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Equine Science encompasses teaching and extension at Iowa State University. The equine program is within the Department of Animal Science. Students with an interest in equine obtain an Animal Science degree. The ISU horse program has a strong commitment to student instruction, outreach and public service. Our undergraduate program is geared both towards the student that have an equine background, as well as the non-traditional student with limited experience. A comprehensive science based equine curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to be a productive member of the equine industry. A strong science emphasis is balanced by numerous opportunities to gain practical hands-on experiences. Lectures serve to improve knowledge of basic and applied equine science, while the labs provide opportunities to improve common management, handling and training techniques. 
Extension encompasses both youth and adult programs. Youth programs consist of an annual Horse Jamboree (hippology, quiz bowl, public speaking, team demonstration, painting, poster, drawing, photography, clotheshorse), 4-H State Fair Horse Show and a state 4-H Horse Judging Contest. Adult programs consist of a Horse Judges Certification Clinic, the Master Equine Manager program and starting in 2016 the Master Equine Professional program.
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