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July 2012  

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 In Defense of Hope 

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Food For Thought

Wind Blown Tree
 "Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are."

Arthur Golden 

"In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends"

John Churton Collins 

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character,
give him power."

Abraham Lincoln 

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere
it hides a well."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind,
not with it."

 Henry Ford





The Hope Tree
When things are
seemingly hopeless . . .

Dear Hopefuls,

We are all likely struggling today as the reality of Friday's tragedy here in Colorado washes over us. But it is not a cleansing bath. We lie motionless in murky water - heavy from the weight of unanswered questions, grief and the disbelief that our world may indeed have gone mad.

I struggle to find hope myself this morning. It is as if we are in a free fall - arms and legs wildly clawing for purchase where there is none to be found. As our own Dr. Ronna Jevne would tell us - write about it. Get it out and begin helping yourself heal in the process. I encourage all of you to do this.

The words that comforted me are offered to you below: In Defense of Hope. Please share your own words with the rest of us on

Thank you all for being part of this community of hope. Our thoughts and prayers fly on wings of love to the victims and their families here in Colorado

Carol Jeanotilla & The Hope Tree Gang

Glowing Ball in Hands  

In Defense of Hope


As I sit here looking out my window this early morning, fragrant pine trees filled with chattering birds - intent on feeding their young - it is hard to conceive that grief awakens in so many others with their first rousing today. Even the horses lazing in the distant field have no idea that tragedy co-exists with the sun on their backs, the gentle breeze in their tails or that it has taken up residence right along side the fresh grass they nuzzle. What do animals know of tragedy like this? Yes, they live in a world filled with the joys and harsh cruelties of Nature in equal measure. But same-species inflicted harm - just for the fun of it? Ah, yes. This level of cruelty? This is man's domain alone.


We say it is inhuman. In human. It must be in us somehow - this extra genetic veil keeping that view of humanity murky in some of us. Like a cowl obscuring one's view of love, kindness, compassion, empathy and hope. Clearly, the perpetrator of the July 20th tragedy in our beloved Colorado had long ago slid that mantle into place. We are left to wonder what happened to his once young self - open, eager, malleable and capable of joy.  


Was it something we did as a culture? Did we miss so many the clues he left revealing his pain that he felt the need to retaliate? Is our society to be held accountable in some way for stunting his ability to relate to his fellow humans? Or is it that aberrant genetic fleck - clinging there on the edge of chromosome "xyz" - barely visible in the microscope? We will likely never have these answers in our lifetimes. 


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Perseverance Symbol fromThe Hope Tree Our Featured Symbol from 
The Hope Tree: Perseverance
Messages of encouragement to endure fill our childhoods: From the little train that could: "I think I can, I think I can." to Dori in Nemo telling us: "Just keep swimming, keep swimming. Swimming and swimming and swimming." Likely all cultures have symbols and stories about this essential survival skill.

    The symbol of perseverance that we chose here comes to us from the West African Adinkra people. It is inspired by the seeds of their Wawa tree - which are extremely hard. In Adinkra culture, it is a symbol of someone who is strong and tough. It inspires the individual to persevere through hardship and represents the ability to overcome difficulties by facing them head-on.

    You will notice on the sculpted version of this symbol there is a trough in the center bar with circling level ground around it. This represents the recurring cycles of life. There will always be times when we slip over the edge into a ditch. But we can always find a way to lift ourselves back up - onto and into the level circle of life once more. 

Books Graphic 3 Featured reading . . . 

We are so happy to tell that you and your friends or family can now access all of our previous newsletters via this new link:



Here are our recommended books this month:

When Bad Things Happen To Good People by Harold Kushner (August 24, 2004) Copy and paste to

Head First: The Biology of Hope and the Healing Power of the Human Spirit
by Norman Cousins (December 1, 1990)  Copy and paste to

Here are some wonderful hope-related web sites you can visit:
And, of course, our own: is a wonderful resource for hope, inspiration and clear explanations about the amazing physiology of hope.

Antique Trumpet Hearing Aids You can also listen . . .

We've told you how to us listen on the radio: The Hope Journal Show. And you don't have to be at a computer either. There are many devices that will stream via WiFi: Kindles, Nooks, iPhones or iPads, to name a few. Or check us out as an official radio station on - just type in Castle Rock Radio.

Now you can listen to the past 8 months of shows online, 24/7 at your leisure @

Just find The Hope Journal Show listing and click on the date you want. Here is a directory of which guest was on which date they appeared:

12-1-11 Carol - Inaugural Show
12-8-11 Liz Adamson - Thriving With Cancer
12-15-11 Ronna Jevne, PhD - Hope Pioneer
12-22-11 Debbie Spooner, MSW -  Cancer Journey
12-29-11 Carol - Emailed Questions
1-5-12 Bill Scott - Survival
1-12-12 Mary Duell, RN, NP - Grief & Hope
1-19-12 Carol - Starizon Stories
1-26-12 Repeat
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2-9-12 Carol - Charleston Epiphanies
2-16-12 Carol - Anatomy of Hope - Book Review
2-23-12 Carol & Tony - Snow Day
3-1-12 JoAline Olson VP of Adventist Innovations
3-8-12 Anita Belanger, RN, BSN - Hope in Transplant
3-15-12 Lynsee Hudson-Lang, MD - Physician Perspective
3-22-12 Janet Higgins - Advanced TM Practitioner
3-29-12 Barb Head, RN, BSN, MSN
4-5-12 Selena Casso, MSW
4-12-12 Kim Baker - KB Horsemanship
4-26-12 Wendy Edey, PhD - International Hope Foundation
5-3-12 Mark Watson, Director of Flashes of Hope
5-10-12 Gary Adamson, Starizon, Author, Visionary
5-17-12 Donna Sales, MSW - Intuition
5-24-12 Jude Keller, Healing Arts for Parker Adventist Hospital
5-31-12 Barry Boyd, - Haiti Relief Efforts
6-7-12 Repeat
6-14-12 Julie Zlatev, ROT - Myofascial Release & OT
6-21-12 Carol & Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
6-28-12 Ronna Jevne, PhD - Pilgrim Writers
7-5-12 Carol & Surrender
7-12-12 Holly Keane - Jessica's Journey
7-19-12 Sarah Hartway, RN, BSN, MSN  Down syndrome



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Settle into a comfy chair and watch the inspiring documentary, The Amazing Story of The Hope Tree. Whether you are interested in how it was created, what it means or how it inspires patients, families and staff alike - it is well worth the break in your day to have a peaceful, inspiring time.  


Here is the free link: 


Have you heard of the amazing Aimee Mullins? No? Man, oh, man - are you in for a treat!

By now you have heard us talk about the amazing Liz Adamson. We encourage you to watch her wonderful one-woman show, Journey, available on You Tube at this link:

Or visit her web site at:

Listen to our inspiring radio show from July 12, 2012 with Holly Keane - talking about her amazing sister, Jessica Miller Clem. Learn about Jessica's brave struggle to live fully right up until the moment she died at  
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