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Welcome to our Archive! WHOLE is a monthly self-care guide especially for African American women. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use tools to help regain and sustain optimal health. Each month we offer nourishing features specially selected to help enliven the spirit, mind, and body.
WHOLE is a program of WeSpeakLoudly, a women's health education and consulting firm. To learn more about better health for African American women and girls, please visit us at WeSpeakLoudly.

For quick healthy living tips, visit our blog WHOLE Express.
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  • Self-Care for the Holidays From WHOLE
  • Introducing our four self-care partners: health and fitness giant Gaiam, natural skincare manufacturer The Body Shop, and tea/tea ware purveyors Adagio Tea and Tea Forte! We've selected some must-have self-care products that are high quality, and low in price!
  • WHOLE October/November 2010
  • Makin' it real with the following features: Honoring Sistah Survivors, WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Decide; and a slammin' holiday recipe for Fruited Yams. Yum!
  • WHOLE September 2010
  • The journey continues! Two features well worth checking out, "Take a Closer Look" and "Sweet Peppers!"
  • WHOLE August 2010
  • Walking the talk! Sharing thoughts on opening a new chapter in my life with WHOLE self-care principles.
  • WHOLE July 2010
  • Summer greetings! This issue of WHOLE offers: Love Your Nappy Hair; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration DYI--Declare Your Independence; and Too Hot to Cook? Check it out!
  • WHOLE June 2010
  • It's Summer! Let's talk about: Foot care; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Sistahhood; Tea; and two bonus recipes at WHOLE Express!
  • WHOLE May 2010
  • In this our annual tribute to mothers you'll find: Is Stress Eating You?; Yoga: Healthy Stress Relief; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration "Luxuriate; and the 411 on Carrots.
  • WHOLE April 2010
  • This issue offers: 5 Tips for Getting Back on Track; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Let Go!; and a new culinary discovery--Fava Beans!
  • WHOLE March 2010
  • Spring is coming! Have a look at these fresh features: Sistah Stretch; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Blossom; and Luscious Leeks!
  • WHOLE February 2010
  • In this issue you'll find: A Healthy Heart Begins With You; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Accountability; and Zucchini. Enjoy!
  • WHOLE January 2010
  • Happy New Year everyone! Let's start fresh with these feature articles: Get Your Health In Focus; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: LEAP!; and A Hot Breakfast For A Cold Day! Enjoy!
  • WHOLE December 2009
  • As we close this year and decade, please enjoy these feature articles: 5 Tips for a Healthier Holiday; WHOLE Bush Tea--A Good Taste For A Good Cause; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Peace; and Pears! The Stars of Winter. Happy Holidays!
  • WHOLE November 2009
  • This issue features: Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Decide!; Squash A Hidden Treasure; and a Bonus Recipe.
  • WHOLE October 2009
  • This issue is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness including: our feature article, "African American Women and Breast Cancer"; What You Can Do; Self-Care Inspiration: Engage!; and Cancer-Fighting Nutrition.
  • WHOLE September 2009
  • This issue celebrates Healthy Aging Month with these features: WHOLE Body Living: The Key To Better Health; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Explore; Mean Green--the 411 on the virtures of Spinach; and a bonus feature, "Fit and Fabulous"--the launch of a new feature series for women 50+.
  • WHOLE August 2009
  • In this issue: A Healthier Home the Natural Way; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration, Grace; and Bodacious Blackberries!
  • WHOLE July 2009
  • In this issue you'll find: Introducing WHOLE Express--our new blog!; Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Skin; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration, Savor; and Staring Grapefruit and Friends!
  • WHOLE June 2009
  • We're kicking off summer with these features: What's Eating You? A Look At Emotional Eating; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Forgive; and Corn, Sweet Corn!
  • WHOLE May 2009
  • Honoring mothers this month with these features: Midwives, Doulas, and Sistahren: Birthing Options Worth Exploring; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Balance; and Fabulous Figs!
  • WHOLE April 2009
  • This issue features: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You: The Truth About STIs; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Compassion; and Colorful Cauliflower!
  • WHOLE March 2009
  • In this issue you'll find: Sleep, The Wonder Tonic; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Unplug; This Stock Guarantees Delicious Returns! about making homemade stock; and a BOMB recipe for sauteed Asparagus!
  • WHOLE February 2009
  • In this issue: Show Your Heart Some Love!; WHOLE Self-Care Inspiration: Cherish; Make Mine Naturally Sweet; and Our WHOLE Body Living Survey. Enjoy!
  • WHOLE January 2009
  • In our first anniversary issues you'll find the first WHOLE survey along with: We Can Beat Cervical Cancer; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #12: Relax; and Eating Well with a recipe for Broccolini
  • WHOLE December 2008
  • In this issue: Make This a WHOLE New Holiday Season!; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #11: Rekindle; and Pomegranates!
  • WHOLE November 2008
  • In this issue: Chronic Stress: A Sistah's Burden; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #10: Reawaken; Beans! Beans! Beans!; and New Feature: WHOLE Books!
  • WHOLE October 2008
  • In this issue: Our first guest feature article "Breast Cancer and African American Women: A Different Beast" by Dr. Regina Hampton; A Guide for Sistah Breast Cancer Survivors; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #9: Rediscover; and Squash!
  • WHOLE September 2008
  • In this issue: our series on reproductive health continues with Facing Infertility; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #8: Renew; and Eggplant, A World of Good Eating!
  • WHOLE August 2008
  • In this issue: the next installment of our reproductive health series, Fibroids!; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #7: Restore; and Tomatoes! A Lesson in Good Taste!
  • WHOLE June/July 2008
  • In this issue: the next installment of our reproductive health seriesTeens in the Trenches: The Battle for Better Choices; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #6: Reclaim; and It's Grillin' Time!
  • WHOLE May 2008
  • This issue features: The first installment in our series on reproductive health entitled From Girls to Women: Getting Off to a Good Start; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #5: Redefine; and Healthy Cooking with Young Children including a recipe for WHOLEsome Granola!
  • WHOLE April 2008
  • In this issue, learn about Pelvic Floor Disorders; as well as Self-Care Principle #4; and a great recipe for Sugar Snap Peas!
  • WHOLE March 2008
  • The March issue focuses on Spring and offers Tips on Weight Loss; and Reconnecting with your Spirit, Mind and Body; as well as a recipe for Glorious Greens.
  • WHOLE February 2008
  • In this issue, learn about: The importance of gathering your health history; Self-Care Tips for Caregivers; WHOLE Self-Care Principle #2; and our new series Healthy Living the World African Way with a recipe for Brown Rice and Yams
  • WHOLE January 2008
  • This issue features important information on Cervical Cancer Prevention; the first installment of our 12 Self-Care Principles; and a WHOLEsome recipe for Black-Eyed Peas.
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