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American Institute for Technology and Science Education is a consortium of scientists, engineers, physicians, and professionals from other disciplines working together to improve science education and increase scientific integrity. Read more at www.aitse.org!

To further our educational goals, we offer entertaining and informative monthly newsletters covering recent scientific advances and controversies, issues of scientific integrity, news of our latest ventures, and even a quote of the month. Check them out now and sign up for your own monthly copy.
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  • Emails
  • April/May, 2013
  • Crazy kids, medical naming, brain chemicals, and academic freedom
  • February/March, 2013
  • Fracking, MLMs, the beauty of cells and false hope
  • January, 2013
  • Climate change, stem cells, airplanes, breast cancer, and integrity
  • December, 2012
  • Comfort care and healthy living with a link to a Bunk-Detecting presentation
  • November, 2012
  • Nopalea, sleeping pills, coffee, and the importance of being politically correct
  • October, 2012
  • Vitamins, stem cell charlatans, our new consortium members, truth, politics, and a contest
  • September, 2012
  • Definitions of science, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, conservation of information, and upcoming events
  • August, 2012
  • Our new website, the recent ASA meeting, environmental responsibility, sugar, and accuracy in an Expelled review
  • July, 2012
  • Climate change, scientific integrity, calcium supplements, dietary salt, and tips on how to prevent cheating
  • June, 2012
  • Aspirin, weight control, sun tanning, Applecare, integrity in education and another expelled scientist.
  • May, 2012
  • Life-saving drug tips, information about autism and vaccination, extraordinary bunk, the expulsion of Dr. Carson, the Hippocratic Oath, and cheating with technology
  • April, 2012
  • Mammograms, superweeds, depression, meltdown, engineering design, and Protandim
  • March, 2012
  • Dishonest Healers: A Deadly Game
  • February, 2012
  • Pomegranates, Adderall, medical education, breast implants, airplanes and scorpions
  • January 2012
  • Chiropractic, fake sugar, your survey, eyes, fraud, two Consortium members and free will
  • Year End 2011
  • What we've done, what we want to do, and how you can help!
  • December 2011 Newsletter
  • Probiotics, evolution, depression, placebos, heroes, self-publishing, and Avastin
  • November 2011 Newsletter
  • Cookies, Coke, spotted horses, smile lines, ADHD and talking cells
  • October 2011 Newsletter
  • Nutrition scams, influenza, exiled scientists, global warming, cheating scientists, and bunk science
  • September 2011 Newsletter
  • Junk DNA, Fosamax, butterflies, a potential cure for viral illnesses, lizards, a lawyer's take on science, and the newest members of the consortium
  • August 2011 Newsletter
  • Our new video, Facebook page and news about our consortium of scientists
  • July 2011 Newsletter
  • Drinking, homeless clinics, and how to assess scientific claims
  • June 2011 Newsletter
  • Autism, integrity, natural medicine, mutations, and loneliness
  • May 2011 Newsletter
  • Alternative medicine, tummy sleeping, vitamin supplements, and dangerous technology
  • April 2011 Newsletter
  • Vaccines, superbugs, MRSA, Monsanto, radiation and tsunamis
  • March 2011 Newsletter
  • Cheating, carbs, computers, and cellular gasoline
  • February 2011 Newsletter
  • Problems in science, ignorance, climate science, a rocket scientist, and our new consortium
  • January 2011 Newsletter
  • The atmosphere, scientific integrity in the government, the Hippocratic oath, and a whistle-blowing UCLA professor
  • End of Year Letter
  • A summary of AITSE's work this year
  • December 2010 Newsletter
  • Giant viruses, fat mice, acid rain and eye design
  • November 2010 Newsletter
  • Obama, Fodor, and a new presentation
  • October 2010 Newsletter
  • Heartburn, starving, chimps and cheating
  • September 2010 Newsletter
  • Scientific integrity, animal rights, and why its your mom's fault
  • August 2010 Newsletter
  • Scientific misconduct, the tree of science, discrimination, and dancing
  • July 2010 Newsletter
  • Why scientific integrity matters, nanomachines, and Climategate
  • June 2010 Newsletter
  • Lying scientists, iphone mania, genetic engineering, and bags of sugar
  • May 2010 Newsletter
  • Fat rats, moral babies, the Frankencell, and Jonathan Osborne
  • April 2010 Newsletter
  • Climategate, excerpt from Free to Think, complexity of life, and Darwin
  • March 2010 Newsletter
  • NAS member and Darwinism, authentic science, checklists for doctors, and Walmart shoppers
  • February 2010 Newsletter
  • Vitamin D, neuroplasticity, corruption in science, and Don Easterbrook
  • Jan 19 2010
  • Contagious depression, importance of scientific integrity, the immune system, and Carl Sagan
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