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  • Newsletter Archives
  • Volume 2, Issue 1  (1/11/2016)
  • Florida Watercolor Society Convention
    Exhibition: Allegory of the Modern Pilgrim
    Featured Watercolorist: Anne Abgott
    New Product: Mission Gold Perfect Pan Watercolors
  • Volume 1, Issue 5  (7/8/2013)
  • Susan Scheewe and Martin F. Weber Celebrate 20 Years!
    New Product: Weber's Acrylic Retarders
    TWSA's Annual Juried Exhibition
  • Volume 1, Issue 4  (5/15/2013)
  • Men Qing Explores Cultural Symbolism
    Jon Gnagy's Learn to Draw™, Kindle Edition
    New Product: Avanti Metal Print Rack
    Featured Artist: Patricia Sharpe
    Bob Ross® Documentary Now Available
  • Volume 1, Issue 5  (7/8/2013)
  • Susan Scheewe and Martin F. Weber Celebrate 20 Years!
    TWSA's Annual Juried Exhibition
    New Product: Weber's Acrylic Retarders
  • Volume 1, Issue 3  (1/9/2013)
  • Artist John Thamm Paints Veterans' Stories
    Inspirational Image Gallery
    Scheewe Art Workshop Gets Digitized
    New Product: MOO Carve Block Holder
    Featured Artist: Gayle Laible
    Donna Dewberry's® Paint Roll-Up and Apron
  • Volume 1, Issue 2  (10/15/2012)
  • Shin Jong Sik Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary With Mission Gold Watercolors
    A New Generation of Artists Learn to Draw With Jon Gnagy®
    Innovative New Product: Polyurethane Mediums by Martin/F. Weber Co.
    Featured Artist: Mark Polomchuk
    Art Tip: Proper Use of Weber's Gel Oil Painting Mediums
  • Volume 1, Issue 1  (7/27/2012)
  • Mission Gold Watercolors Available in U.S.
    Permalba Paint Used For Bush Portraits
    Featured Artist: Mary Henderson
    Art Tip: Plein Air Painting
    Innovative New Product: MOO Erasers
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