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We must wage all-out war against ASHN. Ever since ASHN came to Arizona in January, 2011, Arizona chiropractic practices have been decimated. ASHN has literally eliminated insurance coverage for chiropractic. With BCBS and CIGNA, the maximum payable is $44 and the copay is $40 so ASHN pays only $4. The paperwork required to get paid the $4 is so onerous that most doctors don't bother to complete it and accept the copay as payment in full. This cannot be allowed to stand.


ACS believes that ASHN and BCBS and CIGNA conduct are in violation of our insurance equality law. That is why we filed a lawsuit trying to force the Department of Insurance (ADOI) to enforce the law. Unfortunately, the courts ruled that ADOI does not have to enforce the law even if there are violations. We never got to examine whether or not there were violations.


In January at the Legislature we intend to move our insurance equality law outside of the jurisdiction of ADOI so that anyone can take legal action if there is a violation. One key difference this year: you must get involved. You must personally meet with your senator and two representatives to explain how bad things are and how hopeless it is to depend on ADOI for solutions. Start now by researching to determine who you are represented by. If you will do this then our chances of success will dramatically increase.


We have a full set of documentation to share with legislators. Go to the home page of ACS at and look under Breaking News. Scroll down to 11/19/13. Click on packages one and two. Print out the materials and become familiar with them. Then give a copy to your legislators at the time of your meeting.


Another key difference this year is our lobbyist. Debra Brimhall Pearson is working harder than any lobbyist we have had for the past five years. This will also make a huge difference. Ms. Pearson is also highly effective since she served as a state representative from 1997 to 2003 and a number of the people she served with are still in office today along with the staff she worked with at that time.


Do you want $44 visits with $40 copays for the rest of your career? Then do something about it. Meet with your legislators and express your disgust. Explain that it is not really insurance at all when the insurer only pays $4 out of a $44 visit. It is insurance fraud and consumer fraud. Bring along EOBs show the $4 payment per visit. We have found that legislators are shocked to see this in print. Get to work and support our lobbying effort and together we will achieve victory.








Here is the status of a potential lawsuit against BCBS and ASHN. Much of this intelligence is based on a lawsuit filed by the ACA against ASHN and CIGNA which was dismissed on summary judgment. 


We have alleged that ASHN requires precertification in plans that clearly state precertification is not required. Upon investigation, we have found that ASHN makes exceptions and does not always require precertification so we have no basis for a lawsuit on that count.  Regarding impermissible limits on chiropractic care, we have come to believe based on research that ASHN has a solid basis in chiropractic literature to support its position and so this would not be a winning lawsuit. The third theory is illegal illusory benefits resulting from excessive copayment requirements, i.e., the total payable is $44 and the copayment is $40 and so the benefit virtually does not exist. BCBS advertises that it covers chiropractic but only pays $4 out of a $44 visit and so this is an illusory benefit. This count is still being investigated and may result in a lawsuit. The fourth theory is illegal reliance on flawed and inaccurate medical necessity policies but again, ASHN has a solid basis in medical literature to support its position. The fifth theory is illegal discrimination against chiropractic physicians in violation of state anti-discrimination laws. The problem with this theory is that only the Dept. of Insurance can enforce the state anti-discrimination laws. Our attorneys are working hard to find a basis for a lawsuit but ASHN has built a solid wall of defense. We will keep you abreast of developments.


The Sec. 2706 lawsuit against United HealthCare is under development as some plaintiffs have contacted our attorney. We still need more plaintiffs willing to participate. If you have UHC patients who would be willing to be plaintiffs, have them contact ACS immediately. There may be financial compensation for participation. This lawsuit will allege that UHC pays chiropractors less than they pay other providers for delivering the same services. We have documentation showing that UHC pays nurse practitioners more than they pay DCs for the same services. Now all that we need are more plaintiffs. 




By: Steven H. Pincus, Esq.


Let's start from the beginning.  It is a fact that nearly 70% of all auto collisions are rear-end hits.  It is also a fact that most rear-end hits don't produce much property damage.  Good thing then that it's also a proven fact that property damage does not correlate to occupant injury.  Given these facts, there is no "smoking gun" at the scene of most injury causing auto collisions.  In fact, the government mandates that rear-end hits cause minimal property damage, so that turn signals, brake lights, etc., are all functioning when the car leaves the scene.  These factual occurrences are used by auto insurance companies not to pay, by claiming "no visible crash", "we ain't paying no cash!"  Although this argument is completely false, juries that don't know any better are often fooled by such arguments.  What is also factually known, is that most symptoms don't manifest for 12 to 72 hours after the collision.  So, it is expected that at the accident scene, when the Police Officer asks your patient, "Are you injured?  Should I call an ambulance?", that their answer is "no."  This will result in the Police Officer placing a "1" in their injury box on the Police Report, denoting "no injury".  This is what you are naturally up against in a typical auto collision case.  You have a vehicle with little, to no, visible property damage; a Police Report stating your patient said he was not injured at the scene; and symptoms that won't manifest for 12-72 hours.  We can expect this much, as it perfectly matches what medical and scientific studies conclude time, and time again.


It is from this vantage point that case killers begin, as follows:


1. Delay in hands-on care.  The longer your patient takes to get your "hands-on" care, the harder it becomes to show the collision caused their injuries.  Not taking the ambulance to the hospital, not being seen at a hospital, seeing your MD and then simply taking pain pills and anti-inflammatories, all amount to no "hands-on" treatment.  The sooner "hands-on" treatment begins, not only the better off your patient will be, but the stronger their PI case will be as well.


2. Gaps in care.  Once "hands-on" treatment has started, gaps in care are the next case killer.  If your patient is scheduled to see you 3x per week to start, but only sees you three times in two weeks - gaps in care are occurring.  If your patient is injured severely enough to warrant compensation, their injuries should warrant their seeing you as scheduled.  Gaps in care give the impression your patient is not injured as severely as claimed.


3. Failure to Refer.  This is where you come in!  Cutting edge medical and scientific literature tells us that if your patient is symptomatic 4-6 weeks post accident - IT IS SUSPECT YOU ARE DEALING WITH A NEUROLIGAL BASED INJURY.  (So when IME doctors claim your patient should have been better in 4-6 weeks, they're right - if you are dealing with simple strain/sprain injuries.  But neurological injuries require months of treatment, and may lead to permanency.)  So, failure to refer to a Neurologist, or at the least to get the appropriate diagnostic testing done (needle EMG, NCV, MRI, DMX), is a case killer.  It's simple to make the appropriate referral, as you're already trained to do this.  And, all of these diagnostic studies are available under liens - so be sure to ask us.


4. Change In Treatment Plan.  This is where you come in again!  It is highly likely the diagnostic study comes back with a positive finding - because your patient's injury is real.  And, when it does IT IS IMPERATIVE that your Treatment Plan changes.  You should be focusing on the now known injured body part, and therefore changing-up your Treatment Plan.  Otherwise, what did it matter that you got a positive diagnostic finding?


Believe it, or not, these few simple things will make all the difference in making your patients' accident cases that much stronger.  The insurance companies and their attorneys want to exploit things that naturally occur, that to the uneducated seem to suggest lack of injury - all to weaken your patients' cases.  These "case killers" can be avoided, by educating your patients, and following proper medical protocol by referring out when your patient remains symptomatic 4-6 weeks post collision.  The more aware your patients are that you handle accident injuries - the more likely your patients are to see you right away - and to avoid the delay in care.  Reminding your patients how vitally important it is not to miss schedule appointments, and why, will also help.  And, doing your part - and referring out for diagnostic testing when symptoms persist 4-6 weeks post collision - will help assure that these case killers are avoided.


If you'd like to learn more about avoiding case killers in your practice, and/or if you'd like a free system that advises your patients that you do treat accident injuries (we'll supply it to you for free!), then please give us a call now.  In the Phoenix area, please call Shawn Dow, Esq. at 480-777-2599, and in the Tucson area please call Michelle Lespron, Esq. at 520-888-2599.  Oh, and remember that at Pincus & Associates, PC, and Pincus & Lespron, PLC we pay 100% of your total charges, practically every time!  If your bill is being routinely cut, perhaps it's time you ask yourself - What's in your wallet?






If you are not already a member, the time to join ACS is now! The profession is facing unprecedented challenges, and action by a strong association is the only solution. A powerful legislative agenda and lawsuits against BCBS and ASHN plus others are absolutely necessary. ACS also offers the most comprehensive set of member benefits of any association in the country. In addition, as a member, you have full access to Dr. Immerman to have all of your questions answered. ACS is nearly a full-fledged practice management association when you add together the member benefits and the consulting from Dr. Immerman yet the cost is only $100 per month. ACS is your information center, the place to go to find solutions to your practice problems. You can join online at ACS has been serving Arizona chiropractors since 1991. Make the smart choice and join today! We are now offering one free answer to any question you might have. Give us a try and see how valuable it is to be a member.





The ACS Find A Doctor Search Engine is working to bring new patients to the offices of ACS members. If you are not yet listed, go to the button for Edit My Membership Profile right now and make sure all of the information is complete. Then send an email to ACS and we will update the system on our end. Then prepare for an influx of new patients. It's as simple as that!






My name is Dr. Jeff Woolston, and I am excited for the opportunity to offer my services to my fellow ACS members.  I have been a Chiropractor in Scottsdale for 15 years.  4 years ago I discovered how to become your own bank and have recently been licensed to help others do the same.  

I work for Ray Poteet of Alpha & Omega Financial Services.  We are the "go to" firm for chiropractors, dentists, and doctors. We educate individuals, families and small business owners on how money works. We perceive ourselves first and foremost as educators, helping our clients to break the bonds of financial slavery.

We emulate the banks (Wells Fargo, B of A).  They are the #1 purchasers of these policies.  We get our dollar to do the job of $3 initially.  Example:  Year one, for every dollar we put in we get to borrow $.50-60, the balance grows as if the money never left the account, and it has a death benefit.  Year 3 you get to take a loan that is equal to the amount of money you put in.  Basically, you put in a dollar, you can take out a dollar. In year 10, $2 for every $1; year 15, about $3 for every $1.  


We help set up plans to get people out of debt, as well as help them understand how to maximize their income. I have been able to lend money to my office and pay myself back with interest.  We want families to keep money in their families by teaching everyone to become their own bank and pass on a legacy from generation to generation.


Monthly seminars are at my office where we educate and share the concepts of Infinite Banking.  Dr. Brent Kesler, from Kansas, will lead our December 6th seminar at noon.  Dr Kesler was able to pay off $986,700 in debt in 39 months using the Infinite Banking system. Our address is Woolston Wellness Center,P.C. 9832 N Hayden Rd #207 Scottsdale 480-556-6797.  


I have monthly seminars in my office where we educate and share the concepts of Infinite Banking.  Dr. Brent Kesler from Kansas is flying in for our December 6th seminar at noon.  Woolston Wellness Center,P.C. 9832 N Hayden Rd #207 Scottsdale 85258.  Dr Kesler was able to pay off $986,700 in 3rd party debt in 39 months using the Infinite Banking system. Personal appointments can also be scheduled.



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BREAKING NEWS 08/05/14: ACS releases all new August 2014 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about how legislation and litigation will be the key to progress, ACS preparations for the 2015 Legislation Session, news about pending lawsuits, consequences of failure to properly fill out CA paperwork, and management of whiplash disorders. Click here to read the entire newsletter.


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BREAKING NEWS 05/16/14: Dr. Dan Murphy reviews new clinical guideline "Management of Whiplash Disorders." Click here to read his review and learn how to buy a copy of the guideline.


BREAKING NEWS 05/06/14: ACS releases all new  May 2014 eNewsletter with breaking news stories about failure of all chiropractic bills to pass this legislative session, plans to file lawsuits against BCBS and ASHN, action steps needed to combat $12 fee for depositions, the cause of colds, flu and infectious diseases, and much more. 

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BREAKING NEWS 04/05/14: ACS releases all new April 2014 ACS eNewsletter with breaking news stories about lawsuits which will bring needed relief to profession, status report from Arizona Legislature, news that AAC AHCCCS bill was killed in the State Senate, everything you could ever need to know about liens, great article about fasting, loads of breaking news, member benefits, corporate members, and much more.  Click here to read

the entire newsletter in PDF format.

MOST READ:  ACS releases 2014 Legislative Information Proposal and Documentation Part One and Two. We request that all legislators read this vital document in anticipation of meeting with our lobbyists, doctors and patients. Click here to see Dr. Immerman's testimony on insurance equality testimony from early in 2013 beginning at the one hour, ten minute mark. 


MOST READ: National Health Reform Provider Non-Discrimination Provision's Impact on Health Insurance and ERISA Plans -- Click here to read comprehensive 13 page analysis. Governor chooses State Employee Benefit - United Healthcare EPO as Arizona's Essential Health Benefits benchmark package for state exchange. Chiropractic coverage includes 20 spinal manipulation and 60 rehabilitation services per year. This is the minimum plan almost all employers must offer beginning 01/01/14. Click here to read the Benefit Plan Booklet from the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) website.


MOST READ: AAC secretly petitions Arizona Legislature to grant chiropractors prescription drug rights, immediately rejected. Read their petition by clicking here. Read ACS analysis and position by clicking here.


MOST READ: Court of Appeals rules chiropractors can be paid $12 for depositions as fact, not expert, witnesses. Click here to read full Court decision, click here to read Amicus brief filed with Court by ACS, and click here to read full ACS report including guidelines to know when expert questions are being asked and you can demand to be paid expert, not fact, fees in a deposition. ACS and others are asking Court to reconsider its decision. NEW: Click here to read ACS Amicus motion for reconsideration 09/04/13 and click here to read Court's denial of motion dated 09/13/13.


MOST READ:  How to Use the Health Care Appeals, Grievance and Timely Payment Laws to Get Paid. ACS has made key Member Benefit documents public so entire profession can use powerful key tools to get paid. Click here for complete information. Much more information like this available to members. Join today online!


MOST READ: ACS releases Low Speed Impact Defense Package including a letter to send to a claims adjuster who has raised low speed impact arguments, telling you to limit treatment because property damage was minor. The package is posted on the Member Benefits page, #35.1 to 35.6.


MOST READ: ACS publishes Complete Directory to Personal Injury Resources, superior to many hours of seminars and hundreds of dollars of expense. Based on Dr. Immerman's 73 trials and 50 depositions in the past 15 years with overall 700 case reviews. 


KEY DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR PRACTICE:  11.3 - Letter to fight refund demands. If you receive a refund demand, contact ACS. 34.1 -- Who Can an ARS 33-931 Lien Be Enforced Against, by PI attorney Steve Pincus.  Also: New PI/health insurance lien forms for health insurers that refuse to honor assignments of benefits. New liens grant more rights than county liens plus work in UM/UIM cases. Also, all newASH Claims Denial Center with key analysis at 11.5.


Read all BREAKING NEWstories at where they are constantly updated. Check back frequently for updates.


Special Treasures Member Benefits


            ACS is affiliated with an organization that offers health insurance for businesses with one or more employee. This insurance is guaranteed issue with no medical questions asked. PPO, HMO and HAS plans available.



            ACS offers all of the documents you need to appeal insurance claims denials including health insurance, ASH and workers' compensation. Also: Sample financial hardship agreements, eleven sample template letters to appeal claims denials, how to use chiropractic guidelines to defend the care you have given.



            ACS documents thoroughly explain ERISA in terms easy to understand, and tell you exactly how to appeal a denied claim using ERISA rules.



            This section provides the referral to the best book and website ever created to teach you how to get referrals from MDs and DOs.



            ACS provides extensive information about how to be compliant with the Arizona Chiropractic Board with your record keeping and documentation. Also supplied are many of the forms you will need for record keeping. Learn what is needed to get a claim approved by BCBS and ASH. Also: Dr. Gregg Friedman's webinar on record keeping, Informed Consent Form, Examination Form for Multiple Body Regions, Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Forms, Outcome Assessment Tools for Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions.



            This section includes the Medical Records Protocol which you are required to have on file according the laws and rules of the Arizona Chiropractic Board. It also includes a limited power of attorney to use when insurers refuse to honor assignments of benefits.



            This section addresses balance billing and LaBombard issues in auto accident cases, how to get an attorney to pay your bills, attorneys' obligations when there is a lien, PI office forms, and the UCC lien which you should use in every PI case.  Also: Medical PI Lien and Lien Acceptance Policy form for patients, Letter to Get Attorney to Release Settlement Monies He Has in Hand, and Who Can a County Health Care Lien Be Enforced Against.



            This section teaches you how to become a courtroom expert in the Clinical Biomechanics of Whiplash Injuries.



            All of the materials you need to comply with the September 23, 2013 deadline.


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We are seeking a motivated, ethical DC to run one of our established clinics in the Phoenix area.  We provide all office, marketing, billing and support staff for you.  The doctor focuses on patient care!  Arizona PT license and experience required.  COME JOIN OUR TEAM! Competitive base salary plus generous bonus package. Email resume to                       SM


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RETAIL CENTERS: Owner will fund relocation costs. Increased traffic & convenience = Increased sales & client retention. Experienced retail developer with well-located, grocery anchored centers in MESA, PEORIA and GILBERT.  Call or email for more information: Bryan Lamond (480)-235-9999,




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