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Whether you call yourself a    
1099 Worker
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Free Agent
you are an independent professional.

I call you an indie.

June Walker - Consultant to Indies

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Hello Fellow Indies,
I have made some changes and will make even more in an effort to provide accurate and useful information to you as simply as possible.
My goal: That every indie have a productive, successful 2012  -- filled with lots of fun and love.
Ways Through the Maze is my monthly eLetter to you. I fill it with items I think will be of value to you. Please let me know when I'm on target. And when I miss. 
If you've missed previous issues, or want to review one you've already read, the archives below give you a quick way to get to the info you are looking for.
For simple, easy-to-understand, time- and money-saving information about indie tax and financial basics -- business deductions, income, estimated taxes, recordkeeping, and more -- please visit my website .
I wish you success in your indie venture,
June Walker
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Please Note

The purpose of Ways Through the Maze is to provide the self-employed with accurate and authoritative information about the business side of their indie ventures.

All the information and opinion presented is for general information only and should not be acted upon without consulting your tax professional.

Be sure to get enough information before you make a decision.
June Walker
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