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  • Past Newsletters from The Home Inspector
  • Is Your House Catching Cold?
  • It is important during these cold, insular months to make sure your indoor air quality is at its peak.
  • What Three Letters Make Everything Go? NRG
  • There are some very simple and low cost things that can be done that offer an immediate NRG efficiency.
  • Spring is Coming, Water is Flowing
  • The ground next to the foundation thaws first, and with melting snow and increased rain fall, the water will go to the area it can be absorbed into the ground.
  • How Shocking is Your House?
  • Properly installed electrical systems are very safe and efficient. Read this newsletter for tips to prevent safety problems.
  • The Silent Killer
  • Tips for avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Is Your Hot Water Heater Safe?
  • A checklist to help prevent fires.
  • How is your deck treating you?
  • Fall is a good time to inspect your deck.
  • Are you 100%?
  • Utilizing Infrared Scanning Technology as part of our Structural Inspections over the pass 5 years has yielded 100% approval from every client that has taken advantage of this option.

    In most inspections, using infrared scanning provides a confirmation to the buyer that they are making the right decision in this purchase.
  • Electrical Shock: How Shocking is Your Home Electric?
  • Helpful hints to keep your family safe...
  • Solving the Wet Windows Problem
  • If you have wet windows in winter, it may be because you have excess humidity in your home that can lead to rotten sills...
  • Basement Escape - to code
  • Prior to 2004, if you had a bedroom in your basement, it was required to have a second form of egress from the basement. An escape window, Bilco door, or exit door if was a direct walk out from the basement...

    After 2004, the building code was upgraded to include any finished basement finished after 2004 is required to have a second form of escape for fire safety.
  • Venting Gas Appliances
  • You may use a chimney as a common vent for two or more draft-hood equipped or induced draft appliances. Hot air furnaces, hot water boilers, and hot water heaters are common gas appliances...
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