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Infrared Camera Scans
I use a high tech infrared camera as part of the Home Structural Inspection. Infrared scanning allows me to see into the walls, ceilings and floors to find:
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Electrical shorts, and 
  • Value the insulated quality of the home.
The investment on my part for the camera was $30,000, to bring this high level of protection for my clients. 

I also issue a typewritten Structural Home Inspection Report on site at the time of the inspection.
The Home Inspection Newsletter

It is good to be back in touch with you, sending you information about what we do in our home inspections, and sharing some practical advice every week or so.

If there is anything you would like to hear about, please shoot me an email or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Is Your Basement Safe for Escape?


Prior to 2004, if you had a bedroom in your basement, it was required to have a second form of egress from the basement. An escape window, Bilco door, or exit door if was a direct walk out from the basement.


After 2004, the building code was upgraded to include any finished basement finished after 2004 is required to have a second form of escape for fire safety. If a finished basement area was completed after 2004 without a building permit and no second form of escape, it represents a MAJOR DEFECT  in a Building Structural Inspection.


The following are the specs for these escape requirements.

    • Window must be no higher than 44 inches off the sill height, minimum 36 inches wide, and opening of 9sq. ft. These openings must egress to on to a public area without obstruction.
    • IF there is a bedroom in the finished basement, the escape window must be in the bedroom.   
    • Standard 36x80 inch doors are acceptable and must open outward to a minimum of a 3 foot landing as wide as the 36 in. door. 
    • Metal insulated would be preferred.
If a client or prospect has a home that does not meet code, we recommend that it be brought up to code before going on the market. 

Call me at (518) 577-7707 or send me an email if you have any questions, and for recommendations. 
Know Someone Buying or Selling?
Inspecting wiring and structural integrity is an important part of every home inspection.

Help them safeguard their biggest investment. 

I would appreciate your referral to clients, friends, and business associates for home structural inspections.

Peter Hughes
PCH Associates

P.S. Let me know if you would like me to give a seminar in your office. I would enjoy seeing you and sharing some advice. 
Save $100
Post a comment on the PCH Associates Facebook page, and receive a free infrared scan as part of your or your client's home inspection. ($100 value). Be sure to like us too, if you haven't already.

Our high tech infrared camera enables us to see into walls to determine if there are issues not visible to the naked eye.