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February 2012  

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What's in a name?

Did you know there is
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Ronna Jevne, PhD
"I Have a Dream"    

Featured Hope Tree Symbol: Pathway

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February is
"Show The Luv Month" for
Liz Adamsom! 

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 "All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart . . . that is all my own."  


The Hope Tree
What's in a name?

Dear Hopefuls,

Thanks so much for joining us again here in the newsletter inspired by The Hope Tree. You may notice that our name has changed from Illuminate to The Hope Journal. Our sister radio show, The Hope Journal, is really taking off. With The Hope Tree, The Hope Journal and Illuminate it was beginning to feel too confusing. In addition to the fact that it now matches the name of our radio show, I think  "journal" accurately describes my hopes and dreams for this publication.
We are soon going to begin including transcripts from the shows in this newsletter - so we think the matching names are even more appropriate. Let us know what you think of the change.

I hope you have all had time to listen in to the radio show. Or if you miss it live every Thursday morning at 9AM MST, you can always catch it 24/ in the stations archives. We are having a great time on the show exploring hope in an amazing array of different settings from survival to PTSD to the science of hope to hope in the mental health setting to the latest in hope research - and beyond.

Here is our lineup of guests to be interviewed on the show in March:

March 1 - JoAline Olson, RN, MSN, VP of Innovations for Adventist Health
March 8 - Anita Belanger, RN, Transplant Coordinator University of Colorado
March 15 - Lynsee Hudson-Lang, MD Neurologist Kaiser Permanente
March 15 - Janet Higgins, Advanced Practitioner, Transcendental Meditation
March 29 - Barb Head, RN, MSN, Director of Kaiser Permanente Skyline

Good heavens! What a lineup of fascinating people to be discussing hope with us.  These discussions are very lively and, shall we say,  "free-flowing." Join us for a really interesting and uplifting time!

In the meantime, have a wonderful month. I am dreaming of crocuses and daffodils. Come on Spring! 

Carol Jeanotilla & The Hope Tree Gang

If you have enjoyed what you see here in this newsletter, find even more helpful and hopeful encouragement at:

Dr. Ronna Jevne  

I Have a Dream
by Dr. Ronna Jevne

    I have a dream that one day we would understand hope well enough to reach those with the deepest of despair, well enough that each child and parent, each student and teacher, each patient and doctor, each person -rich or poor, wounded or well, would envision a future in which they are willing to participate. That despite hardship and uncertainty that they would say "yes" to life. Not "yes" only if they are employed, well, loved or educated but "yes" to the very condition of being human. For this we need a commitment to hope.
I have a dream that every child would know hope as a companion throughout life. That every person would know where to look for hope when it fades. That each person who stands at the edge of hopelessness can step back intentionally. That we will be part of encouraging  those moments when it is unquestionable that someone has taken a step towards hope. Albeit a small one. I dream of places where young and old, employed and impoverished, well and ill, join in a search for hope. Where wounded bodies, heavy hearts and weary souls exchange their despair for hope, their fear for courage. For this we need a practice of hope.

Pathway SymbolOur Featured Symbol from 
The Hope Tree: Pathway
This symbol comes from the Aboriginal culture and symbolizes "path." Different from a journey - we use pathway here to define the direction we choose for our lives. Paths are indicative of beginnings, endings, and the steps we take in-between that create the life we are living. We use "journey" elsewhere among our hope symbols to encompass the things we experience while traveling along this path.

And at the moment, we may find ourselves on an unexpected journey along our chosen path. Perhaps we have met cancer along the way and things are changed forever. Perhaps we are in a difficult relationship that draws us away from what really enriches us. Perhaps many years of financial stress have finally come to the tipping point.

There is a term for these times in our lives: missteps. Missteps along a path can suddenly appear out of the blue like the Earth shifting beneath our feet and sending us sliding down the hill - dust flying up in great clouds -  or they can mean that we missed the cues and signposts that whispered we were veering too far afield from our true goals, true dreams and true values. We suddenly find ourselves in a quagmire that seems impossible to escape. Will we ever find our way back to our true selves?

The path is always in sight - even if from a great distance. It is still there for us - even if covered in areas with debris and the dark of night - like Dorothy's yellow brick road through the woods. Just the desire to be back on it, the thoughts of getting back on it, imagining ourselves back on it and the tiny inch by inch movements in that direction will make it come more crisply into view - revealing the road ahead. It is never too late to regain our footing on this pathway home.

We will meet many people along this path who can help us find our way: family, loved ones, friends, experts, care-givers, and countless kind strangers. Our new path veers in their direction as they stride beside us - pointing out valid reasons for hope at every turn.

Long after this misstep has been corrected, we will take the courage found and lessons learned with us as we continue on the path that is our lives.

So many books to read, so little time.Featured reading . . . 

Did you know there is an international hope community out there?

The more research we do into the nature of hope and how it manifests itself within our minds and bodies, the more we learn about what others are doing. It would seem the whole world is in need of hope and eager to find it.

Here are some wonderful hope-related web sites for you to visit:

And, of course, our own:

We are beginning a series that will focus on the contributions of Kaye Herth, PhD, for her groundbreaking work in the area of hope. Look for upcoming articles and references about her many contributions. In the mean time, here is a link to her internationally acclaimed book available through

HeadphonesYou can also listen . . .

Carol posts many recordings of interviews and shows from her radio series, The
Hope Journal, on These recordings can provide hope and encouragement 24/7 if you feel your hope waning.

Click the link below to listen in:


Should you miss any show you can always listen to the previous shows in archived versions at the same web site: just click the "Archive" tab. Find The Hope Journal listing and choose the show you want to hear. 

MonitorOr watch . . .

Settle in a comfy chair and watch the inspiring documentary, The Amazing Story of The Hope Tree. Whether you are interested in how it was created, what it means or how it inspires patients, families and staff alike - it is well worth the break in your day to have a peaceful, inspiring time.

Here is the free link:

February is "Show The Luv Month" for our own Liz Adamson! 

Liz Adamson's one-woman four act play, Journey, is now available via her website at or by typing Liz Adamson in the search field at You It is an amazing piece revolving around the concept that is possible to thrive with cancer - not just survive.

Email Liz your encouraging thoughts or comment on her wonderful blog today.

IN OUR March 2012 ISSUE, we'll begin sharing transcripts from highlights of our radio interviews . . .

The radio show, The Hope Journal, is turning into a great forum for discussing hope in its many incarnations with an amazing array of experts.
We will soon be taking questions, tweets and emails LIVE on the air so feel free to join the conversation. Check out our list of great guests for March in the "What's in a name?" section at the top of this newsletter.
The March 2012 newsletter issue of Illuminate will showcase another symbol from The Hope Tree. We will also delve into research about the role encouragement plays in nursing: both for staff and patients. Look for new book recommendations too.

Have a wonderful February. Thanks for joining us once again and we'll see you in mid-March!  
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