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Ian M. BardorfWelcome to the latest issue of Legal Search Marketing, the newsletter for attorneys looking for effective and affordable ways to market their services on the Internet. 


You've heard the phrase "content is king" but what does that mean for your website? It means that good content - news, testimonials, articles, blog posts and more -- is the most important element of an effective website.


The best websites seamlessly combine all the key elements: graphics, information design, technology and content. Of these, content is the area you have the most control over and that can have the greatest impact on your practice.


Read this month's feature article to find out what "good content" is and how you can use it to increase your visibility online, reach more clients, and build your business.


Ian M. Bardorf

Feature Article

Why Content Is King  


You've heard the phrase "content is king" but what does that mean when it comes to your website? It means that good content - news, testimonials, articles, blog posts and more -- is the most important element of a successful website.

In fact, last April Google released its latest algorithmic change, called Panda, specifically designed to weed out low quality sites and give priority to good ones on the search engine results page. On its blog, Google urges website owners to "focus on delivering the best possible user experience" by asking themselves if their content is trustworthy, appropriate and well written.

Creating content that is meaningful to your prospects and clients and updating it regularly will improve your website's rankings and help you promote your expertise, reach prospects and stay connected with clients.

Boost trust and rankings.
Well-written, original, relevant, updated content serves two purposes. First, it presents you and your services in a clear and compelling way that allows potential clients to find what they're looking for easily and creates a sense of trust, credibility and professionalism. Well-written content can position you as an expert and help engage your prospects so that they choose to do business with you rather than the competition.

Second, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines rank websites based partly on the currency of the information - how recently it's been updated - and the relevance of that information to what the searcher is looking for.

Search engines look for current information and like dynamic websites with original content. More recently posted content means a higher ranking in the search results, which translates to more visitors to your site. Worse, if your site does not mention the topic someone is searching for, it's not going to show up in the results at all.


Update often.
Here's a dramatic example from my experience at Bardorf Legal Marketing that shows what a difference adding appropriate and targeted content to your site regularly can make.


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"We at the Beliveau Law Group could not be more pleased with the work that Ian has done for us. He has provided us with a wonderful website, mapped out a marketing strategy, and has been extremely responsive to our needs. We feel lucky to have found him."

Attorney Margaret Beliveau

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Client Spotlight

Baron Law and Mediation, LLP


 Amy and Alan Baron keep their site dynamic by regularly publishing a new legal guide, an informative practice area article, client testimonial, or an FAQ. 


Baron Law & Mediation  

Got A Question?

Q: On my website I have a description of my firm, my bio, and some testimonials. What else can I include to beef up my site?


A: Website content is anything visitors can see on your site. It's the "meat" in the website sandwich.


Although there are many different types of content you can use to connect with website visitors and your clients, click here for a list of common formats that you may want to consider adding to your site as part of an integrated marketing strategy.


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