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Thanks for visiting! In addition to eNews issues archived here, you can find our repository of issues dating back to 2002, located at www.Zephyr.com/enews/archive.
  • eNews, September 2013
  • Meet 3 brand-new Omnia audio processing tools, see antenna installation on top of Sears Tower, and check out a new column from John Bisset designed to simplify life for broadcast engineers.
  • eNews, August, 2013
  • Music Choice chooses Omnia A/XE, IP-Audio goes north to Alaska, and Corny Gould blasts into the wild blue yonder.
  • eNews, July, 2013
  • Omnia and Nautel team up again, Axia goes to work at Kidd Kraddick's Yea Network, and a look back at 45 years of mousing around.
  • eNews, June, 2013
  • Omnia.11 goes to work at Emmis, we introduce the Linear Acoustic Buyback, and a big salute to Armed Forces Radio (AFRTS).
  • eNews, May, 2013
  • Woot! We bring back the new-product gold from NAB, details on our proposal to make Omnia Direct an open industry standard, tips on getting the most from your IP codec, and we visit a calculator museum in Germany.
  • eNews, April 2013
  • Our annual "we're heading off to NAB!" issue - see what's new from Telos, Axia, Omnia, 25-Seven and Linear Acoustic.
  • eNews, March 2013
  • Linear Acoustic introduces the new LQ-1 Loudness Monitor, Axia crops up in celebrity tweets, and a flashback tour of the BBC, circa 1960.
  • eNews, February, 2013
  • We congratulate Telos CEO Frank Foti on his 2013 NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award, profile KVIT's very educational Axia installation, and look at the latest technology patent from 25-Seven.
  • eNews, January, 2013
  • We welcome 25-Seven to the Telos Alliance, PowerStation as a clothes dryer? and Z/IP ONE wows 'em at KVMR.
  • eNews, December, 2012
  • Omnia ONE embiggens WAFD, Linear Acoustic monitors the volume of the Presidential Debates, WQUN talks "seamless integration", and we visit the ghosts of Christmas presents past.
  • eNews, November, 2012
  • Hearst Television keeps CALM, the Telos Alliance finds its WAY-FM, and Marty Sacks takes us up in his flying machine.
  • eNews, October, 2012
  • In memoriam of Steve Church: founder, mentor and friend.
  • eNews, August, 2012
  • Chinese Central Television upmixes with Linear Acoustic, Radio Free Asia digs deep into Axia, and a peek behind the doors of an EM-testing lab.
  • eNews, July, 2012
  • Axia welcomes 3 new partners, Bill Bowin raves about Omnia.9, and Tech Tips on how to connect Zephyr Xstreams using IP.
  • eNews, June, 2012
  • Axia wins big at NAB, The Joy FM talks about using Z/IP ONE for STL on 22 stations, and Frank Foti rides the rails.
  • eNews, April, 2012
  • New, Telos and Omnia products for NAB 2012, plus an "explosive" visit to a Las Vegas museum.
  • eNews, March, 2012
  • Welcoming a new Axia Partner, Greater Media demonstrates Single Sideband FM, Simple "line ringing" hookup for Hx Hybrids, and the beauty of mechanical things.
  • eNews, February, 2012
  • Omnia on the Eiffel Tower, VoIP Demystified, Four Things To Do When Planning an AoIP Network, and tracking the DuMont Golden Telecruiser
  • eNews, January, 2012
  • Axia in Chicago, 5 Things Your Competition Is Doing to Sound Better Than You, and computer gaming turns 40 years old
  • eNews, December, 2011
  • A look at Leo Laporte's new Axia studios, Steve Church gives a video tour of Telos VX, and how to get multiple BRIs from a single T-1
  • eNews, November, 2011
  • Studer becomes a Livewire partner, new Omnia presets for FM Talk, and a look back at ConElRad.
  • eNews, October, 2011
  • Farewell to Steve Jobs, Playing Livewire streams in WMP, and Dr. Don Rose on KFRC from the video vault.
  • eNews, September, 2011
  • Single-sideband FM proposal moves forward, configuring Patton telco gateways for use with Telos VX, Kirk Harnack is a TWiT, and where to find Russco parts in this edition of eNews!
  • eNews, August, 2011
  • Rick Buckley remembered, What About the PSTN?, troubleshooting tips for Zephyr connection lock issues, and farewell to the Space Shuttle.
  • eNews, July, 2011
  • eNews, June, 2011
  • eNews, May, 2011
  • eNews, April 2011
  • eNews, March, 2011
  • eNews, February, 2011
  • eNews, January, 2011
  • eNews, December, 2010
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