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It is midway of a new decade.  Checking in with our clients and colleagues, we hear folks wondering, "What happened to that week...that month.....that year....that decade?  It just flew by."  And we share their wonderment.

Are we meant to just hang on for the ride?  Can we slow it down a little?  Can we make mid-course adjustments in the trajectory of our lives? Can we get out there and lead our lives, rather than being in reaction to situations and circumstances? With those thoughts in mind we decided to launch this weekly E-zine.  Only you can decide What would it take for this to be Your Best Decade Yet.  We share ideas, inspiration and coaching challenges to  help you make it true. After all, It's All About People!


We hope you will join us in our quest to make this The Best Decade Yet for our clients, colleagues, friends and family.  We hope to pick up lots of subscribers along the way, so we invite you to pass this along to anyone who  might appreciate receiving "a taste of coaching."


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