. All transactions are supervised though a third party attorney - one that we recommend or one of your own choosing. We cover all the bases to keep you safe.

Sorry. You can see that I'm a bit passionate about this subject. I'll get down off my soapbox now...
PART XIV: Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco

As we publish the 14th consecutive issue in our Home Port series, we enter the realm of complexity, conjecture, projection, opinion, even mystery; yet it is a realm we must address from its most critical aspect and in some detail. That is, of course, Infrastructure.

We've broached the subject in previous issues of this series, but in nowhere near the detail it deserves, nor with the facts from reliable sources as to plans.  Now, as it happens, we must wait in limbo until after the June 7 election to sort through all the changes that are sure to take place with the new administration, even if it turns out to be the same party.


One thing we know for sure is that the infrastructure planning and scheduling is a long, involved list with varied priorities. Adding the fact that federal funds are being used, it is easy to imagine the nightmare of paperwork that must be overcome. Many argue that this alone makes even the year an inaugural cruise sailing might take place impossible to predict. How does one counter that argument?


There are actually several scenarios that could take place to make the argument that predictions are not only possible, but could be surprisingly more accurate than one might think.


One such scenario would be that, as the home port gets closer to completion, our municipal leaders become more excited about the potential for revenue that cruise markets will represent for the city and cause them to strengthen their emphasis on creating ways of expediting the more challenging aspects of infrastructure requirements such as those heretofore seemingly unanswerable needs for more water and plausible sewage and waste disposal.


Another scenario could be as simple as the newly elected officials wanting to establish their reputations as "doers".


And the biggest possibility just might come from the cruise lines themselves. We've been assured that talks have been underway with the cruise lines even though one has not been selected or has not decided to launch from our port as yet. We have no published proof of any such talks, but some actions by the pier contractors tend to substantiate communication with the cruise lines. For example, it was a result of suggestions by the cruise lines that the length of the pier was extended to reach deeper waters to accommodate larger ships.


When the cruise line is confirmed to operate from our home port, the motivation and excitement at all levels will reach new heights and infrastructure that has not been completed will be expedited for sure. This is based on historic data from cruise lines in other ports making sure all infrastructure is completed prior to their relocating a ship to our port even if it involved them getting directly involved.


Everything that goes into designing and establishing a completely new itinerary is a monumental decision and project of incredible expense and risk on the part of a cruise line and they make that clear from the beginning, as well as keeping close tabs on the progress of all phases of infrastructure installations to completion.


We will be going straight to the sources and reporting to you in future issues of our Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco with new and detailed information on the plans and schedules for completing all the infrastructure needed for a home port destination to serve this lucrative industry.


Let's take a walk...




We love getting updates every month straight from Wendy Winzer, Project Administrator of homeport construction.


This month Wendy has been very busy dealing with the arrival of new giant cranes that now total six, placed between the jetty and the cube field. She has also worked with the independent company that has installed a concrete plant adjacent to the cube field which has increased the capability of pouring more cubes every day.


Wendy has also dealt, "with several weeks of strong winds and high tides which have made it more difficult to pour rock, however we continue dumping the small cubes and have started placing the 10 ton cubes on the east side of the jetty to protect the small rock," she tells us.


To date they have poured 20,000 small one ton cubes and 4,600 of the big 10 ton cubes. They have placed 7,400 small cubes and 1,800 big cubes on the jetty. The windy weather last month has hindered significant progress on lengthening the pier, but they were still able to build up the east side with the large cubes.


Wendy was excited to say, "We are on track on our part with the construction of the jetty, still looking at the end of 2016. The dock construction is under separate contract with another contractor and I don't know at this time how they are doing with their own schedule."


She added, "We are moving forward, with high expectations for the June 7th State Government elections!"

Excitement Mounts for Sonoran Resorts 4th Annual Las Vegas Night for Charity on July 4th! 

Puerto Penasco Mayor Enjoying Las Vegas Night for Charity 2014


Hundreds of Puerto Peñasco residents and loyal visitors are planning for this, the fourth annual Las Vegas Night for Charity and brushing up on their Black Jack and Poker skills. Plus this year, with three new games, there are more skills to work on: Red Dog, Chuck-a-Luck and Sic-Bo, all fun games played on colorful boards, so be sure to try your luck on one or more of those.


Prizes for the big auction are still arriving steadily, and, we remind you that if  you're a local business, donating a prize for Las Vegas Night is an excellent way to keep community charity flowing while getting some loyal exposure for your enterprise as well. Just call Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sonoran Resorts and let him know you'd like to donate a prize. He'll send someone out to pick it up right away. It's that easy! Call Jim at the sales office (from Mexico): 638-382-8187; or from the U.S.:602-476-7511. His email is:


Las Vegas Night for Charity wouldn't be one of the largest fundraisers for DIF, the oldest quasi-government charity, if it weren't for the staff and friends of Sonoran Resorts who volunteer their time to make the evening flow smoothly. You can help also, if you've ever had an urge to be a dealer in Las Vegas-even for a night-this is your chance to try that fantasy just for a night. No experience is necessary; you'll be trained by one of our experienced volunteers. Again, just let Jim know of your interest and he'll let you know when we meet.


The fun night begins at 7:00PM and your $35 dollar ticket will include the buffet, $300 dollars in "Charity Chips" and a raffle ticket good for the drawings held throughout the night. You can always purchase more chips and raffle tickets-with all the money going to charity! For example, the proceeds from last year's Las Vegas Night were used to purchase and install  badly needed commercial air conditioning for the Amores de Peñasco children's shelter that literally saves the lives of abandoned and abused children from the streets of Puerto Peñasco.


So, Las Vegas Night for Charity is more than just fun and games (and there's a lot of that!), it has become an evening of memorable camaraderie and meeting new friends, all within the luxuriously appointed décor and air conditioning of Los Volcanes Ballroom on the second floor of The Sonoran Sky Resort Beach Front Resort Condominiums.


Where else can you have so much fun, helping so many, for such a small investment of $35 dollars! Plan to join your friends on July 4th at Las Vegas Night  for Charity!


Circus Mexicus XXIV, RCPM and Much More

RCPM admirers are an eclectic gathering of uniquely loyal fans who love and understand  the music of Roger Clyne. But, if there is a chief of these Peacemaker fans, if there is one who understands most the depth and intent of Roger's music, it has to be our honored guest writer, Tom Syvertsen. You probably know him. If you don't you should. We know you'll enjoy reading Tom's special insight into RCPM and the generous Peacemaker Fans.


Take it away, Tom...


Circus Mexicus XXIV


Hello Friends and Peacemakers,


It's that time of year again for our annual trip to Rocky Point and Circus Mexicus XXIV, June 11-14, 2015.  While  Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers are the main attraction and the catalyst for bringing us all together, there is much more happening.


The first item is the deep and diverse lineup of artists and musicians performing this year.  Aside from RCPM, music fans will get the chance to see and hear The Black Moods, Shurman, Dead Hot Workshop, The Pistoleros, Ghetto Cowgirl, Elvis Before Noon and many others.  For a complete lineup, dates, times and locations here is the link: 

Circus Mexicus is not just a musical event.  What many of us look forward to each year is our Peacemaker Family coming together.  We are a family brought together by a very special group of men and women who happen to form a rock n roll band.  I say men and women because let's not forget the wives, families and children of all the musicians that bring us together.  The Peacemaker family network continues to grow, fill our hearts and lives with real relationships and experiences.

One thing you will notice about this year's event is that P.H. Naffah's annual Hot Dog & A Smile event is not happening.  Instead this year there will be a focus on donations to Esperanza para los Niños Children's Home.  There will be a trailer made available for donations Thursday and Friday at Banditos.  There will also be a passing of a "Sombrero" for monetary donations during the weekend to help raise funds for the Children's Home.  This coupled with the efforts of our RCPM fan based Facebook Group where you can find "The Wish List" for Esperanza para los Niños will bring about another successful year of giving.  I started this Facebook page four years ago in an effort to compliment the annual Hot Dog and A Smile event.  It started out initially with the help of our good friends and Rocky Point residents Mark and Barb Olszewski getting us the Wish List.  Each year our group has grown and now we have well over 500 members.  As soon as I learned the annual Hot Dog and A Smile event had run its course I wanted to challenge our group to step up and raise funds as well as fulfill the Wish List.

On March 30, 2015, I decided to post a fundraiser within our group with an initial goal to try and raise $4,000.  To get this fundraiser started I used The Jacob's Ladder Mount Everest Challenge as a way to get minimum donation of $29 representing the 29,035 feet it takes to climb Mount Everest.  On Thursday, April 23, 2015 I climbed the final 444 feet and finished the climb.  As of Friday, April 24th we had exactly $4,000 pledged and I have already received $3,331 of the pledges/donations.  We are not done yet.  If you're interested in joining our Facebook group and/ordonating please join us at: 


More importantly, each year we visit Esperanza para los Niños and we drop off the donations collected and this year a very generous monetary donation as well.  This typically takes place at 12 Noon on Saturday.  We also make a big produce and grocery run Saturday morning.  If you're interested in joining us please do.  This is time well spent and will leave you a special memory to go along with all the others.


I wish everyone safe travels and good times this year.  Take time to breathe, look around, help someone out and just be happy in the moment.  I look forward to seeing old and new friends this year.


Here's to Life! Hasta soon,


Tom Syvertsen

Benito Juarez Open to Through Traffic

Construction continues around town but the detours are gone and the new road is now passable directly through to the Malecon. The detours at the entrance of town, near Sam's Club, and the very West end of Samuel Ocana have been removed and those roads are open as well.

This development made our very busy Memorial Day weekend much easier for everyone coming and going around town. These new roads are of very high quality concrete and are expected to last a very long time, compared to the old roads that they are replacing, which had been patched over and over again.

This work is part of a Federal investment of 60 Million Pesos in order to improve some of the main roads throughout town.

The City Engineer, Jose Luis Villalobos Jiménez, made it clear that the work is not complete and there will be curbs, sidewalks, and other details installed as they move forward.

Another Federal investment of 4 Million Pesos will be used to pave Chihuahua Street, the road to the East of Shrimp Park, in front of the Chamber of Commerce Office.  

The new roads are being constructed using hydraulic concrete which will last a very long time and will not degrade with the conditions of our Seaside city. Work also continues on upgrading the drainage systems and adding LED street lamps to replace the old, less efficient, lighting.
The Great Rubber Ducky Charity Race of 2015 Coming to Sandy Beach!

Rubber Ducky-005

Hundreds of Rubber Duckies will arrive Sandy Beach on Sunday June 14th after racing from the "About Time" yacht  somewhere near the shore with numbers tattooed on their little behinds, hopefully at least one of which will be your Ducky number! If that happens, you could win one of dozens of great and valuable prizes like golf foursomes at Las Palomas or Laguna Shores; two nights in a luxury ocean front Sonoran Resort Condominium; Spa visits, gift baskets, gift certificates and much, much more.


So put your money on a Ducky's behind for just $5 dollars-or even better, get three numbers on three Duckies for just  $10 dollars, and the coup de Ducky?, get six Duckies racing for you for just $20 ducks-err-bucks! All your money is going to make a bunch of Puerto Peñasco school children able to study more with the right kinds of supplies through the nonprofit organization, Adopt-a-Classroom, which helps thousands of kids in 13 schools, including one school in Port Lobo.


All you have to do to corral your stable of  Rubber Duckies is email Barb Olszewski at or Sandy Spain at If you are in the U.S., just call Barb on her Vonage number: 602-324-9529.  They will give you the details from there.


Your money is going for a great cause. Mark and Barb Olszewski founded Adopt-a-Classroom 15 years ago and along  with their many friends have provided thousands of kids and teachers with badly needed school supplies and equipment as well as helping many with the fees required for advancing through the higher grades, even finding suitable clothing for them over the years. At any given time, you might catch Mark at one of the schools repairing plumbing, broken fixtures and anything else that can go wrong at a facility full of energetic kids.


Although you do not have to be present to win (your Ducky on the other hand, does) it's a lot of fun to be at Sandy Beach between the Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea (you'll recognize the crowd) and watch your Ducky claim victory.   Here's how the race schedule works-not quite like the Derby because they don't race on the Sea of Cortez-so you don't miss your Ducky fighting for victory. All Duckies and the crew of Rubber Ducky Race Wranglers will board the "About Time" fishing yacht with Captain and owner, Adolfo Perez departing the harbor at 9:00 AM and navigating to the Ducky debarking location-said location will be in plain site of the crowd assembled on Sandy Beach, many of whom will be volunteers assisting Sandy in identifying and recording the order of Ducky arrivals. Meanwhile, back on the sea, at approximately 10:00 AM, the Ducky Dumping Team will debark (read: dump) the Duckies into the sea for the kayak  team of Ducky Wranglers who will make every effort to insure a fair race,  and to keep the Duckies in a row, so to speak.  


By the way, if you happen to have a Ducky Caller, you should bring it to the beach so you can compete with the serious Ducky bettors like our friend and photographer, Tony Ballesteros whose quacker is top of the line and highly motivating. With no Ducky  Caller, you can still even the race by investing in more Rubber Duckies (remember 6 Rubber Duckies for just $20 Buckies!) You can bring an ice chest to the beach, or there is the pool bar. There's also a rumor that the group is going have some breakfast together before the Duckies arrive. You'll learn more about that when you contact Barb or Sandy.


So, here's how it works in the form of a schedule:


WHAT: Rubber Ducky Race on the Sea of Cortez for Charity 

CAUSE: Raise money for the nonprofit Adopt-a-Classroom organization serving 13 schools and thousands of kids.

WHEN: Sunday June 14th - 10:00 AM - NOON (Approximately) 

WHERE: On the beach in front of the Sonoran Sea and Spa

HOW TO ENTER:  Purchase a Ducky.  $5.00 USD for one; Buy two, get one FREE. (Do the math, you kind and generous person, that's Three Duckies for the price of Two!)


*Call Barb Olszewski from the US at 602-324-9529


*Email either Barb at or Sandy Spain at (SUGGESTION: Do it SOON!)


HOW TO WIN:  Invest in Duckies! Build your odds with Barb's special incentive of one free Ducky for every two you purchase. No Limit!  Well...there are less than 1,500 Duckies available. Then, if  your Rubber Ducky (with your number clearly marked on its bottom) arrives to shore while there are still prizes to claim, you are a Lucky Duck!  




You DO NOT have to be present to win any of the fabulous prizes. Your Ducky (or Barb, or Sandy) will contact you if it wins a prize. So be sure to include your telephone number and email address with your entry donation.


For great fun, great prizes for a great cause, plus the Lucky Ducky bragging rights until next year, don't be a Lame Duck; get your Rubber Ducky Race entry now...and Good Luck, you Lucky Duck! 

Remember, it's always all about the kids! 

066 Will be the Sole Emergency Number

The Chamber of Deputies has approved legislation that will make 066 the official, nation-wide emergency number for civil protection, emergency response and denunciations. 

Deputies approved the amendment to the National Public Safety System Law with 362 votes in favor and four abstentions, giving the National Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation the responsibility to promote the service among federal, state and municipal governments.


A single number to call for all emergencies was one of 10 measures presented last November by President Peña Nieto in response to the Iguala tragedy. At the time it had been intended to adopt 911, the number used in the United States and Canada. The reason for staying with 066 has not been reported, but it is thought that it is because the number is already well known.

Kathleen Duncan (Tia Katy to her Amores kids!) Gets Creative... Again!


In less than three years, Kathleen Duncan has made well over a hundred trips to Rocky Point from her family farm in Buckeye. She maintains, and we agree, that there's only one thing that could possibly keep her so motivated: the shelter kids she has accepted into her heart and whose lives she has changed, along with the quality of care and education they receive through Amores de Peñasco, the organization she started and named early on in her volunteer endeavors. Here, she updates us all on what's going on with her kids and how you can continue to help. Enjoy this inspiring newsletter by Tía Katy:


Hello All,


It has been an extremely busy and challenging past several months at Amores de Penasco. I have to admit that if I had any idea of what I was getting myself into when I knocked on that door almost three years ago I probably would have turned and run!  I must say that I am very glad that I didn't, however, because I would not trade the opportunity I have had to be a part of the lives of these amazing, resilient kids for anything in the world. I can say also say that I certainly would not have imagined some of the things I would be willing to do on behalf of these kids.


In spite of the challenges, poco a poco, we are making great progress. As many of you are aware, during my first two years at Amores we had only two children adopted. However, over the past 18 months we have increased  our staffing, provided training to our caregivers and had the full time services of a psychologist and teacher available for our kids thanks to support from many of you. So today, instead of our kids being several years behind academically and exhibiting a variety of emotional and behavioral issues, for the most part they are  incredibly happy, loving, well-adjusted kids who are doing well academically. Meanwhile, we have been doing a  lot of community outreach to try to find wonderful local families willing to adopt our kids and I am thrilled to report that we now have 9 children out with families in the process of being adopted and three families ready to begin the adoption process with 5 more of our kids!


In spite of what you may think, the fact that many of our kids are going to wonderful permanent homes does not mean that our need for support has decreased-in fact, It has increased! Of course we are committed to continuing to provide the level of support that we have been to the current and future kids who call Amores de Penasco home, However, we are now also committed to making sure that the children who leave our shelter continue to thrive. Which leads me to my latest great news...


We recently had a sibling group of four boys and a girl placed with a wonderful local family. These children had been with us for 1 1/2 years and by the time they left us two weeks ago they were all doing very well. They will finish this school year in the same public school that all of our kids attend but our dream is to have them attend private school next year. Last week I met with the Director of CEMA which  is a wonderful bilingual private school in RP and they offered to give these five kids scholarships of $100 a month each which is half the normal tuition. So, if we can come up with the other $100 a month for each child then they will be able to attend CEMA!


Of course, my next goal is to eventually have all of our kids attend CEMA so I am afraid you have not heard the last of me...


Thanks so much for all of your support to help get us to where we are today!


Hasta Luego,


Tia Katy


Click for the Story and to See Instructions for Donations:
Conservation Group to Monitor Vaquita
Government signs agreement with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The Mexican government has entered into an agreement with a United States conservation group to monitor efforts to preserve a rare porpoise in the Sea of Cortés.


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will conduct surveillance and scientific monitoring to prevent illegal fishing that threatens the vaquita marina, which is only found in the upper part of the sea, also known as the Gulf of California.


The government announced in March it had approved a two-year, 1-billion-peso (US $69 million) conservation project that will pay fishermen not to fish and finance other measures such as patrols to enforce fishing regulations. It is estimated that fewer than 100 vaquita remain in existence.


The Natural Protected Areas Commission, which co-signed the Sea Shepherd agreement with the environmental protection agency, PROFEPA, said the pact means there will be "more eyes on the sea" and more allies in efforts to protect species at risk such as the vaquita, the totoaba, sea cucumber and others.


Yet to be defined is a program of collaboration between the non-governmental organization and Mexican environmental agencies that will include scientific research, monitoring and conservation.


The society announced two weeks ago it had had a crew in the Sea of Cortés for more than a month to monitor and protect the vaquita in a campaign it calls Operation Milagro. It said the vessel's crew had been surprised by the extent of illegal fishing taking place in the area.


"We have called this campaign Operation Milagro because, taking into account the staggeringly small number of vaquitas left, sadly it would be nothing short of a miracle to see one swimming in the sea today," said the Martin Sheen's captain, Oona Layolle.


The ship captured some video of a vaquita during a patrol last month.


Sea Shepherd Captures Rare Footage of Elusive Vaquita During First Sighting since 2013
Sea Shepherd Captures Rare Footage of Elusive Vaquita During First Sighting since 2013
More Stations Coming; Car-Go Will be One
Pemex will be joined by Car-Go and Oxxo Gas when the market opens up


As many as 1,000 new gas stations could open every year in Mexico over the next five years, and the name Car-Go will be among them.


Gas station operators in several states operate as a group called the Consejo Empresarial Gasolinero (CEG), which has been planning its entry into the open gasoline market for the last two years.


Car-Go is the name of the new brand, which will go up against Pemex and Oxxo Gas once the market is fully open in 2018. And more players yet could arrive to take advantage of energy reforms which have eliminated the monopoly of the state oil company.


So will the new competition bring down gas prices? It's a million-peso question whose answer won't be known for another couple of years, but the president of the CEG says possibly when asked if the price per liter could drop below 14 pesos.


Fernando González Piña says come 2018 the price could come down but it will depend on supply and demand.


Supply could be strong if the association of service station providers, Ampes, is correct in its forecast of 10% annual growth in the number of stations. That would be three times more than the growth seen in the last five years.


That many new stations would represent an annual investment of US $1 billion given that each one costs about $1 million to open, according to Ampes.


Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention in our blog. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page to appear on our blog site and in Jim's monthly newsletter to cover those short subjects that deserve updates, follow-ups and reminders and keep you out of trouble, make you 46% smarter, and 11% more likely to lead the conversation in a social gathering. Read on...



  1. The annual Bird Island boat trip to raise funds for Adopt-a-Classroom departed and returned on Sunday May 24th nearly full of fun loving and generous folks. This year the group were aboard the 96 foot yacht,

As it is every year, it was quite a success as noted by the heartfelt smiles from Mark and Barb Olszewski!

  1. Another annual fundraising event took place on Memorial Day morning, Monday May 25th . The annual Old Fashioned Pancake Breakfast was held this year at Mike and Cindy's Latitude 31 Restaurant and they definitely poured on the service, pancakes and syrup (regular or light!) and bottomless cups of coffee served by a crack team of volunteers, affectionately referred to as "Celebrity Waiters and Waitresses", so named by behind the scenes (well, that's how they prefer it) organizers, Barb O. and Sandy Spain. This pair of creative perfectionists also had collected many valuable items donated for the silent auction that coincided with the breakfast. All 23 items sold in the auction, as well as 28 Mimosas and 83 breakfasts.

The worthy purpose of this event was to raise funds to pay the high summer electric bills for the non-profit Esperanza Para Nueva Vida Community Center in San Rafael so they can remain open and continue the adult education classes in addition to keeping the kids of f the streets. Parents learn skills such as sewing, haircutting and computer use.

Sandy announced that the event, like last year, raised enough to pay the electric bills for the entire year! In a private note, Sandy and Barb thanked Mike, Cindy and their staff for the excellent food and service; and sent a shout out to their own team of  "Celebrity" Volunteers: Barb, Mark, Sandy, Charmaine, Tammy, Frank, Dick, Joe, Tony, Sydney, Julie, Linda, Russ, Naomi and Ginger.

  1. Earlier in May, the worldwide missionary group, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) came to Puerto Peñasco for the second time with a professional golfer who conducted three golf clinics for the students of School #27, to whom they had gifted a large bag of golf clubs, accessories and special golf balls. One of their members, Debi Smith, who has worked in several capacities helping Puerto Peñasco neighborhoods and churches over the years, stayed over and conducted research for future missions by other YWAM chapters who expressed interest in helping our community.
  1. One of the Mountain View Presbyterian mission group leaders, who had accomplished numerous projects the month before, fulfilled a promise to the nonprofit Piñata Factory by bringing eight buckets of craft glue for making Piñatas. Should keep the kids sticky for years!


  1. The Rotary Clubs of Utah District #5420 are holding their annual convention  right here in Puerto Peñasco June 8-13, and as always, working with the local Rotary Club, will be very busy carrying out 49 projects during their short stay that include such major activities as the construction of 3 brand new homes and the presentation of 4 homes to needy families here. Home construction projects are, and have been, a joint effort in conjunction with Families Helping Families charitable organization that has been building homes here for nearly 20 years. Look for a detailed report on this phenomenal feat in next month's newsletter. 
  1. During their convention the Rotary Clubs will also donate 100 computers and tablets to two schools; work with Families Helping Families to construct an additional room and a bathroom for the Piñata Factory. The Rotary will also donate two ambulances to Red Cross and to the Dialysis Center where they will also donate three pieces of precision equipment and provide cash to purchase a third dialysis machine. The Rotarians accomplish so much for our community that it is impossible to break down their project list.

JUNE 11 - 14

  1. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers kick off our summer with CIRCUS MEXICUS, four day music festival and concert that brings in thousands of RCPM fans and the fans of 10 additional bands who join Roger for non-stop Rock and Roll, charity beach soccer and a host of jam sessions that spread from Banditos at Sandy Beach to JJ's Cantina at Cholla Bay! More info at
  1. Saturday June 13th just outside the lobby of Sonoran Spa Resort Condominiums, the last of the Mermaids Market of the summer will take place from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. You can watch the Circus Mexicus charity beach soccer tournament also that starts at 8:00AM. 
  1. Sunday June 14th on the beach in front of Sonoran Sea Resort Condominiums; come out for the Great Rubber Ducky Race for Charity where hundreds of rubber duckies with numbers tattooed on their butts are released from the About Time fishing yacht off shore and are herded into shore by kayaking wranglers. If you've bet on a Ducky and yours comes in before the prizes run out, you're a Lucky Duck! It's all for charity-this year for Adopt-a-Classroom. Want a Ducky? All you have to do to corral your stable of Rubber Duckies is email Barb Olszewski at or Sandy Spain at If you are in the U.S., just call Barb on her Vonage number: 602-324-9529.  They will give you the details from there. 

Do you think that's enough fun for just 14 days in June? No telling what else is coming up this month, but you can bet there will be plenty of live music, concerts, musicals, special appearances and other entertainment to keep you amused, amazed and active!


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Rocky Point Will Soon Have yet Another Exciting Adventure Sport - Skydiving 

Think that Rocky Point has all of the exciting, adrenaline boosting, blood pumping activities already available? How about adding Skydiving? Works for me!

On top of the quad runners, off road races, wave runners, ultralight aircraft, kayaks, paddle boards, kite surfing, para-sailing, banana boats, and skim boards, not to mention plain ol' fishing and boating, Rocky Point will soon add Skydiving to the list with the kick off event this summer the weekend of July 24th - July 26th

Jamie Heesh, a former Rocky Point resident, working in partnership with Skydive Vallarta will be expanding their Skydiving business to Rocky Point as early as Spring of next year. Jamie has been skydiving since 1994 and has had the life long dream of operating his own drop zone. This July, they will be bringing some of their tandem instructors from Puerto Vallarta to work their first special event with many more to come, followed by a full time presence here, hopefully by next year.

Tandem Skydiving is the safest form of skydiving for a beginner and is a variation of conventional skydiving in which the student is attached by a harness to the tandem instructor and they jump together. This allows a first timer or beginner to make jumps from a higher altitude, with some free fall time, before deploying the chute. It has become the standard for most tourist Skydiving operations and it is a great way for someone to feel the thrill without any previous experience or extensive training. The instructor does all the work, and you are just along for the very exciting ride. They will also offer individual Skydiving to certified Skydivers as long as they are current with their license and they have space available on the plane.

The tandem instructors are certified by USPA, the most recognized skydive association in the world and they work with equipment from SIGMA as it is world renowned for its safety and quality. These guys have over 16,000 jumps and 18 years of experience!

Jumpers will get a beautiful 20 minute scenic airplane tour over Rocky Point and then exit the plane at 10,000 feet, allowing for almost a full minute of exciting free fall before the experienced instructor deploys the chute at 5,500 feet! At that point, you will have from 5 to 7 minutes of quiet canopy ride to take in the beautiful sights as you drift towards the earth. Finally, you will land softly and safely right here on Sandy Beach, having experienced a truly thrilling experience of a lifetime.

The cost per tandem will be $235 USD, with groups of two on the same flight receiving a discount paying just $210 USD per person.  They will also offer photo and video packages between $60 - $80 USD so that you can experience the thrill over and over again.

If you would like more information or to reserve your spot for the first event, follow them on Facebook at Skydive Rocky Point, or send them an email at: Spaces for these events will be limited and reservations are suggested. I'm in, how about you?
Corruption: U.S. can Learn from Mexico

Political corruption rife north of the border, and sanctioned by the highest court

Mexico can teach the United States a lesson about political corruption? What? Are you serious?    

Political corruption in Mexico in an endemic problem, to be sure. Everybody gets that. But the endless lectures on Mexican corruption from American pundits and politicians are tiresome, especially when political corruption in the U.S. has been officially sanctioned.


That's right ─ in Citizens United v. FEC the Supreme Court for all practical purposes erased the concept of political corruption, and five years later the results are in. America has morphed into a plutocracy where the interests of Wall Street hold sway over the voting electorate.


But first a quick peek at Mexican election laws. Mexico's main political parties receive public financing of their campaigns for a three-month period and get take in 10% of their campaign funds from supporters with a cap of US $71,000 per donation. The National Electoral Institute (INE) pays for media advertising and ensures equal access for candidates while discouraging negative advertising.


Moreover, term limits ensure there is no automatic advantage in incumbency. This all seems rather reasonable and fair, leading one expert election observer to declare that Mexico's election system is "the best in the Americas." Overt and scandalous corruption aside, political influence is largely driven by popular opinion and not pocketbooks.


The picture could not be more different in the United States. Political corruption is rife, and sanctioned by our nation's highest court.


The Supreme Court, with a brazen sweep of its arm, cleared the dinner table of the annoying delicate stemware keeping politicians from drinking directly from the trough. The high court legalized political corruption under the guise of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of expression. Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority, overruled a century of election laws and prior court precedent, and through rhetorically impressive yet logically questionable reasoning, opened the floodgates of corporate and private money into politics.


With the glasses gone and the trough filled to the brim, flocks of politicians began filling their pelican-like gullets on the most potent and addictive of elixirs ─ cash. Five years later the wholly expected outcome has come to fruition: the richest Americans and the most powerful corporations control the political process. 


With our already loophole-ridden election laws further eviscerated, the wealthiest "people" (read "corporations") are free to further pursue their narrow economic interests ─ special tax breaks, government subsidies, fewer rights for workers, and targeted exemptions from environmental laws.


Citizens United is bad law. Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it is the one case she would overturn if she could, and Justice Stevens in his 90-page dissent

chastised the majority by pointing out what any middle school student could by writing, "Unlike [the majority], [the Framers of the Constitution] had little trouble distinguishing corporations from human beings, and when they constitutionalized the right to free speech in the First Amendment, it was the free speech of individual Americans that they had in mind."


And yes, people are still scratching their heads at Chief Justice Roberts' supercilious (or perhaps insufferably naïve) contention in McCutcheon (Citizens United's ugly baby brother) that political corruption only exists as quid pro quo, to which Justice Stevens correctly replied that this constitutional perfidy "fails to recognize the difference between influence resting upon public opinion and influence bought by money alone."


Transparency International defines political corruption as "the manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, who abuse their position to sustain their power, status and wealth." Chief Justice John Roberts has turned this definition on its head, legalizing corruption, bastardizing the very concept by stripping its essence down to quid pro quo agreements.


The wealthy among us are now even more able to buy and sell law, and this is not just my own opinion based on anecdotal evidence. Salon's Elias Esquith recently interviewed Brigham Young University professor Michael Jay Barber, whose research concluded that U.S. Senators' policy positions align much more closely with their wealthy donors than with the average citizen voters in their own states. To strip this conclusion from its neutral academic language: politicians are whores who service only paying customers. And it's legal.


The United States (once the envy of the world for its political transparency and egalitarian constitutional principles) is rapidly becoming a de facto plutocracy, retaining its status as a representative democracy only in name. Meanwhile, the poor and the powerless are slowly withering on the once-succulent vine of hegemony, and are left with an aging empire where the privileged wealthy seem hell-bent on getting what they can, when they can, how they can, by any means they can.


If this trend continues ─ and I sadly have every expectation that it will ─ our children (if they are unlucky enough to be part of the 99%) will be destined to live "nasty, brutish, and short" lives, to quote Hobbes.


We're witnessing what the toxic stew of money and politics can do, and it isn't good. Citizens United and her congenitally malformed offspring are self-perpetuating monstrosities.


Americans need to take a long, hard look at the Mexican election system, and learn something.


Glen Olives Thompson is a professor of North American Law at La Salle University in Chihuahua. His primary research interest is law and public policy; in addition to publishing academic research, he has written op-eds for The Baffler and Digital Journal among other publications.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

4 (2)

During National Travel and Tourism Week celebrations earlier in May (May 2-10) the American Society of Travel  Agents (ASTA) released the results of a survey sent to industry leaders asking for their strangest requests from customers over the last year. As usual, many of the requests were barely believable, especially to those outside the travel industry, but they are absolutely true, illustrating the importance of a travel agent understanding that some travelers require more "hand holding" than others.


Here are 20 of the strangest ones. We added the sarcasm in italics when we just couldn't help ourselves!

  1. Can you please book the honeymoon suite for us and another couple?
  2. Can you please plan a honeymoon for me, my bride and my mother? (O.K., these first two don't even deserve a comment!)
  3. Can you guarantee that no pet has ever been in the hotel room? (I don't know, over the years, we've booked some real dogs into that hotel.)
  4. Can I fish off of the cruise ship? (Any agency open longer than three months has dealt with this one, really!)
  5. Do they speak English in Britain? (Believe it or not, this is another frequent flier!)
  6. Can you book two rooms in different parts of the resort-one for me and my wife, and the other for my girlfriend? (WT...?)
  7. Is our relationship like a client/lawyer relationship? (ASTA wonders if this is the same client who asked Question 6).
  8. Does the crew actually sleep onboard the cruise ship? (Uh, no they actually sleep on the life boats.)
  9. Don't tell my fiancé this is where I took my first wife for our honeymoon.
  10. I would like to go somewhere where there are NOT a lot of men. (Isla Mujeres, maybe?)
  11. I'd like to meet Elvis. (One more question like that and you just might!)
  12. I'd like to get married in the Caribbean on an island where the marriage is not legal in the U.S. (Again, we refer you to Question 6).
  13. Will there be shadows on my face at 4 p.m. when the pictures are taken? (No, that's Happy Hour; you might have some Piña Colada on your upper lip, though!)
  14. Will you watch my pet while I'm away? (We would love to, but our kennel is being remodeled...)
  15. Are there toll roads on the way to Hawaii? (Nope, they're all free interstate highways!)
  16. How can I get to Europe without going by air or sea? (Have you tried Googling that one?)
  17. I'd like to visit Scotland and Denmark on the same trip. (Agent then tells client he does not have time in his schedule to travel the distance).  But they're only an inch apart on the map! (The geographical variety of this frequent repeater has covered the world map!)
  18. Can you set it up so that the whales jump in the background at the same time I'm proposing to my girlfriend? (Sure, just tell the photographer to use his whale whistle.)
  19. Can you ask the airline to block the seat next to me so I can stretch out? (The frequency of this one is almost daily!)
  20. I don't want a window seat on the plane because I just had my hair done. (We saved the hardest to believe to the last! Not only true but frequently asked!)

We hope you got a kick out of these entries into the "You just can't make this stuff up" category.


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FISH. The Restaurant. Culinary Art at Its Finest!

To some, it will be an epicurean dream, to others, simply one of the best, if not the best, meals they've ever enjoyed, and to all who venture up atop Whale Hill to FISH. The Restaurant, will enter into a dining experience they never dreamed could happen, even in a fishing village known for its variety of fresh seafood. FISH. The Restaurant is a dining adventure by internationally revered Chef Luca Appendino, located in the same venue where the Lighthouse Restaurant offered its fare for so many years.


Most know Chef Luca from his first fully owned venture, the now iconic Pane e Vino, a classy restaurant appointed in simple elegance serving Italian and international haute cuisine on Boulevard Benito Juarez, which was a breakout success since it opened in June of 2011.


Chef Luca had been contemplating a seafood restaurant for quite some time. He knew he needed an especially unique location to match the level of quality and service he wanted for his second restaurant. One day almost out of the "blue" his dream was answered. The owners of The Lighthouse Restaurant had decided to exit the food and beverage business after many decades of serving the Puerto Peñasco community of American expats and U.S. visitors. They loved his food and his wife, Karina's business acumen and approached the couple with a proposition to take over their venue and to do with it as they pleased, unaware that Chef Luca had already been thinking of a new venture. The result? FISH. The Restaurant opened on February 25th of 2015.


The caliber of culinary skills you will experience at FISH are neither ordinary or expected. For example, have you ever had flounder sliced as thick a rib-eye steak, served melt-in-your-mouth moist with an exquisitely mixed sauce? Prepare yourself for this one.


Chef Luca lived in the seaside town of San Remo in Italy, having moved there from Turin at the age of 7. By the age of 14 he knew his career was to be fulfilled in the kitchen of an elegant restaurant. Luca enrolled in Instituto Alberghiero San Remo, one of the world's most prestigious culinary arts schools, requiring five full years of intensive studies and practical application experience in every phase of food and beverage service and preparation, including dining room service, concierge desk, wine classifications, haute cuisine planning and preparation, even learning French and German, and much more. Students must study for two full years before deciding which specialty of the business they want to pursue, followed by three more years of intensely supervised apprenticeship in each of the three Institute-owned three, four and five star restaurants.


Every Alberghiero graduate is scouted and hired directly from the Institute. At the young age of 19, Luca became Sous Chef of the Five Star Miramare Restaurant in San Remo, a town, by the way, known for its quality restaurants. After two years there he served in the Army for one year and returned to become the Chef of Four Star Villa María Restaurant before being offered the Chef position at the renowned Five Star Tre Pinni Restaurant where he served for six years.


In 2002 a long time family friend came to San Remo and offered Luca a job as Head Chef of his three Tutti Santi restaurants in the Phoenix area. During the eight years he was with Tutti Santi he opened two more restaurants for the family friend. Chef Luca relocated to Puerto Peñasco in 2010 and opened the Mare Blu as Chef and partner. That same year, he met Karina Ortiz, a beautiful young lady with a captivating personality, contagious smile and business acumen parexcellence, who was to become his wife in October of 2013.


Luca opened Pane e Vino Ristorante in June of 2011 and has endeared the loyalty of hundreds of diners with impeccable service and unsurpassed cuisine ever since. Karina is a big part of his life and their businesses.


Now, Chef Luca brings us a restaurant that goes beyond every expectation of the most discriminating culinary connoisseur,  raising the bar of gastronomic eminence to the extent that it may be destined to become a destination of its own for both residents and visitors.


FISH. The Restaurant is open from noon to 10:00PM every day except Monday. For reservations or more information you can call Karina at 638-110-7137.


In the upstairs portion of his new venue, Chef Luca has opened a beautifully appointed lounge called simply "Sky". Guests are treated to stunning views of the Sea of Cortez and the Puerto Peñasco beachfront resort condominium sky lines across the bay from any seat inside or outside on its spacious patio. And sunsets are always spectacularly camera-ready from anywhere in the restaurant or the lounge.  Sky is open from 6:00PM to Midnight every evening except Monday, with internationally known singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jesse Gerardo, performing Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00PM to Midnight.


Entire Story and More Photos:

The Wild World of Windshield Washers at the Intersections and in the Parking Lots of Rocky Point

While squeegee guys have been outlawed in many parts of the USA, in most of Mexico, you still can't stop at a red light without someone shambling over to you from the sidewalk, clutching a Coke bottle and a squeegee or a filthy rag in their hands. Their goal is to smear said rags across your windshield and then get a couple of pesos for having done so. Is it any wonder that they are usually looked down upon by everyone from the Jaguar-driving businessmen to the jalopy-driving working man?


Lavaparabrisas (windshield washers) and lavacarros (car washers) are a part of life in Mexico, particularly in tourist areas. Whether it needs washing or not, you may find your windshield covered with soapy (or not soapy) water and a person stretched across the hood wiping it down. They are usually very quick, and the slightest nod or even failure to immediately yell "no, gracias!" will be taken as permission to proceed (remember the pointer finger-waggle?). Once the soapsuds have covered the driver's side of the windshield, you might as well let them finish. Sometimes even when they are finished your visibility will be less than you'd like, and often worse than it was before it was "washed".  You either drive off with opaque streaks obscuring your vision, or ask them to do a better job, risking the ire of the backed-up traffic behind you.  


It's no doubt hard to do a good job of washing a windshield in the middle of traffic with only seconds to complete the task. And, then there's the problem of obtaining refills of clean water for their Coke bottle. Sometimes you get lucky and it is cleaned almost as well as you could have done it yourself - and sometimes, not so much. And, even the most reluctant customer is forced to admire the energy, the initiative of these workers. They are out there working in the hot sun, dangerously leaping in and out of traffic, breathing in the fumes of several hundred cars each day, yet usually with a smile, a quip, a polite "muchos gracias or "Que vaya bien" as you drive off.  


In my years of experience with lavaparabrisas, I have come up with a few ways to avoid the dreaded stop light wash. Parking and going into the bank or a store is a different story and you can pretty much guarantee that you will come out to find your wiper blade standing straight up. As soon as you go to put it back into place, the window washing culprit will appear and ask for a "donation". I always give a few coins but never more than 10 Pesos. It that isn't enough, sorry. I didn't ask them to wash my windows in the first place.  


Back to my stop light strategies. I have learned that just saying no is your weakest line of defense. The dreaded pointer finger-waggle is your best bet for saying no. Be aggressive in your waggling but don't expect that to stop them in all cases.  


In the beginning, I would waggle away and mouth the word NO, shaking my head, without opening the window. Some would yield to my actions and move on to another victim. Others would not. I got to the point that I would turn on the wipers and spray washer fluid when they tried to start washing. That did tend to anger some of them so I'm not positive if I would recommend it or not.  


My favorite move is to stop a car length or so behind the car stopped in front of me. Then, when someone approaches my car with squeegee in hand, I move up just a little bit. They move and I move, and so on. It only takes a time or two until they move on to another car. I have actually noticed that when I stop a car length back, they no longer approach me at all - maybe the word has spread among the window washers union to leave me alone. Now I need to figure a way to go to the ATM without finding my wiper blade sticking up...   


So, am I being mean because I don't want them "washing" my windshield? I really don't feel that I am. I do donate to charitable organizations and I like to think that I try to be generous with those who need help, but I think that a good portion of the people washing windshields are just taking advantage of the good and generous nature of tourists. Overall, it really isn't a big deal but it can get annoying and when it happens over and over in the same day, and it can get a bit expensive too. Now, if you decide to avoid them, maybe you have a few new ideas. 

Red Chile Chorizo- Spicy Mexican Sausage

This spicy sausage is delicious for breakfast, especially in a burrito with eggs. Just make sure to make it the night before, to allow for adequate resting time in the refrigerator so the flavors of the seasonings fully permeate through the sausage. You make it a milder version by using Anaheim red chiles or California dried red chiles.  

  • 1.5 ounces dried red chiles
  • 2 pounds finely ground pork (or turkey for a healthier version)
  • 1 ounce piloncillo
  • 2 tablespoons paprika
  • 2 tablespoons dried oregano
  • 1 pinch ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch ground cloves or one whole one
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 cup red wine vinegar



Usually when you buy dried chiles you will buy them in a cellophane package or on a rista and sometimes you can buy them in bulk. In either case you want to use chiles that are whole, not broken or split open. They should be tough, yet slightly bendable with no discoloration or light spots. They should also be uniform in color and evenly dried. Once you have picked out the best possible chiles, it is time to re-hydrate them for use in this recipe.


You will want to cut the top off of each chile to remove the stem. (use scissors, it's much easier than a knife.) Then, cut a slit down the side of the chile to split it open. The majority of the seeds will shake right out. Use your fingers or a spoon to scrape any additional seeds off and pull off any dried veins.


Place the chiles in a bowl and cover them with hot water. The chiles will need to soak 20-30 minutes depending on how thick they are. Use a spoon to occasionally push them under the water if they float too much.


After they are fully hydrated and softened, remove them from the soaking liquid. If the skin of the chiles is very thick, peel off as much of the papery outer layer as much as possible. Then you will want to place the chiles in a blender or food processor with the vinegar and dried seasonings.  Peel the garlic cloves and add them in too.  Blend until smooth.


Add the seasoning mixture to the ground pork and mix it up with your hands (almost like kneading bread) until fully incorporated.


It is also possible to mix it on the slow setting of a heavy-duty stand mixer using the paddle attachment. After the seasonings are fully blended into the pork, place the sausage into an airtight container such as a glass bowl with a lid or a large zip lock bag.  Let it rest in the refrigerator for a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of 24.


You can cook the sausage in a pan over medium heat and just cook it until it's fully cooked through and crumbled.  Or you can form patties with it and fry those.    Enjoy! 

If You Think that in Spanish, Madre Means Mother and Padre Means Father, You're Partially Right...

One of the most versatile words in many languages is "mother", but there is probably no language in which it is more versatile than in Spanish. To a person who is learning Spanish but doesn't know slang, one could easy walk away from a conversation wondering why people talk about their mothers so much. However, a long-time speaker of Spanish could hear the same conversation and realize that they never mentioned a mother the whole time.

How is that possible? It's possible because the fluent speaker understands the many meanings of madre...  

Non-Offensive Uses

First we'll look at some interesting, even creative, but relatively non-offensive ways of using madre in Spanish. One common expression we've probably all heard before is madre mía (literally, my mother), meaning something along the lines of "good heavens".
¡Madre mía, qué tarde es! Good heavens, it's really late!
You can say something is getting out of control with the phrase
salirse de madre, literally "leaving the mother". Juan se salió de madre. Juan really went too far.

In some places, madre can be used like buena gente, to describe a good or kind person. Es una madre. He/she is a good person.

Mother can also be turned into a verb. Madrear is used in some areas to mean "to swear at someone" or "to offend with bad language". Nunca madreo en frente de me padres. I never swear in front of my parents.

And running with that theme of using it to describe swearing, one can also say
echar madres (to throw mothers) or decir madres (to say mothers) as a way to describe swearing.


In Mexico and Central America one often hears the phrase ¡Tu madre!, often accompanied by a shaking fist, as an insult. The implication is that what you're saying about that person's mother isn't going to be a compliment. ¡Ay, tu madre, güey! Aw, screw you, dude!

A stronger phrase isla madre que te parió (literally, "the mother who gave birth to you"), which expresses extreme anger or indignation. ¡La madre que te parió! Son of a bitch!

Another popular phrase is ni madre (literally, "not even mother"), which is used like "no way", or "not a chance", but in a  semi vulgar manner. This isn't something you should say to your boss. No voy contigo. ¡Ni madre! I'm not going with you. Forget it. No way. No how.

When you truly don't care about something, you might say me vale madre. Literally, it means "it's worth a mother to me", but in practice it's a bit more vulgar. Ella me vale madre. I don't give a damn about her.

Padre is not nearly as versatile but it does have a slang meaning. Basically, it
the closest equivalent to "cool" as in, "He's a really cool singer" (Es cantante muy padre.) Can also be used impersonally, like "Far out!," (¡Ay, que padre! ) The ultimate cool is Padrisimo (Pah DREES ee mo).

Here are a few more slang uses of the word madre:

  • Andar hasta la madre ~ Being really drunk
  • Estar hasta la madre ~ Being really far | Being sick/tired of something
  • Valer/Importar madre ~ Being worthless | Not caring about something
  • Ser a toda madre ~ Being cool/great
  • Ir a madre ~ Travel really fast
  • Darle (a alguien) en la madre | Partir (a alguien) la madre ~ Beating up someone
  • No tener madre ~ Being shameless
  • Ni madre(s) ~ Nothing | No way!
  • Sepa la madre ~ Who knows?
  • Poca madre ~ Can be either something bad i.e.
    que poca madre tienes is used to express disgust, or good i.e.
    esa cosa esta de poca madre is used to say something is good/great
  • Madrecita/Madresota ~ something small/big



Have a great month. See you in July.      Jim Ringquist 

Let me know if you would like links to any of the earlier ones. (There are 4+ years worth now)

Rocky Point Wind Generator
Rocky Point Wind Generator

Sonoyta Immigration Office 1934

Lukeville/Sonoyta Border 1931

Sonoran Sky Resort

Sonoran Sun Resort

Sonoran Sea Resort

Sonoran Spa Resort

Sonoran Spa E404
2 BR East Building


This beautiful oceanfront condo is priced to sell. Set a little away from the pool, it offers fantastic views with a bit more privacy because of not being right above the activity. You can move right in as this condo is very nicely furnished and it is not in the rental pool. This one will sell soon so please do yourself a favor and come take a look.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa W806
2 Bed 2 Bath Top Floor

 Link to Listing 
New Listing - Great Price - Penthouse Floor! 
Here is a condo that won't be around for long. This penthouse level 2 bedroom is fully furnished and ready for you to enjoy. The views are spectacular and you can see the lights of the Old Port at night from the comfort of your terrace. This one is ready to go so come check it out. This can be a private getaway for you and your family, or you can place it into the rental pool and realize a nice income while you're not using it. Contact one of our sales staff today to set up a time to view this great condo. Priced right to sell quickly so don't wait too long. Lots of great things are going on in Rocky Point and now is the time to get into this beauty before prices go up. 

 Call today.


Spa W704
2BR West Building

Link to Listing 

 This beautiful condo really has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. Your private terrace overlooks the Sea of Cortez and you will have a front and center view of the Old Port lights every night. This condo is in perfect condition, nicely furnished and ready to go. Come and take a look for yourself. Call today.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea W107
2BR Ground floor

Link to Listing
Here is a popular ground floor condo priced to sell. These units don't come up for sale often. Beautifully furnished and great rental history are just the beginnings. Walk right out your door and to the pool and beach. Embrace the fabulous unobstructed beachfront views of the Sea of Cortez. This one is already getting alot of attention so act quickly and don't miss out on this fantastic bargain.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea E310   

1 BD Unique Arrangement   



Link to Listing  


Here is a unique condo that you won't find anywhere else. This one bedroom condo can sleep up to 8 people comfortably. This could be great for rentals or if you have a bigger family and don't want to spend the extra money on a two or three bedroom unit. Contact us for more information. Don't miss out on this great deal.      


 Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 1105

1BR Premium

Link to Listing
Best priced 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sky! This is a very nice condo with fantastic views. It shows very well and has been a great rental. You can't go wrong with this condo whether for your personal use or as a money making investment through rentals. Call or stop by one of our sales offices for more information. This one will  sell soon.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sky 701
4BR Premium End Unit

Link to Listing 

This condo must be seen to be believed. Panoramic views down the beach in both directions. The owners are anxious to sell and are offering a great price. This is the lowest priced 4 bedroom at the Sky by far. This can be a great rental - perfect for your family, friends, or a group purchase. Call our office for more details. This one could be your dream come true.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea W601
3 BR Premium End Unit

Link to Listing 
New Listing!
Great Price on Custom End Unit!

Complete custom condo with nothing but the absolute top end finishes, appliances, and furnishings. The list is just too long to print here but please go to the link and check out everything that is offered with this beauty. You certainly will be glad that you did. Come see it soon because it won't last for long!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 709
3BR Premium Condo

Link to Listing 

Here is your opportunity to buy a 3 bedroom premium condo at the Luxury Sonoran Sky Resort at 2 bedroom condo prices. Beautifully furnished and ready to go just for you. Put it in the rental pool to earn some income or keep it all for yourself. This is a truly impressive condo with amazing views.

Come and take a look today. 

Call: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E809
5 BR Penthouse

 Link to Listing   

Unique 5 Bedroom Penthouse with huge patio area, jacuzzi, outdoor gas grill and built in outdoor bar. Free 15X30 Garage (SS12) for boat, ATV´s and water toys. This is a special home that needs to be seen to appreciate its value at only $799K!!
 Come check it out for yourself. You'll be glad that you did.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E704  
2 BR East Building  
Great price on this beautiful  2 bedroom at the Sun. Views all the way down the beach and to the new Home Port. In the future, you can watch the cruise ships coming and going from your own private beachfront paradise.  This condo is priced to sell and it is very nicely furnished and ready to go. Brand new stainless appliances. Come see it today.


Sonoran Sun W802
2 BR West Building

Great Terms!

This unit is very nicely furnished and has some of the best views in town. Enjoy the tremendous views of Old Port and the Sea of Cortez from your large private terrace. This condo is totally turn key and the only thing missing is you. Terms available with just 20% down and 5.9% Interest.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa W609
2BR Premium Patio

Link to Listing 

Beautiful two bedroom condo with huge extended patio for entertaining. Owner will carry with 40% down. Great Views!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun W612
1BR West Building

Link to Listing 

Not many of these great one bedrooms left and this one is a beauty. Fabulous views and a great price. This would make a great rental or keep it for yourself. Either way, you can't go wrong here. Beautifully furnished and ready to go, this condo can't be beat. Excellent rental history and lots of potential for even more. You really need to come and see this one before it's gone.
Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 302
Premium 3Bed/3Bath

Link to Listing - Coming Soon 
This is a fabulous premium 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo at the luxurious Sonoran Sky Resort. Spectacular Oceanfront Views. This condo comes impeccably  furnished like a model and it has never been in the rental pool. It is the lowest priced 3 bedroom at the Sky by far. This one won't last long so come and check it out right away!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea E802
2BR East Building

 Link to Listing 
This is a great price on a fantastic condo at the Sea. The views from this condo are nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the Sunsets and the future cruise ships from the comfort of your private oceanfront terrace. Nicely furnished and ready to go. Come and see this one today before it's too late.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa N505
1BR North Building


This condo has everything and it shows great! The oceanfront views are spectacular and it is very nicely furnished. Great price on a super nice one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa.

Come see for yourself.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa N502 
1 Bedroom - 1 Bath

Luxury one bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa at a bargain price. Recently reduced and it has gotten a lot of attention since then. It is the lowest priced one bedroom at any of the Sonoran Resorts and it won't last long. Sold fully furnished and ready to go. Don't let this one pass you by. Call today.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun W801
3 Bedroom End Unit
$489,900 Terms Available

 Link to Listing   
This is the perfect deal that you have been waiting for. Three Bedroom, Wrap Around Terrace, Great Terms, Great Rentals. You really need to take a look at this beautiful condo. The wrap around terrace gives you the most unbelievable views in town and the price/terms make it a great deal. This condo rents VERY well.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa W207
2BR West Building

Link to Listing
Very Nice 2 Bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa Resort. This is one of the few remaining great deals at the Spa. Oceanfront views, palm trees, Old Port lights at night. Come and take a look at this one. Owner may consider financing with large down payment.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun W906
2BR 25% Share

Owning a 25% share of this condo can be the solution that you have been looking for. Enjoy ownership and 13 weeks for a fraction of the price of buying a full ownership unit. This condo is very nicely furnished, turnkey ready to go and has some of the best views on Sandy Beach. West side location allows views of old port lights at night as well. The price is right so come and buy this one before someone beats you to it.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 705 
1BR Premium Condo

Link to Listing
Great price on a 1 bedroom at the Sonoran Sky Resort. This one is unfurnished and waiting for your creative design. Seller financing is available with 25% down. Great Buy!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Spa W406
2 BR West Building


Price Reduced - Included Garage!
Beautiful 2 bedroom condo at the Sonoran Spa overlooking the pools and the beach. Great condo, fully furnished and ready for you to move in. Not many at this price left for sale. Very good Owner Financing with just 20% down. Take a look!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun W207
2 BR West Building
$279,900 Great Terms

Link to Listing  

This is a great condo on the 2nd floor at the Sonoran Sun Resort. Financing is the key to this beauty. Just 20% down and you can take 20 years to pay it of at just 5.9%. Or, if you want to pay cash, take 10% off the listed price. This one is sold unfurnished with fresh paint, ready for your special touches.  Great price. Great views. Great terms. You can't lose on this one. Take a look!

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea E901
3 Bedroom End Unit

Luxury 3 Bedroom end unit condo at the Sonoran Sea. This is an immaculate condo and a great rental income property.  The views from the terrace are nothing short of breathtaking. Make this condo yours.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

  Sonoran Sun E307
2BR  East Building


  Beautiful Oceanfront 2 bedroom at the Sonoran Sun. Views, views, and views. Priced right and just 20% down and enjoy a 5.9% loan. Come check this one out today. This one won't last.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sun E509
3 Bedroom Premium
Reduced Price and Financing!
This 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Premium condo must be seen to be appreciated. Great price and ready to move in and enjoy This one is a Must See beauty with ocean front views beyond belief. Just 20% down and your in.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sea W708
3 Bedroom Deluxe

Link To Listing 

This is the Deluxe 3 bedroom condo with the extra square footage. Sellers have just reduced the price by $50K making it the lowest priced 3 bedroom at the Sea now and for a long time. Nicely furnished, turn key - ready to go, and excellent rental history make this a deal that's hard to pass up. You need to see this one to appreciate it. 

Call Today: 602-476-7511

Sonoran Sky 1010
4 BR Premium End Unit

This is one of those condos that absolutely has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Premium end unit with wraparound terrace and views forever. You can see all the way from Old Port to the new Home Port from the comfort of your luxurious 4 bedroom condo. Impeccably furnished and ready to go. Be sure to come and see this one as soon as you can. It won't last long.

Call Today: 602-476-7511 

Sonoran Sea W403 

2BR West Building


If you are looking for a great 2 bedroom at the Sea, this is the perfect opportunity for you. This is a fantastic condo and here is your chance to buy it. Be the proud owner of this beachfront beauty. Call or stop by one of our sales offices today for more details.

Call Today: 602-476-7511

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