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This is where you can view current and past issues of our newsletter, The Hope Journal. This is a monthly email publication that explores hope from many different perspectives: physical, scientific, spiritual and emotional. You will find ordinary people and experts discussing their views and experiences of hope in daily life as well as in the dire circumstances we sometimes find ourselves.

These inspiring and entertaining newsletters include renowned Guest Authors, stories about hope, discussions about symbols of hope, the science of hope, inspiring quotes, book recommendations and valuable links. If you have visited our web site, you know it is rich in information and inspiration. We also use this newsletter to feature interesting areas from the web site that you may not have visited yet.

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  • July 2012  (7/21/2012)
  • Featured Article: In Defense of Hope

    Hope Tree Symbol: Perseverance

    Recommended Reading: When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner and Head First by Norman Cousins.

  • May 2012  (5/19/2012)
  • Featured Article: Changed, Not ruined

    Hope Tree Symbol Story: Butterfly

  • April 2012  (4/23/2012)
  • Featured article: What Can I Do to Help Someone Find Hope?

    Fascinating and unlikely story behind this symbol from The Hope Tree: Sego Lily.

    Recommended reading: Happiness in a Storm by Wendy Hapham, MD

  • March 2012  (3/24/2012)
  • Featured article: Hope is Renewable

    Symbol story from The Hope Tree: Community

    Recommended reading:

  • February 2012  (2/25/2012)
  • We are so pleased to again share the words of Ronna Jevne, PhD, with our readers. This time, Dr. Jevne shares the declaration she wrote when co-founding the International Hope Foundation in Alberta, Canada. This foundation houses the world's largest collection of documents, research papers, books, films and recordings about hope.

    Featured Reading: Did You Know There is an International Hope Community?

    Symbol story from The Hope Tree sculpture: Pathway

  • January 2012  (1/13/2012)
  • There are amazing parallels between who survives when lost in the wilderness and their level of hope. We are so a happy to have Survival Expert, Bill Scott, share his insights with us in the article: Hope - The Ultimate Survival Preparation.

    Our featured article: What Will The New Year Have in Store For Us?

    The Hope Tree sculpture symbol story: Adaptability

  • Special Holiday Issue 2011  (12/24/2011)
  • In this special holiday issue we find Debbie Spooner, MSW, living life to the fullest every day despite of her many years of co-habitating with stage 4 breast cancer. This remarkable story really is a holiday gift.

    Read the Science of Hope article: Hope is Renewable

    Our symbol story from The Hope Tree sculpture: Perseverance

  • December 2011   (12/11/2011)
  • We are honored to have renowned psychotherapist, Ronna Jevne, PhD, as our Guest Author. A pioneer in the field of hope research, Dr. Jevne now shares with us her groundbreaking new program, Pilgrim Writers, in her article: A Pilgrim With a Pen - Writing Your Way to Hope.

    Our Science of Hope article in this issue: Only The Best Will Do

    The symbol story for The Hope Tree sculpture: Lotus

  • November 2011  (11/20/2011)
  • If you have watched the documentary filmed about the making and the meaning of The Hope Tree sculpture, you will undoubtedly remember Jason LaGrange and his children as he shared with us the story of losing his young wife and the children's mother, Crystal, to ovarian cancer. In this article he tells us how he and the children are doing 2 years later.

    Our Science of Hope article this time is: Should I Be Hopeful or Optimistic?

    The symbol story from The Hope Tree sculpture: Hummingbird

  • October 2011  (10/12/2011)
  • We are so happy to have Liz Adamson as our Guest Author for this, the inaugural issue of our newsletter. This amazing woman shares her hard-earned insights about life while having stage 4 lung cancer - how she not only survives, but thrives. Find links to her web site, blog and view the film of her one-woman show, Journey.

    Our Science of Hope article: Laughter Really is The Best Medicine

    Our symbol story from The Hope Tree sculpture: Lotus
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