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Number 5
 May 2013 



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I was fortunate enough to be asked by UEFA to present at the AFC Grassroots Workshop in Kuala Lumpur this month. 
I would like to share with you  the presentation from Vito Basile, National Participation Manager for Football Federation Australia here together with 

one of my presentations on Grassroots Philosophy and Strategies from this Workshop here.

I will share other presentations from this excellent Workshop in future newsletters  



Congratulations FC Bayern Munich


This month there has been a lot of focus on German Football and rightly so. We picked out especially this interview with the Director of Coaching of the German FA, Frank Wormuth and the statistical analysis of the two UEFA Champions League Finalists by Prozone.


For more information on Evaluation of players and teams see our Evaluation online course here




Free Webinar :

The Soccer Diet: ' Multiple Games with little time for Recovery' by Professor Jay Williams author of  The Science behind Soccer Nutrition




We held this Webinar on Tuesday May 21st and the Audio Recording and the Power Point Slides are available -just click below

  • Soccer Diet Webinar: Multiple Games with Little Time for Recovery
    Soccer Diet Webinar: Multiple Games with Little Time for Recovery
    To find out more about Soccer Diet,please click here for details of our online course : ' Soccer Diet- the Simplest Way to Improve your Team's Performance' 

Web Skills
Number 3 : Providing more context with your video clips 

In last month's newsletter we introduced the idea of providing more context to video clips. Wrapping captions around video clips for your players provides much richer and more valuable performance support for your player.

We asked readers for their observations and needs. It appears a number of readers would like to use captions more regularly but do not necessarily have the software tools to achieve this simply.

There are some simple tools to add closed captions to video once it is on YouTube. For example

Specifically for coaches, one of the market leaders would appear to be 

An example is provided here but this tool is not cheap! It is clear, however, that this tool has the functionality that coaches value

We list below a list of video editing software packages recommended by coaches- it appears that  

LongoMatch: The Digital Coach is FREE and especially recommended by sports coaches as it can assist coaches' edit and caption!


Also mentioned are these products:


It would be really helpful if readers could share their experience and use of any of these products and if readers had others to add to this list.Can you add any comments, recommendations or Questions in the Comments Section here




Also we are still continuing with our 'social bookmarking' project: to assist readers and demonstrate another means of social bookmarking, as an example, we have established a ' Circle ' on Google + dedicated to showcasing what we believe are the best free video clips on the web which demonstrate ' turning with the ball'. 

The group is here  

And you are invited to join it, post comments and add comments. The Circle is titled ' Sports Path: Turning with the ball'

To access the Circle you will need a Google account. If you do not have one type 

'Getting a Google Account ' into a Google search engine. It's free!



NSCAA Advanced DOC Certificate Course

Sports Path is involved in this excellent course and there are still a few spaces available in this unique program for Directors of Coaching! The National Soccer Coaches Association of America and the University of Delaware have launched an Advanced Director of Coaching Certificate. This course provides soccer club leaders and those responsible for the development of players with a practical program oriented toward developing proficiency in the technical, theoretical, conceptual, managerial and ethical aspects of soccer club management and soccer player development.   

Advanced Director of Coaching Certificate

  • Analyze your soccer club's operations to become a more professionally managed club
  • Embrace evidence-based management principles to better manage staff and communicate with constituents
  • Discover the latest trends in player development theory and sport sciences that will enable players to achieve their full potential

Certificate Program Format:

  Who should participate?

This program is designed for directors of clubs or state associations, soccer club leaders, and those responsible for player development within their club or state. Admission to this program is by application. Click here for details on how to apply.

The mission of the NSCAA Advanced Director of Coaching Certificate program is to provide those responsible for the overall leadership, and development of the coaching structures and player development platforms in their environments with a practical program oriented toward developing proficiency in the areas of sport sciences, child development and developmental psychology, business management, talent identification, athlete development, coaching education, coaching management, leadership, grass roots sport development and ethical aspects of coaching.

Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate from the University of Delaware and the NSCAA.After working with and alongside many top professionals from the US and around the world your network of fellow football professionals will be greatly enhanced. As this is a US based soccer certificate your skillset will be on show to a wide range of clubs from the US including many executives with the ability to hire.


May 2013 Recommendations

Web Page of the Month:  
For Anson Dorrance of the University of North Carolina's women's soccer team, and former head coach of the U.S. women's national team, the unwieldy word "winnigest" has to apply. 
Video of the Month: 

All Messi's 60 goals from the 2012- 3 season 

Lionel Messi ??? All 60 Goals in 2012-2013 ||HD|| English Commentaries
Lionel Messi ??? All 60 Goals in 2012-2013 ||HD|| English Commentaries


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