The Sports Path Newsletter
Number 1 
January 2013 


Hello. My name is Robin Russell (my bio)

 This FREE monthly newsletter is for soccer coaches who would like to find out how the web can support the development of soccer players and coaches using a variety of tools, many of which are FREE.

There is an awful  lot of material for soccer coaches available on the web - the purpose of this newsletter is to signpost this material more clearly and simply for you,the coach.

My background is in soccer education as Technical Coordinator of the English FA and originator of 'FA Learning '.

I left full time employment with the English FA in 2005 to become UEFA's Football Development Consultant and also create my own company

Each month we will include specific topics based on our review of good practice across the world in how the web is being use to help players and coaches. We will include Case Studies,Presentations from Conferences, Original Research Papers, Recommended web Tools, Websites and Books as well the opportunity for you to ask questions and join discussions with other coaches.

If you are in doubt as to the benefits of using the web to support the development of players and coaches see this link and download the free Research Paper available.

We begin this month by reviewing how you promote yourself on the web and how you may want to use the web to gain a soccer coaching job.





5 Ways the web can help PROMOTE  yourself and get a coaching job


From reviewing good practice,we have identified these key factors.For more details click here 


Would you like to start your own coaching blog ?
If so - we can help you but first you need to help us and completing  this simple questionnaire to establish your needs
With your feedback we will then  provide an online tutorial next month on how to start your own coachnig blog 

Special Offer

Launch of New Online Learning  Course- "Soccer Diet: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Team's Performance"

Sports Path has combined with Professor Jay Williams to develop this simple interactive online learning course and ongoing community.

Jay Williams is a Professor of Exercise Science in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech, USA and is the author of 'The Science behind Soccer Nutrition.' The overall purpose of the course and community is to assist coaches to improve the diet of their players with the goal of improving performance on the pitch.

 The cost of the course is $50 (30) but available until January 31st 2013 at an Introductory price of $30 (18).For further details and to enrol click here 

January 2013 Recommendations

Blog of the Month:
RickyMasterCoach  - have a look at the way Ricky Clarke uses simple photos
and Jim Lambert using graphics and video

Website of the Month
S2S - global market leader in providing a one stop virtual learning environment. Free to all coaches in Norway 

Coaching Tool of the Month:
 Zoom Reports- providing free online feedback to players and parents
Book of the Month:

"Potentialing Your Child In Soccer: A parent's guide for helping kids maximize their potential in soccer and in life" by Dr. Lee Hancock and Robin Russell. Available from Amazon here


I hope you have found something useful in this month's newsletter.If so please pass on this email to your colleagues and ask them to sign up for future newsletters
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 If you are attending the NSCAA Convention in Indianapolis. I hope you may come to my .presentation on "The Coaches Guide to the Web" on Thursday January 17th. at 345pm
We can promise you more material in February's newsletter to help you use the web to support coach and player development.Next month we shall look at ways of improving personal knowledge management for coach using the web and examine simple,free ways to use video on the web to support learning.
All good wishes again for 2013 
Yours Sincerely,
Robin Russell

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