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Infrared Camera Scans
I use a high tech infrared camera as part of the Home Structural Inspection. Infrared scanning allows me to see into the walls, ceilings and floors to find:
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Electrical shorts, and 
  • Value the insulated quality of the home.
The investment on my part for the camera was $30,000, to bring this high level of protection for my clients. 

I also issue a typewritten Structural Home Inspection Report on site at the time of the inspection.
The Home Inspection Newsletter

How is your deck treating you?


Now that summer is over, and you have enjoyed the pleasures of outdoor entertainment on your deck, it is a good time to check your deck before the hard winter weather takes over. 

Over the last ten years there has been over 800 reported injuries and 20 deaths as a result of deck collapse. Dry rot and improper structural support are the main causes for deck failure in our part of the country.


Deck inspections are a part of our structural home inspection, and as a homeowner, should be part of your ongoing home maintenance.  If you have a concern about your deck, please give me a call and allow me to help evaluate the quality of your deck.


I also have available a complete maintenance schedule for both Fall and Spring for the entire home. Give me a call and I would be glad to forward this guideline for your home maintenance.



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Save $100
The normal charge for to have a Infrared Scan completed on the entire house is $100. As a special promotion I am including this added benefit to be included in the Structural Inspection if you "like" us on Facebook. Click here to "like" PCH Associates. Feel free to post a comment about how much you love PCH Associates.

Our high tech infrared camera enables us to see into walls to determine if there are issues not visible to the naked eye.