Capital Crossroads SID wants to keep you informed on what's happening downtown.
We deliver Right Now Downtown weekly to keep everyone updated about cool stuff Downtown. If you aren't receiving it, you're missing out on everything from Blue Plate Specials to chances to win tickets for Broadway Across America shows and MORE.
Downtown News Network provides property managers and HR folks with a little help to spread the word to their peeps about what's happening Downtown. There's a lot of info in a very brief format so just cut and paste into company publications, and you're good to go.
Downtown Matters gives property owners and managers an up close look at Capital Crossroads Special Improvement district, and the services we provide. From Cleaning and Safety to Pearl Market, the SID helps make sure that Downtown is the best place to live, work and play.

The Downtown Retail Update is chocked full of all things business. If you or someone you know want some details about why you should call Downtown home for your business digs, this is a must read. 
Take a look at some past issues, and then sign up here to get your very own copy.


Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District
23 N. Fourth St. Columbus, Ohio 43215
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