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Number 7
 July  2013 



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If you missed the January, February or March  Issues and wish to view this click here for January , click here for February   

Germany have just won the Women's Euro Championship AGAIN ! A friend of mine Matthew Robinson is  Professor at the  Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware and Director of the University's International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program. He recently completed a comparative study of the 10 most successful Women's Soccer Nations. View here for the report he compiled on the key factors for success and here for the presentation


 Actually Two  Special Offers 
 Offer 1  

The Publishers of ' Video Analyst' have produced a free E Book:

 'An Experts Guide To Performance Analysis E-Book

The Topics Covered include:

  • The Basics All about the basics of Performance Analysis. From tips on buying a system, to using a video camera
  • Presenting to Players This chapter is all about the players. How long should presentations last, what are the best ways to reach players and should all coaches be analysts?
  • Working as a Performance Analyst. This chapter is a collection of views from analysts working in many different fields.
  • Performance Analysis Conferences & Books This chapter contains a quick synopsis of the 2 main sports analytics conferences
To obtain a free copy click here

Offer 2  

The LMA School of Football Management Course 2 - Evaluating Performance- is available during August for a 20% discount. Details of the course and how this can help you evaluate your players this season can be found here. Feedback from coaches who have taken the course available here and go here for the 20% discount 


Web Skills
Number 5: Putting Captions on Video Clips 

In May's  newsletter we introduced the idea of providing more context to video clips.Readers did share their experiences and use of any of these products listed here 


I am especially indebted to James Lambert who I consider to be something of a global leader in the SIMPLE use of video on the web for soccer coaches.James is an experienced coach working in Australia ( originally from England ) and he holds the Australian ' A' Coaching Licence. 

He has provided the simple guide here  to editing video clips below. If you have any questions please post them on that site. 

 In this  month's newsletter James outlines really simple ways to put captions on video here   

Please also look at some of examples of James' excellent work in this field on his website


You may also want to view this link to see how to add captions using 'Dartfish'


We started a  'social bookmarking' project: to assist readers and demonstrate another means of social bookmarking, as an example, we established a ' Circle ' on Google + dedicated to showcasing what we believe are the best free video clips on the web which demonstrate ' turning with the ball'. 
We have now moved this project to

We really like for social content 'curation' (organization of content for display).It allows users to create and populate content feeds on any topic of interest. Feed content is sourced internally through Scoop. it's  matchmaking tools, or externally by individual users from any source on the web. Users are encouraged to engage in dialogue on posted content, which adds value to the feed as a whole. Please  see how we have used it here and please feel free to add comments and content specifically with regard to 'Turning '. Anyone can start 'curating' with Scoop it .You can have unlimited 'Scoops' but only 5 free categories. 

You do not need an account to view and we think it's a great tool for coaches to share video with their players or other coaches 

   The new group is now here  


We would like to find out if and how you use ' Apps ' to support  the coaching of your players.
We would be really grateful if you could complete this short 3 question survey. We will publish the results in next month's newsletter
To access the survey please click onto this link
If you don't currently use apps then please take the survey anyway as we would like to know what you would like from an app
Also you may like to have a look at our 'curated ' page of available Soccer Coaching Apps on our page here


July  2013 Recommendations

Website of the  Month 

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) is the largest soccer coaches association in the world and in August becomes the first soccer coaches association to launch its own TV Channel

This will include Live Chats and college, high school, and youth live streamed games, as well as a weekly review show 
Initiative of the month 

Vince Ganzberg is a very experienced coach and coach educator.

He is very innovative and creative. He holds the USSF "A" Coaching License and was previously Director of Coaching for Indiana. He runs a great website called ' Soccer Mentors and recently developed the video below about an anti-bullying campaign as part of his grassroots role for US Youth Soccer Region II and his local  club. 

Soccer For Social Change
Soccer For Social Change


 PS For those of you interested Vince used Google Hangouts to record his bits to camera and then uploaded to YouTube -all free !

I hope you have found something useful in this month's newsletter.If so please pass on this email to your colleagues and ask them to sign up for future newsletters
We can promise you more material in the August  newsletter to help you use the web to support coach and player development
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Robin Russell

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