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    Volume 1, Issue 5                                                                                July 2013          
Dear Art Enthusiast,
Greetings!  Welcome to the summer and our new issue of Speaking of Color!  In this issue, you will find creative ideas, artist profiles and innovative new products that will enhance your studio or classroom environment.  Whether you are an art professional, student or art enthusiast, we strive to keep you updated with the latest information on what's happening with our company and the industry.

Looking for something creative to beat the heat on the hottest summer days?  Join me as I embark on a tour of museums around the world.  My first stop is the Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.   You can read about it in our blog, Paint Talks, at Later this month, I'm giving virtual tours of the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum,  both located in Amsterdam, so be sure to subscribe to Paint Talks and join the fun!  Other creative options to stay cool are taking a hobby class at your local craft store, visiting art galleries or signing up for an adult education painting class at your local community college.

Familiar with our Facebook page?  We are excited to announce an upcoming summer Facebook contest!  To enter, you'll be asked to choose an image from our Weber Inspirational Image Gallery, at, paint it in your choice of medium, and email your submission and contact information to me at  Check our Facebook page later this week for contest details and exciting prizes to be awarded.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing interest in our newsletter and we are committed to continue providing you with interesting, relevant articles. We have so many talented artists among us and feel privileged to be your resource for creative products and information.
~ Karen J. Clawson
   Resident Artist
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Susan Scheewe and Martin F. Weber Celebrate 20 Years!
New Product: Weber Acrylic Retarders
TWSA's Annual Juried Exhibition
New Product: Martin Dezign® Line Seating
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Susan Scheewe and Martin F. Weber Co. Celebrate 20 Years!

Twenty years ago, Susan Scheewe started working with Martin F. Weber Company to develop a signature line of professional quality artist materials,  including highly pigmented fine artist watercolors and acrylics, all of which work in perfect partnership with her style.  These products had to be both high quality and affordable for viewers of Susan's PBS TV series, Scheewe Art Workshop.

Susan's journey as a painter began in her early childhood when her great aunt, a watercolor and china painting instructor, began to teach her painting techniques.  She continued her art education by taking art classes in both grade school and high school.  Susan's talent was recognized early on as was evident when she received a Gold Key award in high school.

While Susan was at Portland Stage College, one of her professors recommended her for a job in the art department.   She began working part time by doing designing, prep for printing and silk screen work.  This experience offered her an opportunity to learn and add to her education by taking as many art classes as she could each term.  Susan explained, "By going to class early, I discovered that the evening students would toss out their oil paints which I would recover and use for paintings.  While in college, my first teaching experience was Calligraphy to an overflow class."

In 1967, Susan started teaching both adult and children classes at the art museum  in The Dalles, Oregon.  Shorty there after, she was asked to start teaching workshops in Portland and Seattle.  This was the start of her travel teaching which has taken Susan all over the United States and Canada.  At one time, she worked for M. Grumbacher doing trade shows, conventions, set designs and a signature brush line. In 1978, needing to expand the teaching program, Susan selected 12 teachers in different parts of the country to form the Scheewe Team.  All the teachers remained best friends, teaching until their retirement, while instructors Jane, Ros and Barbara are still teaching.  Susan has taught in Canada, New Zealand, Germany and England.   Her staff members have taught in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Puerto Rico.

1971 was the start of Susan Scheewe Publications.  Since that time she has authored 50 volumes, and is working on the next two installments.  Additionally, she published several books to accompany her first PBS shows.  Susan has been on television for the past 30 years.  She commented, "It has been an outstanding privilege to share my love of painting.  I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity."  Susan has published more than 450 titles for other talented artists with a wide variety of styles.
Susan's daughters, Camille and Kimberly, have worked for her for years.  They do conventions, proof reading, web designing, photos for books and all the extra things that help run her business. Susan noted, "Both daughters majored in the arts and are excellent artists.  They are like my right and left arms, sharing wonderful times." 
Stan Brown, her husband of 35 years, owned Stan Brown Arts and Crafts for 44 years  until he sold it 6 years ago.  With regard to Stan, Susan warmly stated, "It has been just such a great marriage.  We have supported each other in business as well as life."  He is now working with Susan at Scheewe Publications.
Susan continues her love of painting, noting, "My journey was possible with the love of my mom Birdie, my girls, Stan and the many wonderful painting friends who have helped me along the way."  The journey continues.
Build Your Apple iBook Library


Jon Gnagy's Learn to Draw, iBook Edition

Learn to draw is now available for download with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as well as on your computer with iTunes.  Books must be read on an iOS device; however, all purchased books are stored in iCloud, which means you can use one iOS device to download and begin reading an iBook and finish it on another

The original, Learn to Draw™ book by Jon Gnagy, includes more than 200 illustrations and provides excellent, step-by-step instructions for drawing and sketching.  You will learn basic fundamen
tal drawing, composition, and perspective.  Additionally, techniques for landscape, still life, figurative art, portraiture and wildlife will be taught.

Learn more about Jon Gnagy's Learn to Draw, iBook edition. 

Innovative New Products


  Liquid Acrylic Retarder and Acrylic Retarder Gel by Martin F. Weber Co.  

Weber Acrylic
Retarder Gel
Weber Liquid
Acrylic Retarder
For ease of use, excellent flow and durability, our innovative line of polyurethane mediums is for you!  Are you an artist who works with acrylic paint?  To increase open time for workability on your paintings, we offer two formulas of retarder - gel and liquid.  We invite you to explore our retarders as well as our entire selection of water-based varnishes, glaze and sealer for all of your creative needs.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our acrylic retarder gel, liquid acrylic retarder or any other products, please contact our customer service department. We're here to help you.

Transparent Watercolor Society of America's
 Annual Juried Exhibition

Martin F. Weber Company Sponsors Awards for TWSA's Annual Exhibit


Lennox Wallace - TWSA Master 

This year, I was fortunate enough to visit TWSA's Annual Juried Exhibition and meet some of the many talented participating artists, one of whom traveled all the way from Oregon.   


Gayle Weisfield, NWWS, SWWS, MOWS, received the Martin F. Weber Company Merchandise Award for her beautiful portrait, Dancer, pictured below.  Her painting uses composition and soft colors to beautifully convey emotion and movement, while its lighting continuously returns focus to the subject's expressive eyes.  Gayle also teaches watercolor painting.  For more information about Gayle's paintings or courses, please visit     


Marsh Reflections, by Mark Rosser
Dancer, by Gayle Weisfield
















Mark Rosser, Ontario resident and fellow recipient of the Martin F. Weber Company Merchandise Award, was proudly represented by his artwork, as he was unable to attend the event.  His painting, Marsh Reflections, pictured above, delicately captures the scene's natural beauty with photographic detail.   The glassy surface of the water reflects the tall marsh grasses, while still revealing the pond floor.

Innovative New Products 
 Martin Dezign Line Seating

The Martin Dezign Line seating series features a trendy retro-inspired tractor style seat with a fingertip controlled airlift mechanism for ease in height adjustment.  The high-gloss black dura-plast seat is contoured for comfort and the base and stem have a beautiful chrome finish.

 The drafting height version is stationary with protective foot pads, a 15" chrome foot ring and a height adjustment range of 22" to 30".  The desk height model includes double-hooded multi-surface casters and adjusts from 17" to 23.5" in height.  This chair is available with a curved back rest for additional support. 

All models include our chrome finished five star safety base for stability.   

Upcoming Events

Heart of Ohio Tole Chapter's 33rd Convention

August 5-10, 2013
Greater Columbus Convention Center - Columbus, Ohio.  


We invite you to visit our booth at the Heart of Ohio Tole Chapter's 33rd Convention this summer.  HOOT will be held August 5-10, 2013, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  It is always an exciting event.  Visitors can choose from a variety of activities including: taking classes, visiting the art show, viewing painting demonstrations or going to the exhibit sales floor.  All events are open to the public with no prior painting experience or affiliation in any painting organization.  The exhibit floor will be open August 8-10, 2013, with approximately 100 exhibitors/vendors offering a wide variety of craft supplies for painting, scrap-booking and other hobbies.  Be sure to visit our booth as we will be showcasing several exciting new products!
 Learn more about HOOT's 33rd Convention.

Florida Watercolor Society's 42nd Annual Exhibition 

September 16, 2013 - October 27, 2013
Art Center of Sarasota - Sarasota, Florida.  


If you happen to be in Florida this fall, visit the Florida Watercolor Society's 42nd Annual Exhibition. This juried exhibition, held in collusion with the FWS annual conference, highlights the best in watercolor talent in the state of Florida. The organization is the largest watercolor organization in the country, presenting a wide range of watercolor styles and techniques.


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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. 
~ Henry Ward Beecher
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