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The Legislature has convened and action is being taken on the bills of great concern to the chiropractic profession. Here are the details:


SB 1045 is the ACS Fair Copayment Bill and will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 5, 2014. It states:


A health insurer may not impose as a limitation on treatment or level of coverage a copayment, coinsurance or deductible amount that is charged to the insured for services provided by a portal of entry health care provider licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 8 or 19 (Chapter 8 is DCs and 19 is PTs) that is higher than the copayment, coinsurance or deductible amount that is charged to the insured for the services of a portal of entry health care provider for the same medically necessary treatment or condition. "Portal of entry health care provider" means a person from whom a patient may receive services and insurance coverage for those services without a referral from a physician who is licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 13 or 17. (Chapter 13 is MDs, 17 is DOs)END_STATUTE


The bill title is "Prohibiting payment for services to persons other than the assignee; equivalent cost-sharing requirements; definitions." As of 01/13/14, SB 1045 had been assigned to the Senate Health and Senate Appropriations Committees, both of which it will have to pass to be considered by the full Senate. The insurance industry has so much influence at the legislature that when a bill is adverse to the industry, they are able to get it assigned to two committees rather than only one to make it harder to pass the bill. We will try to win in both committees.


SB 1279 is the ACS insurance equality law and will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 5, 2014. It states that if an insurer violates our existing law, you can bypass the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) and file a lawsuit asking a judge to declare there is a violation. It also states it is discrimination to pay an MD or DO more than a DC to perform the same service, and that it is discriminatory to apply utilization review only to DC claims and not equally to MD and DO claims. Altogether, these changes should raise your fees and have a crippling effect on ASHN operations by eliminating precertification and the intensive medical necessity reviews which you currently have to tolerate. This bill was also assigned to the Senate Judiciary and Finance Committees in order to give it extra hurdles to overcome, thus showing again the power of the insurance industry at the Capitol. It will have to pass all three committees to get a vote by the full Senate and this will be extremely difficult. We have our work cut out for us.


SB 1044 is the AAC Chiropractic AHCCCS bill and was passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on 01/29/14 by a 6-1 vote. It reads as follows:


Beginning October 1, 2014, chiropractic services as described in section 32-925 that are ordered by a primary care physician to treat a specific diagnosed condition and that are limited to treatment by the chiropractic physician for a specified period of time, a specified number of treatments or a particular course of treatment.


This bill is being advanced by the AAC with no input from ACS and is deeply flawed since AHCCCS patients could only see a DC if referred by a PCP. History has proven that such referrals are rare and so the bill, if passed, would have limited positive effect for chiropractors. If would be extremely difficult to expand this bill to provide for direct access by AHCCCS patients to DCs without a referral. The bill is assigned to the Senate Health and Appropriations Committee. It will require that the Legislature appropriate funds to cover the cost of chiropractic care and that is also extremely unlikely in the current environment. ACS strongly believes the only AHCCCS bill worth pursuing is one that would allow direct access by patients to DCs without a PCP referral.


SB 1119 is the health insurance interstate purchase bill which would allow individuals to buy insurance policies issued in other states even if they have no chiropractic coverage. The bill contains a "poison pill" stating that if even one of these policies is sold, then the Arizona insurers would not have to comply with any of Arizona's "mandatory health coverage" laws which includes the chiropractic insurance equality law. We have defeated this bill before and will work hard to defeat it again.


ACS has released its 2014 Legislative Information Proposal and Documentation Part One and Two. We request that all legislators read this vital document in anticipation of meeting with our lobbyists, doctors and patients. Your involvement, as always, will be essential to ensure passage of these bills. Our bills be heard Feb. 5th in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. If you live or work in the districts of any of the following members, you and your patients, staff and family must inundate members with letters containing the text below. Here are the committee members with descriptions of their districts. For exact information of which district you and your patients live in click on this link: How Do I Find My Legislators and enter your home address to find your Legislative, not Congressional, district. Then find the link for the Arizona Legislature at Go to the Senate then to Members and search for your District number and find your Senator. Send both parts of the ACS 2014 Legislative Information Proposal and Documentation package with a simple cover letter along the lines of the following:


"Dear Senator: I respectfully request that you take the time to read the attached information regarding upcoming chiropractic legislation for 2014. All that we are asking is to be treated the same as MDs and DOs when it comes to treatment of common back and neck conditions. If an insurance company covers all medically necessary treatment performed by MDs and DOs for these conditions, then this legislation would require coverage of all medically necessary treatment performed by chiropractors for these conditions. Patients want and deserve medical freedom of choice so that they can choose the type of treatment they want to use their health insurance to cover. These bills would accomplish this purpose. The prime sponsor is Senate Health Committee Chair Nancy Barto. I would greatly appreciate it if you would read these materials to learn the facts about how chiropractic truly is clinically effective and cost effective for treatment of common spinal conditions, and how we have been suppressed by our economic competitors in the medical profession. I thank you for your attention to this very important issue. Yours truly, Dr. Y (fill in your name)."


If you do your part as we do our part, we will achieve success in the Legislature in 2014 and restore insurance equality for chiropractic. Your practice will experience a total turn-around. Are you ready? Is this what you want? We know the answer is yes. Then get busy now!


Here are the Senate Health and Human Service Committee members and their districts with contact information:


Sen. Nancy Barto: District 15 Northeast Phoenix bounded by Scottsdale Rd. on the East, 59th Ave. on the West, Bell Rd. on the South, Carefree Hwy. on the North. Contact: or 602-926-5766.


Sen. Judy Burges: District 22 Northwest Phoenix bounded by 101 Ave. and N. Lake Pleasant Rd. on the East, N. Perryville Rd. on the West, Bell Rd. on the South, Lake Pleasant Rd. and North Maricopa County on the North. Contact or 602-926-5861


Sen. David Bradley: District 10 East Tucson along all of E. Broadway, E. Speedway, E. 22nd St., E. Golf Links Rd., E. Tanque Verde Rd., and Wilmot Rd. Contact or 602-926-5262


Sen. Katie Hobbs: District 24 Central Phoenix bounded by N. 48th St. on the East, N. Central Ave. on the West, E. Camelback Rd. on the North, and I-10 on the South. Contact or 602-926-5325.


Sen. Ed Ableser: District 26 East Valley bounded by McKellips Rd. on the North, Baseline on the South, 48th St. on the West and Gilbert Rd. on the East. Contact or 602-926-4118.


Sen. Kelli Ward: District 5 Mohave County west to the Colorado River including Kingman, Bullhead, Lake Havasu City. Contact or 602-926-4138.


Sen. Kimberly Yee: District 20 North Central Phoenix bounded by I-17 on the East, W. Bell Rd. on the South, N. 101 Freeway on the West and W. 101 Freeway on the North. Contact or 602-926-3024.









ACS announced last month that the Phoenix class action law firm, Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint, PC, is working on a potential class action claim against BCBS and ASHN by doctors and patients affected by the insurance companies' abusive practices relating to chiropractic care. On the firm's webpage at, you can read at length about the cases this firm has successfully prosecuted against the largest corporations in the U.S. over the past decades. The lead attorney for our case is Andrew S. Friedman, known nationally as one of the foremost class action attorneys in the country.


The work continues to progress at the typical pace of such a large undertaking. We cannot reveal details other than to state the project is alive and well. Your hopes should remain high with the expectation that we will soon have good news to report. Stay tuned to the ACS publications for complete information. Once filed, this class action lawsuit will be one of the most powerful efforts ever undertaken by ACS.





Based on Section 2706 of the federal Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, insurers may only pay DCs differently from MDs based on "qualify and performance measures." Right now, ASHN will pay only $18 even if four separate physical medicine procedures are performed while paying MDs 3-4 times more for the same services. Also, insurers are paying MDs far more than DCs for performing the same exams even though there is no difference in quality or performance measures. This is illegal based on Section 2706. We have brought this issue to the attention of our attorneys and have filed a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI). We believe such differences in payment are a clear violation of Section 2706, the provider non-discrimination clause of Obamacare, and will pursue justice in this area vigorously.





Should you bill health insurance with a PI case? In most, but not all, cases, the answer surprisingly is yes. ACS has developed a new position paper available under Member Benefits at  as number 31.2 that we recommend you read immediately since we get questions on this issue all of the time. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this important issue. Non-members will have access as soon as they join.






ChiroCode Institute has published a book written by Dr. Immerman entitled "Strategies to Defeat Low Speed Impact Defense Experts." The book is based on experienced gleaned in Dr. Immerman's 93 arbitrations and trials over the past 15 years, along with review of over 700 defense engineer reports. You can buy the book at


Dr. Immerman's introduction to the book states: "In this book you will learn how to rebut the automobile insurance company's low speed impact biomechanical expert witnesses. I will show you how to be as successful as I have become after fifteen years of fine tuning my arguments in Arizona to the point where we win almost every case. The arguments presented by State Farm and the other insurers in Arizona are identical to those presented in every other state so everything in this book will be relevant for you wherever you live. Let's get going so that your patients are not shortchanged by junk science in the courtroom."




Chiropractors - Do you treat accident patients? If yes, then ask yourself some important questions. Do you regularly get paid in full and in a timely manner? Are you and your patients able to speak with an attorney and have all your questions answered immediately? Do your patients believe their attorney actually cares about them and is always working for their best interests without compromising their doctors' hard work? If you cannot definitively answer yes to each of these questions, then I can help. For the past nine years I have been representing accident victims. The vast majority of my clients treated with a chiropractor as the centerpiece their accident-related care. I am ready, willing, and able to routinely obtain the best results for my clients and their treating chiropractors.


I am originally from Maryland.  Prior entering law school at ASU, I was in the U.S. Air Force where I spent time in Okinawa, Italy, and New Mexico.  During my final year of active duty service, I met my wife while visiting Phoenix and have been here permanently since 2000. I am happy to part of the ACS community and welcome any questions regarding myself, my practice, your patients, liens, or any other matter. I also welcome the opportunity to meet with any of you in person for a more formal introduction.  Wherever you are in Arizona, I can help and will come to you to provide convenience for you and your patients. I look forward to helping ACS and its members continue to provide Arizona's accident victims with highest quality treatment possible. Call me anytime at 480-892-0250.   





ACS has everything a practicing chiropractor could ever want from a state association. We have a powerful legislative presence, a potent litigation program, and the most extensive set of membership benefits found from any state association in the U.S. Make the commitment in 2014 to join ACS and make us even stronger while you benefit from our membership benefits which include unlimited consulting with Dr. Immerman, an Arizona veteran chiropractor first licensed in 1980. ACS is nearly a complete practice management organization when you consider the advice you get from Dr. Immerman but the cost is only a mere $100 per month. We are poised to regain full insurance equality from the Legislature in 2014 if we are fully funded and that decision is up to you. If you are not already a member, join now and assure our victory in 2014. You can either join online at or by calling 602-368-9496. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!




            Roy L. Swank, M.D., Ph.D, a neurologist, successfully used a low fat diet to treat patients with multiple sclerosis for the course of his entire career. In a study published in the Archives of Neurology in 1970, he summarized his experience. (1970 Nov;23(5):460-74). This study is available on request to any ACS member.


            Dr. Swank stated: "This paper assesses the author's experience in treating cases of multiple sclerosis with a low fat diet for more than 20 years. Previous reports of these studies (1-5) were preliminary in intent. The present paper is intended to be final, both in treatment of the data and in conclusions.


            The study stated: "In the first years of the study, the diet contained 20-30 gm of fat daily, mostly from milk and animal sources. In 1951, butterfats were eliminated, animal fats were restricted to 15 gm daily and 10 to 15 gm fluid vegetable oils, and 5 gm cod liver oil were added to the daily diet. Corn oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil, peanut oil, soyabean oil, and safflower oil were included in the new oil supplement. Margarine, shortening, and hydrogenated peanut butter were disallowed. The diet contained a minimum of 50 gm and usually 60 to 90 gm of protein. Carbohydrates were consumed as required to make up the caloric need. One egg and several glasses of skim milk daily were recommended for their protein content. For animal protein intake, while avoiding additional fat contained in meat, patients were encouraged to eat fish three or more times a week. Most patients increased their fruit and vegetable intake."


            The conclusion stated: "One hundred and forty-six patients with multiple sclerosis were placed on a low fat diet and followed up an average of 17.1 years. The course of disease in these patients was less rapidly progressive than in untreated cases available in the literature for comparison. There was a significant reduction in the death rate, in the frequency and severity of exacerbations, and in the rate at which patients became unable to walk and work. If treated early in the disease, before significant disability had developed, a high percentage of cases remained unchanged for up to 20 years. When treated later in disease, the disease usually continued to be slowly progressive. Patients who consumed the least amount of fat and the largest amount of fluid oils deteriorated less than those who consumed more fat and less oil."


            Now you have a diet based on peer-reviewed medical literature to use to help your patients with multiple sclerosis. Get going today!


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Breaking News & Updates



BREAKING NEWS 01/03/14: 
ACS releases all new  January 2014 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about legislative effort with great news that Senate Health Committee Chair Nancy Barto has agreed to sponsor ACS insurance equality and copay legislation, news about impending class action lawsuit against BCBS and ASHN, Dr. Immerman's new book about low speed impact automobile accidents, and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter. 


BREAKING NEWS 12/03/13: ACS releases all new  December 2013 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about ACS' biggest push ever at the Arizona Legislature to get an enforceable insurance equality law and lower copayments, former Senator Linda Gray's plans to return to the Legislature, possible class action litigation against BCBS and ASHN, a diet proven to control rheumatoid arthritis, and much more. Click here to read the full newsletter. 


BREAKING NEWS 11/19/13: ACS releases 2014 Legislative Information Proposal and Documentation Part One  and Two. We request that all legislators read this vital document in anticipation of meeting with our lobbyists, doctors and patients. ACS lobbyist Timothy LaSota was recently profiled in Phoenix Business Journal article. Click here to see Dr. Immerman's testimony on insurance equality testimony from early in 2013 beginning at the one hour, ten minute mark. 


BREAKING NEWS 11/04/13: ACS releases all new  November 2013 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about ACS' plan to introduce insurance equality and copay bills in January, 2014, details about the class action law firm considering a lawsuit against BCBS and ASHN, news about Patrice Pritzl's resignation as Chiropractic Board's Executive Director, upcoming special PI seminar, and much more. Click here to read the entire newsletter.


BREAKING NEWS 10/03/13: National Health Reform Provider Non-Discrimination Provision's Impact on Health Insurance and ERISA Plans --  Click here to read comprehensive 13 page analysis. Governor chooses State Employee Benefit - United Healthcare EPO as Arizona's Essential Health Benefits benchmark package for state exchange. Chiropractic coverage includes 20 spinal manipulation and 60 rehabilitation services per year. This is the minimum plan almost all employers must offer beginning 01/01/14. Click here to read the Benefit Plan Booklet from the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) website.


BREAKING NEWS 09/21/13: ACS releases full HIPAA compliance package for 09/23/13 deadline to comply with new rules. The package has been emailed to members and is now posted on the Member Benefits page under HIPAA Compliance.


BREAKING NEWS 09/20/13: AAC secretly petitions Arizona Legislature to grant chiropractors prescription drug rights, immediately rejected. Read their petition by  clicking here. Read ACS analysis and position by clicking here.


BREAKING NEWS 08/23/13: Court of Appeals rules chiropractors can be paid $12 for depositions as fact, not expert, witnesses. Click here to read full Court decision, click here to read Amicus brief filed with Court by ACS, and click here to read full ACS report including guidelines to know when expert questions are being asked and you can demand to be paid expert, not fact, fees in a deposition. ACS and others are asking Court to reconsider its decision. NEW: Click here to read ACS Amicus motion for reconsideration 09/04/13 and click here to read Court's denial of motion dated 09/13/13.


BREAKING NEWS 05/16/13: How to Use the Health Care Appeals, Grievance and Timely Payment Laws to Get Paid. ACS has made key Member Benefit documents public so entire profession can use powerful key tools to get paid. Click here for complete information. Much more information like this available to members. Join today online!


BREAKING NEWS 10/20/12: ACS releases Low Speed Impact Defense Package including a letter to send to a claims adjuster who has raised low speed impact arguments, telling you to limit treatment because property damage was minor. The package is posted on the Member Benefits page, #35.1 to 35.6.


BREAKING NEWS 04/28/12: ACS publishes  Complete Directory to Personal Injury Resources, superior to many hours of seminars and hundreds of dollars of expense. Based on Dr. Immerman's 73 trials and 50 depositions in the past 15 years with overall 700 case reviews. 


KEY DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR PRACTICE:  11.3 - Letter to fight refund demands. If you receive a refund demand, contact ACS. 34.1 -- Who Can an ARS 33-931 Lien Be Enforced Against, by PI attorney Steve Pincus.  Also: New PI/health insurance lien forms for health insurers that refuse to honor assignments of benefits. New liens grant more rights than county liens plus work in UM/UIM cases. Also, all newASH Claims Denial Center with key analysis at 11.5.


MOST READ: Watch live testimony from the Legislature as Dr. Immerman arguesthat chiropractic should be included in health insurance. Click here to see 2013 video. Begin at the one hour, ten minute mark. Click here to see earler video. Begin at the 50:30 minute mark.

Read all BREAKING NEWstories at where they are constantly updated. Check back frequently for updates.


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            ACS is affiliated with an organization that offers health insurance for businesses with one or more employee. This insurance is guaranteed issue with no medical questions asked. PPO, HMO and HAS plans available.



            ACS offers all of the documents you need to appeal insurance claims denials including health insurance, ASH and workers' compensation. Also: Sample financial hardship agreements, eleven sample template letters to appeal claims denials, how to use chiropractic guidelines to defend the care you have given.



            ACS documents thoroughly explain ERISA in terms easy to understand, and tell you exactly how to appeal a denied claim using ERISA rules.



            This section provides the referral to the best book and website ever created to teach you how to get referrals from MDs and DOs.



            ACS provides extensive information about how to be compliant with the Arizona Chiropractic Board with your record keeping and documentation. Also supplied are many of the forms you will need for record keeping. Learn what is needed to get a claim approved by BCBS and ASH. Also: Dr. Gregg Friedman's webinar on record keeping, Informed Consent Form, Examination Form for Multiple Body Regions, Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Forms, Outcome Assessment Tools for Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions.



            This section includes the Medical Records Protocol which you are required to have on file according the laws and rules of the Arizona Chiropractic Board. It also includes a limited power of attorney to use when insurers refuse to honor assignments of benefits.



            This section addresses balance billing and LaBombard issues in auto accident cases, how to get an attorney to pay your bills, attorneys' obligations when there is a lien, PI office forms, and the UCC lien which you should use in every PI case.  Also: Medical PI Lien and Lien Acceptance Policy form for patients, Letter to Get Attorney to Release Settlement Monies He Has in Hand, and Who Can a County Health Care Lien Be Enforced Against.



            This section teaches you how to become a courtroom expert in the Clinical Biomechanics of Whiplash Injuries.



            All of the materials you need to comply with the September 23, 2013 deadline.


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CLINIC: Arizona licensed DC, full-time, for a rapidly expanding clinic.  If you are a great adjustor, be part of this growing, enthusiastic team by emailing your resume today!


YUMA CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN NEEDED: Multidisciplinary clinic in Yuma seeking full or part time chiropractic physician for salaried, with bonuses, position.  Primarily personal injury.  Immediate placement desired.  Physiotherapy license mandatory.  Fresh graduates welcome. You can work with medical specialists of various types. Please contact me at or Dr. Scott Stratmann, 602-510-4979.



CLINIC IN FORT MOHAVE AZ. DC must be proficient in diversified and PT. Exciting place to learn and grow with in low stress environment. Competitive salary plus incentive bonus BOE. Feel free to stay 2 years and move on to your own practice or make a long term commitment for 200k income. More info call 928-768-2811. Send resume to: Fax 928-768-9787 email:



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CAMELBACK MEDICAL CENTERS OF PHOENIX, ARIZONA is looking for honest and ethical Chiropractic physicians to join our team. We need someone who is highly motivated, willing to learn, is a self starter and looking to join a multi-discipline group practice. All training included. Compensation package includes: Base salary with performance bonuses, 401K with matching and health insurance paid at 50%. Opportunity to buy shares in our practice for the right Physician. Email cover letter and resume at


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ASSOCIATE POSITION: Well established doctor looking for energetic, dedicated and motivated individual to join our Chiropractic office and Wellness center. Fully equipped office in northwest valley.  Please email resume to


ASSOCIATE POSITION AVAILABLE (West Valley):  Salary. Must have Arizona license with physiotherapy also.  Experienced preferred.  Call (602) 989-6789.



PRACTICE FOR SALE MESA: Same great location for 30 years. Diversified practice, 102K collections last year working 24 hours/week. Priced for quick sale $55,000. Dr. retiring but will help buyer transition. Text or voice mail to




UNIVERSITY) FOR SALE OR LEASE. Doctor retiring. Practice has been in business for 30 years with established patients.  All equipment will stay with office. If interested please call 480-833-4655 or
e-mail Monday 
thru Wednesday 8 AM to 4:30 PM. MH


LIVE, WORK, PLAY IN COLORADO: Fully equipped office is waiting for you to serve patients. Use entire space for your own needs or as a home/office. For details or photos, call 303-506-4147 or 303-505-4013 or
email or






RETAIL CENTERS: Owner will fund relocation costs. Increased traffic & convenience = Increased sales & client retention. Experienced retail developer with well-located, grocery anchored centers in MESA, PEORIA and GILBERT.  Call or email for more information: Bryan Lamond



AHWATUKEE: Established 10 year old practice, great location off I-10 and Chandler Blvd. Paperless office, X-ray and full equipment provided. Looking to cut overhead.  Please email


1-2 equipped rooms available in beautiful clinic. Amazing loc. (approx. 101 Fwy/Warner - Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert). 1 DC (me); 2 LMTs P/T and 1 NMD P/T at location. Call Dr. Shapiro (602) 908-3815.


WANT A LOWER OVERHEAD? SHARE SPACE IN MY CLINIC in the NW Valley/Arrowhead area for a flat monthly fee. Office equipped with x-ray, therapy beds, muscle stim, infrared, traction, laser, etc. Reduce overhead by half! Call William Zeiler, D.C. at 602-375-2225 or 602-369-0787 or


SPACE AVAILABLE FOR OFFICE AND TREATMENT ROOMS in new Integrative Medical Clinic in Tempe; Baseline and Lakeshore Dr; 85282. Fair Price Negotiable. Friendly Office. Opening Sept 1st.
Contact Dr. Mona Morstein at 480-688-



EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: LEANDER motorized table $2500 and 2 Leander lite tables $1700 ea, SUMMIT X-RAY MACHINE $4000, MINI-MED X-ray processor $800, HILL Anatamotor $1700, Diathermy unit $350, and much more.  602-577-2576


4 THOMAS HERITAGE 7 TABLES with all drop sections and tilting headrests. Excellent condition, brown leather-look, newly refurbished. Cost each is $1,400 new with tax and shipping. Asking $650 each or $2,100 for all. ALSO, ELITE ELECTRIC HI-LOW, Baltic Blue and white base. Rarely used in the last 8 years. $4,200 new price. Asking $2,200. 2 x-ray view boxes, Each side by side full spine for viewing A-P & Lat together, $200 each. TDP Lamp Model CDP CQ27- $130. Call (480) 443-2584 or 

email AP


DRX 9000: 6 years old, very little use. Perfect condition. Ready to move. $12K. Call Dr. Shaun Malone 602-421-6111.



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