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Lawsuits which will soon be filed will provide needed relief for Arizona chiropractors. There are two lawsuits pending. The first is based on Section 2706 of the federal Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which requires that payments to DCs for specific services be the same as they are to MDs and DOs unless there are differences in performance or quality measures which there are not. For example, DCs get paid by ASHN $18 for all physical medicine services per visit whereas MDs and DOs get paid 3-4 times more. This is clearly illegal according to our attorneys. A lawsuit will be filed over the disparities dating back to 01/01/14. Doctors will be paid retroactively for the difference in payment amounts and for the future the payments will increase. Payment per visit could increase by up to $50 per visit.


The second lawsuit will challenge the right to perform precertification since the requirement for precertification is not being applied equally to MDs, DOs and DCs. The lawsuit will also challenge the ASHN tiering system since patients get different amounts of care depending on the tier level their chiropractor is in. Many other aspects of the ASHN structure will be challenged. This will be a class action lawsuit and so your practice will be covered. No more illusory benefit where BCBS claims it covers chiropractic but then only pays $4 out of a $44 visit, a total of 9% paid by the insurer. This is not insurance coverage when the insurer only pays 9% of the cost of the visit and the patient pays 91%. It is consumer fraud.


These class action lawsuits will start out with one DC and one BCBS policyholder and we have each in place, ready to go. The lawsuit documents are being finalized at this time. Expect the lawsuits to be filed in the near future and then relief will be in sight. This has been a gargantuan undertaking considering the research necessary and the need to supply the attorneys will all needed BCBS and ASHN documents. Many doctors have helped from across the state and we are most grateful for their help and time. It will now pay off. If you have any questions about the lawsuits, be sure to contact ACS. We are the only state association willing to file lawsuits to solve the profession's problems with the AAC vowing never to follow this route for unexplained reasons. It appears they do not want to disrupt their friendships with the insurance companies. From the ACS perspective, we are not friends with those who would destroy our profession.


Historically, lawsuits have made a huge difference for chiropractors. Think back to Wilk v. AMA where Charles Wilk, DC and 5 DCs sued the AMA in the late 1970s alleging antitrust lawsuits. The lawsuit was finally won in 1989 and as a result you can now work with MDs in your practice and the AMA no longer works to eliminate the chiropractic profession. The lawsuits planned by ACS will have just as powerful an impact. They are not easy to create and file but we are pursuing this route nonetheless. We have the best attorneys in country on our side and so are confident the lawsuits will be filed and ultimately won.








It has been a difficult path at the Arizona Legislature for ACS legislation and our bills are temporarily on hold which is not unusual or worrisome. The first step was a hearing and vote in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee where our copayment bill failed. Now we are looking for Senate bills that are in the House and House bills that are in the Senate that we can use to amend our bills on to in order to revive our legislation. There is an excellent chance we will find a bill to amend our bills on to in the next few weeks especially considering that Sen. Nancy Barto, Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, is working hard on the project. We will alert you once a bill has been found, called a "vehicle" bill.






At press time, the AAC AHCCCS bill had passed the House but then was killed in the State Senate. It is highly unlikely that the bill will be revived. This bill would have allowed AHCCCS MDs and DOs to refer patients to DCs. The bill would have appropriated $1 million for chiropractic care which amounts to $555 per year for each of the 1,800 DCs in Arizona. ACS has been very critical of the bill since it does not allow direct access to DCs by AHCCCS patients without a referral by an MD or DO. Because of the referral requirement, the average DC would have seen few or none AHCCCS patients which is why only $1 million was appropriated. Ask yourself how many referrals you see today from MDs and DOs and you will see why the AAC AHCCCS bill would not have been productive for your practice. Once ACS wins the war against the health insurance companies, we will work on an AHCCCS bill that allows direct access to a DC with no MD or DO referral. This will be truly meaningful AHCCCS reform and not just "feel-good" legislation. 




Ignite Your Purpose & Passion to Serve

Presenting the Inspiring Dr. Fab Mancini


During this session, Dr. Fab Mancini will inspire you to remember why Chiropractic is essential for the health of your community. He will teach you the proper way to communicate with patients so they "get it" and the newest methods to attract and retain new patients. This session also highlights a new business model that not only allows you to serve more patients, but also gets you paid for the work you do. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss. Bring your whole staff and have your practice grow in 2014. When: Thursday, April 10th, 6:30-9:30 PM. Location: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 14200 W. Celebrate Life Way, Goodyear, AZ  85338. Cost: Only $25 per office, all proceeds donated to your state association. Call 800-908-8895 to register.






Our members call and email ACS all the time with questions on wide variety of issues but the single most common subject is liens. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.


When must a lien be filed? The law says a lien can be filed within 30 days of any treatment related to the accident, not within 30 days of the first treatment. However, State Farm is challenging the plain language of the law and so we advise filing within the first 30 days after the date of the first treatment.


What should you do if an insurance company refuses to honor a valid lien? Should you take legal action against the insurance company? Should you file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance? No and no. You should take collections actions against the person insured by the insurer with whom you filed the lien, i.e., the person who caused the accident. Be sure to get the name of the at-fault party at the beginning of the case so that you can take action against this person if the insurer fails to honor the lien. Again, this is the person who caused the accident and whose insurer you filed the lien against.


What do you do if an attorney refuses to honor a lien? ACS has letters to send to attorneys to get them to release settlement monies they have on hand. They are all available under Member Benefits.


Where can you find lien forms? ACS members can log in to the website and go to Member Benefits, PI Tools, and find all lien forms there. Also, all lien laws are posted on the ACS webpage for your review.


Have any additional questions? ACS members can call Dr. Immerman anytime with their questions on liens and any other subjects. 





ChiroCode Institute has published two books written by Dr. Immerman entitled "Strategies to Defeat Low Speed Impact Defense Experts" and "How to Defeat IME Doctors Who Deny Your Claims." These books are based on experienced gleaned in Dr. Immerman's 93 arbitrations and trials over the past 15 years, along with review of over 700 defense engineer reports. You can buy the books at


Dr. Immerman's introduction to the low speed impact book states: "Learn the essential secrets for how to win low speed impact cases from one of your most experienced colleagues. ChiroCode Institute presents Dr. Alan Immerman, DC, veteran of 60 actual trials and 40 depositions in which he has qualified as an expert in clinical biomechanics and accident reconstruction. Dr. Immerman is a post-graduate instructor in the clinical biomechanics of whiplash injuries at Parker College of Chiropractic. He will show you how any DC can qualify as a biomechanical expert in court today. He will provide you with the practical information and actual reports which have won recent cases against leading insurance companies. This has never been presented in such a turn-key and user-friendly format before, complete with every scientific argument and reference you need to win."


Dr. Immerman's introduction to the IME book states: "Have you heard the argument that all soft tissue injuries resolve on their own in just a few weeks after the accident and so no treatment is justified after that point in time? Have you heard the argument that no more than six weeks of care is ever justified? How about the argument that no one develops chronic pain from whiplash injuries? Oftentimes when you are treating a personal injury patient, you are sent a report to review authored by an independent medical examiner (IME), usually either a defense chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon. These doctors are experts at writing such reports and usually do so nearly full time. They make arguments and cite references that are very convincing and for which you usually have no counter arguments at hand. This new book from Dr. Immerman will give you the ammunition you need to counter reports from IME chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. You will have the arguments and the key references from the modern peer-reviewed literature to support the care you have rendered. Most importantly, you will be able to counter biased IME reports on your own without having to spend hours in the medical library doing research. Arm yourself with How to Defeat IME Doctors Who Deny Your Claims so that you will be ready to defend your cases when assaulted by unfair IME reports. There is no other book available that provides this level of support for your personal injury practice."






ACS has everything a practicing chiropractor could ever want from a state association. We have a powerful legislative presence, a potent litigation program, and the most extensive set of membership benefits found from any state association in the U.S. Make the commitment in 2014 to join ACS and make us even stronger while you benefit from our membership benefits which include unlimited consulting with Dr. Immerman, an Arizona veteran chiropractor first licensed in 1980. ACS is nearly a complete practice management organization when you consider the advice you get from Dr. Immerman but the cost is only a mere $100 per month. We are poised to regain full insurance equality from the Legislature in 2014 if we are fully funded and that decision is up to you. If you are not already a member, join now and assure our victory in 2014. You can either join online at or by calling 602-368-9496. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!





Alan Goldhamer, D.C. and Jennifer Marano, D.C.

In the world of our ancient ancestors, fasting occurred primarily by force, not by choice. Humans would fast when resources became scarce, such as when spring came late. The ability of humans to fast was a biological necessity born from the disproportionate use of glucose by the brain. Were it not for the biological adaptation we call fasting, our species would never have survived. During fasting, the body preferentially utilizes fat for energy and breaks down other tissues in inverse order to their importance to the body.

Today, the environment of scarcity has largely been eliminated in the industrialized countries and has been replaced by an environment of excess. Surprisingly, the physiological process of fasting, which once kept us from dying of starvation, can now help us overcome the effects of dietary excess from the consumption of "pleasure trap "chemicals including oil, sugar, and salt as well as highly processed flour products and factory farmed animal foods that have resulted in an epidemic of obesity, cardio- vascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and cancer. We can use the natural process of fasting to counteract the effects of poor diet choices and to help make the transition to a health promoting diet.

Would fasting help?

In the past 30 years, I have witnessed the effect of medically supervised, water-only fasting in over 8,000 patients. There is nothing that is more effective than fasting when it comes to treating the consequences of dietary excess. Not every condition will respond to fasting. Genetic disorders and certain types of kidney disease, for example, may not respond. But many of the most common causes of premature death and disability respond, and often spectacularly.

Who benefits from fasting? The following are six of the most common conditions that respond well. 

1. Obesity is primarily the result of addiction to the artificial stimulation of dopamine in the brain by the consumption of chemicals added to our foods, including oil, sugar, salt and dairy products. The answer to obesity is to adopt a health-promoting diet derived exclusively from whole natural foods including fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds and the variable addition of minimally processed, non-glutinous grains and beans. When fully implemented, in conjunction with adequate sleep and activity, predictable, consistent weight loss will occur that averages 1.5-2 pounds per week for women and 2-3 pounds per week for men.  


If your goal is to lose excess fat and you have trouble adopting a health-promoting program, a period of fasting may be of benefit. The protected environment of a fasting center provides a focused opportunity for intense education and the social support needed to escape the addictive forces of the dietary pleasure trap. The fasting experience functions like rebooting a corrupted hard drive on a computer. After fasting, whole natural food is once again appealing, making adopting a health-promoting diet more achievable.

If your goal is to lose weight and escape the pleasure trap of processed foods, a period of fasting from a few days to a few weeks may be beneficial.


2. The dietary pleasure trap is insidious, and the con- sequences of poor dietary choices go beyond obesity. Overstimulation by artificially concentrated calories can confuse normal satiety signals resulting in persistent overeating. Over time, this results in the degenerative diseases of dietary excess including high blood pressure and the resulting cardiovascular disease.

For people who have fallen into the dietary pleasure trap and developed high blood pressure, medically super- vised water-only fasting has been shown to be a safe and effective means of normalizing blood pressure and reversing cardiovascular disease. In a study conducted at the TrueNorth Health Center in conjunction with Cornell University Professor T. Colin Campbell, the use of fasting for 2-4 weeks in patients with stage 3 hypertension resulted in reductions of systolic blood pressure of over 60 mm/Hg. This is the largest effect size of any study published to date. At the TrueNorth Health Center we routinely see patients normalize their blood pressure and eliminate the need for medications. 

If your goal is to normalize elevated blood pressure and reverse cardiovascular disease, a period of medically supervised fasting may be beneficial.


3. Diabetes is a condition that is increasing in epidemic proportions. Largely the consequence of dietary excess, the resulting alteration of physiological functions such as high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance results in a cascade of consequences including blindness from retinal damage, heart attacks and stroke, reduced healing capacity, nerve damage, impotence, gangrene, etc. Fasting, along with a health-promoting diet and exercise program, can dramatically increase insulin sensitivity and bring blood sugar levels under control.
If your goal is to normalize blood sugar levels and avoid or eliminate the need for medications and their consequences, a period of fasting may prove beneficial. Most patients with Type 2 diabetes are capable of achieving normal blood sugar levels without the need for medications.


4. Drug addiction has become the norm. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and a plethora of prescription and recreational drugs dominate the lives of the majority of people living in industrialized society. The supportive environment of a fasting center can be helpful in getting safely through withdrawal symptoms and more effectively establishing healthy habits while eliminating the perceived need for addictive substances.
If your goal is to escape addiction and live a life free of dependence on health-compromising chemicals, a period of fasting may prove to be beneficial.


5. Autoimmune disorders including Arthritis, Lupus, Colitis, Cohn's disease, Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis, and environmental allergies are becoming more common and more debilitating. One possible contributing factor to the aggravation of autoimmune disease involves gut leakage. The absorption of antigenic substances into the blood stream as a result of increased gut permeability appears to be a factor in the aggravation of these conditions. Fasting can help to normalize gut permeability and ease the transition to a health promoting, low inflammatory diet. Many of our patients are able to effectively manage the symptoms of autoimmune disorders, thus eliminating the need for medication.
If your goal is to eliminate the problems associated with autoimmune disorders, a period of medically supervised fasting may be an important component in a comprehensive program designed to save the quality and quantity of your life.

6. Exhaustion, both physical and emotional, has become increasingly common in our fast-paced lives. Feelings of fatigue and depression can compromise the quality of your life. Reliance on artificial stimulants compounds the problem. The lack of adequate sleep and exercise and poor dietary and lifestyle choices work together to interfere with the ability of many people to enjoy their life or fulfill their potential. Fasting can give your body and your mind a complete rest.
If your goal is to "recharge" your system, fasting may help you accomplish your goals.

When properly utilized, fasting can be a powerful tool in helping your body do what it does best...heal itself. It is the answer to a surprising number of questions.

Alan Goldhamer, D.C., is the founder of TrueNorth Health Center in California. He is a member of the National Health Association Board of Directors. Dr. Goldhamer is the author of the Health Promoting Cookbook and co-author of The Pleasure Trap. Jennifer Marano, D.C., is the co-founder of TrueNorth Health Center. They are both Life members of the National Health Association  



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Breaking News & Updates



BREAKING NEWS 03/03/14:  ACS releases all new March 2014 ACS eNewsletter with breaking news stories about chiropractic bills being on hold at Legislature, class action lawsuit nearing completion, upcoming appearances in Phoenix by national chiropractic leaders, ADOI response to ACS complaint, the truth about epidural spinal injections, and much more. Click here to read the full newsletter.

BREAKING NEWS 02/03/14:  
ACS releases all new February 2014 ACS eNewsletter with breaking news stories about chiropractic bills at the Legislature, pending class action litigation, posssible violations of Obamacare by Arizona insurers, a diet proven to help multiple sclerosis, and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter.
BREAKING NEWS 01/03/14:  
ACS releases all new January 2014 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about legislative effort with great news that Senate Health Committee Chair Nancy Barto has agreed to sponsor ACS insurance equality and copay legislation, news about impending class action lawsuit against BCBS and ASHN, Dr. Immerman's new book about low speed impact automobile accidents, and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

BREAKING NEWS 12/03/13: ACS releases all new  December 2013 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about ACS' biggest push ever at the Arizona Legislature to get an enforceable insurance equality law and lower copayments, former Senator Linda Gray's plans to return to the Legislature, possible class action litigation against BCBS and ASHN, a diet proven to control rheumatoid arthritis, and much more. Click here to read the full newsletter. 


BREAKING NEWS 11/19/13: ACS releases 2014 Legislative Information Proposal and Documentation Part One  and Two. We request that all legislators read this vital document in anticipation of meeting with our lobbyists, doctors and patients. ACS lobbyist Timothy LaSota was recently profiled in Phoenix Business Journal article. Click here to see Dr. Immerman's testimony on insurance equality testimony from early in 2013 beginning at the one hour, ten minute mark. 


BREAKING NEWS 11/04/13: ACS releases all new  November 2013 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about ACS' plan to introduce insurance equality and copay bills in January, 2014, details about the class action law firm considering a lawsuit against BCBS and ASHN, news about Patrice Pritzl's resignation as Chiropractic Board's Executive Director, upcoming special PI seminar, and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter.


BREAKING NEWS 10/03/13: National Health Reform Provider Non-Discrimination Provision's Impact on Health Insurance and ERISA Plans --  Click here to read comprehensive 13 page analysis. Governor chooses State Employee Benefit - United Healthcare EPO as Arizona's Essential Health Benefits benchmark package for state exchange. Chiropractic coverage includes 20 spinal manipulation and 60 rehabilitation services per year. This is the minimum plan almost all employers must offer beginning 01/01/14. Click here to read the Benefit Plan Booklet from the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) website.


BREAKING NEWS 09/21/13: ACS releases full HIPAA compliance package for 09/23/13 deadline to comply with new rules. The package has been emailed to members and is now posted on the Member Benefits page under HIPAA Compliance.


BREAKING NEWS 09/20/13: AAC secretly petitions Arizona Legislature to grant chiropractors prescription drug rights, immediately rejected. Read their petition by  clicking here. Read ACS analysis and position by clicking here.


BREAKING NEWS 08/23/13: Court of Appeals rules chiropractors can be paid $12 for depositions as fact, not expert, witnesses. Click here to read full Court decision, click here to read Amicus brief filed with Court by ACS, and click here to read full ACS report including guidelines to know when expert questions are being asked and you can demand to be paid expert, not fact, fees in a deposition. ACS and others are asking Court to reconsider its decision. NEW: Click here to read ACS Amicus motion for reconsideration 09/04/13 and click here to read Court's denial of motion dated 09/13/13.


BREAKING NEWS 05/16/13: How to Use the Health Care Appeals, Grievance and Timely Payment Laws to Get Paid. ACS has made key Member Benefit documents public so entire profession can use powerful key tools to get paid. Click here for complete information. Much more information like this available to members. Join today online!


BREAKING NEWS 10/20/12: ACS releases Low Speed Impact Defense Package including a letter to send to a claims adjuster who has raised low speed impact arguments, telling you to limit treatment because property damage was minor. The package is posted on the Member Benefits page, #35.1 to 35.6.


BREAKING NEWS 04/28/12: ACS publishes  Complete Directory to Personal Injury Resources, superior to many hours of seminars and hundreds of dollars of expense. Based on Dr. Immerman's 73 trials and 50 depositions in the past 15 years with overall 700 case reviews. 


KEY DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR PRACTICE:  11.3 - Letter to fight refund demands. If you receive a refund demand, contact ACS. 34.1 -- Who Can an ARS 33-931 Lien Be Enforced Against, by PI attorney Steve Pincus.  Also: New PI/health insurance lien forms for health insurers that refuse to honor assignments of benefits. New liens grant more rights than county liens plus work in UM/UIM cases. Also, all newASH Claims Denial Center with key analysis at 11.5.


MOST READ: Watch live testimony from the Legislature as Dr. Immerman arguesthat chiropractic should be included in health insurance. Click here to see 2013 video. Begin at the one hour, ten minute mark. Click here to see earler video. Begin at the 50:30 minute mark.

Read all BREAKING NEWstories at where they are constantly updated. Check back frequently for updates.


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            ACS documents thoroughly explain ERISA in terms easy to understand, and tell you exactly how to appeal a denied claim using ERISA rules.



            This section provides the referral to the best book and website ever created to teach you how to get referrals from MDs and DOs.



            ACS provides extensive information about how to be compliant with the Arizona Chiropractic Board with your record keeping and documentation. Also supplied are many of the forms you will need for record keeping. Learn what is needed to get a claim approved by BCBS and ASH. Also: Dr. Gregg Friedman's webinar on record keeping, Informed Consent Form, Examination Form for Multiple Body Regions, Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Forms, Outcome Assessment Tools for Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions.



            This section includes the Medical Records Protocol which you are required to have on file according the laws and rules of the Arizona Chiropractic Board. It also includes a limited power of attorney to use when insurers refuse to honor assignments of benefits.



            This section addresses balance billing and LaBombard issues in auto accident cases, how to get an attorney to pay your bills, attorneys' obligations when there is a lien, PI office forms, and the UCC lien which you should use in every PI case.  Also: Medical PI Lien and Lien Acceptance Policy form for patients, Letter to Get Attorney to Release Settlement Monies He Has in Hand, and Who Can a County Health Care Lien Be Enforced Against.



            This section teaches you how to become a courtroom expert in the Clinical Biomechanics of Whiplash Injuries.



            All of the materials you need to comply with the September 23, 2013 deadline.


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GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR CHIROPRACTIC DOCTOR:  Generous Salary, Insurance Benefits, Profitable Bonuses, Paid Vacations & Holidays, Rewarding Retirement Plan in Mesa, AZ. AZ License & PT Certificate Necessary. Email CV:             CJ


FLAGSTAFF ASSOCIATE POSITION: Well-established, modern clinic with large patient base looking for a full/part time Associate. Diversified with a rehab emphasis. Base plus % bonus. 



CAMELBACK MEDICAL CENTERS OF PHOENIX, ARIZONA is looking for honest and ethical Chiropractic physicians to join our team. We need someone who is highly motivated, willing to learn, is a self starter and looking to join a multi-discipline group practice. All training included. Compensation package includes: Base salary with performance bonuses, 401K with matching and health insurance paid at 50%. Opportunity to buy shares in our practice for the right Physician. Email cover letter and resume at


GREENWAY COTTON CHIROPRACTIC IN SURPRISE, ARIZONA is looking for Associate Doctor who is honest, ethical and must be a team player. Compensation: Base salary with performance bonuses. Email cover letter and resume to                  WB


ASSOCIATE POSITION: Well established doctor looking for energetic, dedicated and motivated individual to join our Chiropractic office and Wellness center. Fully equipped office in northwest valley.  Please email resume to


ASSOCIATE POSITION AVAILABLE (West Valley):  Salary. Must have Arizona license with physiotherapy also.  Experienced preferred.  Call (602) 989-6789.


DO YOU WANT TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE WITH TECHNIQUES THAT GET RESULTS? Are you looking to learn how to work in an integrated medicine clinic? Are you willing to work the hours to achieve clinical mastery and financial success? If you communicate well and truly listen and love your patients this may be the opportunity for you. We are a teamwork based multi-specialty clinic with MD/DC/NP. Applicants must have a good sense of humor and the art of the chiropractic adjustment and trigger point therapy. Physiotherapy license in AZ in a plus. 
Fax your resume to 623-815-0500.                 MF



PRACTICE FOR SALE MESA: Same great location for 30 years. Diversified practice, 102K collections last year working 24 hours/week. Priced for quick sale $55,000. Dr. retiring but will help buyer transition. Text or voice mail to



2400 SQUARE FOOT OFFICE IN MESA (GILBERT & UNIVERSITY) FOR SALE OR LEASE. Doctor retiring. Practice has been in business for 30 years with established patients.  All equipment will stay with office. If interested please call 480-833-4655 or

e-mail Monday thru Wednesday 8 AM to 4:30 PM. MH


GLENDALE, AZ (ARROWHEAD AREA) PRACTICE FOR SALE. Super low overhead (Rent $850/mo.) in high traffic/visibility area. Beautiful, fully equipped office including X-ray and processor. Practice established 14 years.
Dr. works 21 hours a week M-Th. In 2012, office collected 164K. Asking 29K.
Call Dr. Wayne 602-885-3358.                  WH





CHIRO SPACE AVAILABLE IN BUSY GROCERY ANCHORED RETAIL CENTERS: Owner will fund relocation costs. Increased traffic & convenience = Increased sales & client retention. Experienced retail developer with well-located, grocery anchored centers in MESA, PEORIA and GILBERT.  Call or email for more information: Bryan Lamond 



INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR TO SHARE OFFICE IN AHWATUKEE: Established 10 year old practice, great location off I-10 and Chandler Blvd. Paperless office, X-ray and full equipment provided. Looking to cut overhead.  Please email


SPACE AVAILABLE FOR OFFICE AND TREATMENT ROOMS in new Integrative Medical Clinic in Tempe; Baseline and Lakeshore Dr; 85282. Fair Price Negotiable. Friendly Office. Opening Sept 1st.
Contact Dr. Mona Morstein at 480-688-


FAMILY PRACTICE LOOKING FOR DC TO SHARE HER OFFICE SPACE with you at 83rd Ave/Cactus Rd. Flat rent for full use of our office space on MWF.
Just bring your computer, phone line, staff and patients! Call/email Dr Jen at 623.878.1133



EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: LEANDER motorized table $2500 and 2 Leander lite tables $1700 ea, SUMMIT X-RAY MACHINE $4000, MINI-MED X-ray processor $800, HILL Anatamotor $1700, Diathermy unit $350, and much more.  602-577-2576


4 THOMAS HERITAGE 7 TABLES with all drop sections and tilting headrests. Excellent condition, brown leather-look, newly refurbished. Cost each is $1,400 new with tax and shipping. Asking $650 each or $2,100 for all. ALSO, ELITE ELECTRIC HI-LOW, Baltic Blue and white base. Rarely used in the last 8 years. $4,200 new price. Asking $2,200. 2 x-ray view boxes, Each side by side full spine for viewing A-P & Lat together, $200 each. TDP Lamp Model CDP CQ27- $130. Call (480) 443-2584 or 

email AP


DRX 9000: 6 years old, very little use. Perfect condition. Ready to move. $12K. Call Dr. Shaun Malone 602-421-6111.




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