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February 2013 



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Click below on the underlined Presentation Title to see the Power Point Presentations from the Football Development Conference in Amsterdam, December 12 & 13 2012


  • Cruyff Football : A review of the innovative programmes by Todd Beane,International Director,Johan Cruyff Football now being used by  AFC Ajax

Click below to see the Presentation on ' The Coaches Guide to the Web' given by Robin Russell at this Conference in Amsterdam and at the NSCAA Convention in Indianapolis in January 2013.This has been edited and recorded with an audio commentary and is available here via a very interesting free tool we recommend called Brainshark 

Evaluating Performance


Click here to read about some original research by Blake Wooster, the Business Development Director at Prozone on the ideas from Howard Wilkinson (Chairman of the English League Managers Association) on the trends in passing and pass completion. Excellent article here which amongst other things points out that:


 "Of the 181 games won in the Premier League this season , the team who had the most possession only won 103 - 57% in total. The team who had more shots on target than their opponents won 128 matches - 71% of the total"


Also view here below some of the video clips from the roundtable discussion at the NSCAA Convention:

'The Role of Performance Analysis in the Development of the College Game and Athlete'. The discussion featured a number of North America's top college coaches and analysts including Anson Dorrance (UNC), Mike Jacobs (Evansville), Alan Kirkup (Florida), Marlon LeBlanc (WVU) and Jason Sisneros (UNC).



NSCAA 2013: Prozone Performance Analysis Roundtable
NSCAA 2013: Prozone Performance Analysis Roundtable


To view more on how coaches evaluate players and teams click here


Web Skills
Number 1 : Blogging 


Last month we encouraged soccer coaches to become publishers and start blogging! We asked readers to complete an online questionnaire, the results of which are here

To respond to readers' needs we therefore recommend these sites:

How to blog


Some Commonly used blogging tools include the following:




* is free and here is a short video on:"Step by Step Lesson on how to create a Blog on Blogger com"

(NB you will need a Gmail account)


Step by Step Lesson on how to Create a Blog on Blogger com
Step by Step Lesson on how to Create a Blog on Blogger com


Next Month we will look at the most effective ways to capture coaching information on the web
Help us help you by completing this short questionnaire (only 3 questions)  on this topic here


Special Offer



Best Selling Book - "Potentialing Your Child In Soccer: A parent's guide for helping kids maximize their potential in soccer and in life ' 

is available this month for subscribers to this newsletter at 50% discount - at only $4.99


 This book is being used by many Youth Soccer Clubs as the basis of their Parental Education 

Soccer Parents involvement in sport tends to be too often defined by stories of inappropriate behavior on the sideline during games involving their children.

Potentialing, however, recognizes contribution of parents and focuses less about 'controlling' parents and more about 'engaging 'them. It is something parents can do to ensure that their child's soccer experience is a place for growth - both as a person and an athlete: it's a great medium to learn life lessons


Potentialing is more than just teaching or parenting, it is each of these but much more.  It is a balance between a parent's biggest role of simply being "there" and additional roles of helping them, from a parental vantage point, not a coaching one, reach their "possible" skills and abilities.


Potentialing does, however, require a plan. 
Our plan centers around helping parents create a great environment. We use the medium of
 Play and the skills of Communication  to help parents drive forward a child's Confidence, Persistence and Motivation.  In the book we provide descriptions of these 5 concepts (that we call "The Big 5"), ideas on roles and responsibilities for parents, as well as provide examples of real life scenarios that might happen to parents and their kids during their child's soccer experience 
To take advantage of this offer follow these instructions before March 25th: 
  1. Go to this link
  2. Click : Add to Cart ( Don't worry you don't have to pay anything yet )
  3. The next page is the Shopping Cart where you enter the number of copies you would like to purchase and where you insert this code into the box provided for Discount Codes : ZS2YL83A
  4. Click Check out
  5. You will then see the generic ' Create Space ' Login Page. Create Space is a company owned by Amazon and therefore has an extremely safe payment system. Please log into Create Space if you have an account or sign in to create an account
  6. Follow the payement,shipping and address for delivery options  



February  2013 Recommendations

Website  of the Month:

Vince Ganzberg, NSCAA Academy Staff Instructor, presents a unique concept coaches can implement into their practices.

Entitled "Flipping the Field," Ganzberg recommends using technology to enhance a players ability to learn. "Flipping the Field" is based on a Khan Academy concept by flipping the classroom. The instructor (or in this case, the coach) sends the student a video to view online before the next session. Rather than using practice time to instruct the concept from scratch, that same amount of time is used for hands-on, enrichment-type activities. This then allows the student/player to learn at his or her own pace, as well as enhance matery learning (learning by practicing at home).

Vince also covers several criticisms of this type of concept, including the increased amount of time the player is in front of a screen. However, he also points out that positives in "flipping the field," such as:

- Inspiring players
- Educating players
- Increased one-on-one time at practice

Click here  to view the presentation (again via Brainshark !) 

Blog of the Month
 Tim Carter is  the former Director of Youth Development and National Staff Coach for US Soccer. Creating programming for U.S. Soccer's Project 2010.Tim was also responsible for creating the first international coach and player development exchange program between US Soccer and the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB).He has an interesting blog :

Coaching Tool of the Month:


Ron Smith was the Head Soccer Coach of the Australian Institute of Sport for ten years, between 1986 & 1996 the program that graduated players such as Mark Viduka, Craig Moore, Ned Zelic, Josip Simunic, Lucas Neill and Brett Emerton. 


In Malaysia he won the M League title with Sabah before taking over the role of Director of Coaching & Youth Development at the FA Malaysia. During the past ten years Ron has been the TD for Australia, coached Perth Glory in the "A" League and is currently the analyst for the national team, a role which has taken him to the last two World Cups and Asia Cup finals. 

He has developed an ' App' for coaches. See below for more details:


Football Practices - App. for iPhone, iPod and iPad
Football Practices - App. for iPhone, iPod and iPad






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