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Welcome to the latest issue of Legal Search Marketing, the newsletter for attorneys looking for effective and affordable ways to market their services on the Internet.


Consumers now look to the Internet to research and buy all types of products and services - from electronics and pet food to doctors and attorneys. Google remains the number one search engine, with 66 percent of all searches in the U.S. - almost 12 billion each month!


Over time we have become more sophisticated search engine users and the search terms we use are becoming more location-specific, with 73 percent of online activity related to local information (according to Google). These trends are significant for professionals, like attorneys, who get most of their new business from clients in their community. Read this month's feature article to find out more about the growing importance of local search and how you can benefit from it.



Ian M. Bardorf
Feature Article

The Rise of Local Search for Attorneys   

The way consumers look for anything and everything has changed in the last ten years, including how we find an attorney. While we used to rely on the recommendation of a friend or relative, or start our search in the Yellow Pages, now we head to our computers. Search engines, social media, and smart phones have dramatically affected the way consumers find legal representation. According to a recent study, last year most people looking for an attorney -- three out of four -- used online resources at some point in the process, according to The Research Intelligence Group.


It just makes sense. Not only are we used to "Googling" for information, advice, products and services, but also when someone needs an attorney, it's usually a sensitive matter that they're less likely to ask a friend about. If you are divorcing, injured, or accused of a crime, it's much easier to spend time researching online in the privacy of your home or on your phone than it is to dig through the Yellow Pages or ask a neighbor or relative.


The Rise of Local Search

When people search for an attorney, they tend to look for one that's close to them, generally within thirty miles. Along with the rise in Internet use, searches are becoming increasingly more location-specific as people become more sophisticated search engine users, with 73 percent of online activity related to local information (according to Google).


Learn the four things attorneys should do to find local prospects ...Read more >>




Ian has provided us with a wonderful website, mapped out a marketing strategy, and has been extremely responsive to our needs. We feel lucky to have found him.

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A: Google Places, the online directory of businesses around the world, has been entirely replaced by a new feature, Google+ Local. As of April 30, roughly 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages. It's a dramatic change though it will undoubtedly disorient some users and business owners.




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