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Raising Your Showmanship Score: Common Mistakes in Showmanship, provided by eXtension
Raising Your Showmanship Score: Common Mistakes in Showmanship, provided by eXtension
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Below is new and updated information from Iowa State University Equine Science. If you have questions or comments about this message or the content listed herein, please contact me.   

Peggy Miller Auwerda

Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Horse Specialist

E-mail: peggy@iastate.edu 

Phone: 515-294-5260

2014 Jamboree Winners

Senior Quiz Bowl Team 1st Place 
1st - Story County: Caitlin Dewell; Nicole Dewell; Ben Lee; Hannah Lee 

1st - Madison County: Aundrea Cox, Konner Dimler, Sage Hildebrand, Sydney Hildebrand, Ava Lowden

2nd - Howard County: Emi Frohn, Thea Hartzell, Abby Kennon, Natalie Knobloch, Rachel Stika 

2nd - Mills County: Josephine Albers, William Albers, Sarah Arbogast, Madison Liddell, Kaylee Sefcovic 

1st - Jasper County: Elizabeth Horn, Amber Knight, Hannah Ness, Sarah Ness   
1st - Madison County #1: Konner Dimler, Sydney Hildebrand, Emma Lowden 

2nd - Howard County #1: Emi Frohn, Thea Hartzell, Abby Kennon, Rachel Stika 
2nd - Wapello County: Lily Anderson, Allan Angle, Danielle Rich 
For More Information on Winners

Iowa State Fair 4-H Horse Show

August 4th-7th 

Teff is a self-pollinated, warm season annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as dry hay, silage or pasture. As a fast-growing crop, Teff combines excellent forage quality with high yield during a relatively short growing season.

Attention Iowa 4-H Horse Leaders 

A new Facebook group has been designed by Lisa Berkland for 4-H Horse Leaders.
  • Post questions and comments
  • Create shared docs
  • Chat with everyone at once
Click on the link to join

AK-SAR-BEN 4-H Horse Show 

September 20-21, 2014
Horse Show Schedules are available at www.aksarben.org
Entry deadline August 11th

Master Equine Manager 

The Master Equine Manager E-Learning Certificate Program provides horse owners and enthusiasts with a comprehensive educational program that teaches the science of horse management. The program combines focused learning opportunities with a hands-on practical evaluation.
The lessons are: 
  • Welfare of Horses: Understanding Horse Behavior, Facilities and Equipment, Equine Quality Assurance  
  • Horse Nutrition: Forages for Horses, Feeds and Feeding  
  • Horse Health: Equine Emergency Treatment, Vaccinations for Horses, Understanding Horse Parasites, and Hoof Care
  • Selection of Horses: Conformation and Evaluation, Unsoundness's and Blemishes  

Take the course anytime, anywhere.  

Materials include video recordings, power point presentations, learning resources, and written assessments. The practical evaluation consists of an educational and evaluation component. Fall locations will include Iowa State University, University of Nebraska and Waterloo, IA. If you can't attend a practical workshop, perform a self-assessment using pictures and/or video. For adults and juniors and seniors in high school

More Information and Registration 

Iowa State University Animal Science Department Spring Newsletter 

A summary of happenings and what internships students will be participating in is described in the newsletter.

ISU Horse Judging Team  

The ISU Horse Judging Team competed at The Spring Contest in Gainesville, TX on Tuesday 4/15 after several days of early mornings and late nights attending farm tours and workouts. Makayla Johnston, Meghan Mills, Liz Simon, Caitlin Brown, Sarah Stewart, Meredith Behr placed 5th in team reasons and 5th team halter as well as being the 4th place team overall. There were 21 full Senior College teams competing and about 110 total individuals in the Sr. College division. In the individual placings,
Makayla was also 7th performance, 1st halter, 2nd reasons and 2nd overall. The team is coached by Nikki Ferwerda.

Iowa State University Horse Camp  

Building or Renovating Your Horse Facilities? 

The Horse Facilities Handbook is filled with excellent facts about building and/or renovating facilities for all phases of equine breeding, care and control.

Topics include:
Site planning,Design and construction of stables, paddocks, and other outdoor and indoor facilities, Manure management, Storage, Fencing, Utilities and Fire protection.

Teff Grass: Crop Overview and Forage Production Guide  

Teff is a self-pollinated, warm season annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as dry hay, silage or pasture. As a fast-growing crop, Teff combines excellent forage quality with high yield during a relatively short growing season.

Federal Appeals Court Slams Door on Interpretation of "Farming Syndicate Rule" 

IRS has a long history of challenging taxpayers that they believe are distorting income reporting by use of the cash method of accounting.[1] They were at it again in a case involving a Texas cattle and horse breeding limited partnership that the IRS said was a tax shelter by virtue of being a "farming syndicate" and, therefore, was not entitled to use cash accounting.  However, the court disagreed rather sternly.[2].
Continue Reading

Horse Breeder Breached Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Blocking Sale of Filly 

One thoroughbred horse breeder filed an action against another horse breeder, alleging that the defendant had breached their agreement specifying how the parties would reproduce, care for and sell racehorses in their ongoing relationship.  Continue Reading

USDA Census of Agriculture and Equine Farms

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) today released new 2012 Census of Agriculture profiles for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and more than 3,000 counties in
Equine Learning Center
the nation. The Census, which is conducted only once every 5 years, is the only time that NASS gathers and makes available agriculture data down to thecounty level for all U.S. counties. For information on the USDA Census
The census study found that the U.S. equine population has decreased by about 10 percent during the five-year period between 2007 and 2012. The results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture, released on May 22, tallied 504,795 farms and ranches with horses that produce more than $1,000 in agricultural products or sales each year, which also includes Thoroughbred breeding operations. That number represented a 12 percent decrease from the 2007 census, which counted 575,941 farms. The most common size of farms and ranches with horses was 10-49 acres, with 184,743 in that size range. Continue Reading

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Calendar of Horse Events 

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Iowa State Fair 4-H Horse Show
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