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Imposter Syndrome
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New Office Opens in Sacramento Region
Melissa Gould is Back
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Summer 2015

In this newsletter, we have several articles with tips and information that can help you including:

* How to deal with Imposter Sydrome, a common experience among high achievers.

* A book review of "Same Time Next Week," which has inspirational stories by individuals and therapists describing key components of recovery from mental health problems.

* More tips from Reid Wilson on the Anxiety Mental Game and how you can beat anxiety.

In addition, we have several CBT Center announcements: 

  • Melissa Gould is back from maternity leave.
  • We opened a new branch office in Roseville serving the Sacramento region.
  • We are now a regional clinic for the National Social Anxiety Center.
  • Our staff therapists, family and friends gathered together on a Sunday for a special retreat in nature.

Read more about these topics below. If you have feedback about the topics in the newsletter or want to suggest subjects for future articles, feel free to email me at


Warm regards,

Laura Johnson, LPCC, LMFT
Director, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center
Silicon Valley * Sacramento Valley


Imposter Syndrome
Are You Discounting Yourself and Your Successes?

Impostor syndrome is common among high achievers, many of whom discount their successes. As a result, they do not feel confident or deserving inside of themselves even though they are objectively successful and perceived as such by other people. Psychological research done in the early 1980s estimated that two out of five successful people consider themselves impostors and other studies have found that 70 percent of all people feel like impostors at one time or another.



Same Time Next Week
Book Review by Laura Johnson

I was touched by many of the stories in Same Time Next Week. In the book, individuals and therapists describe key features of recovery from a mental health problem, some of which are completely unexpected. For me, the key to helping my clients is to believe 100% that they can change their lives. Lee Gutkind, the editor, says, "With hard work, and empathic, passionate support, those who are suffering from mental illness can regain hope, build a sense of accomplishment and survive." To this I add, not only can you survive, but you can thrive!

More About the Anxiety Mental Game
Paradoxical Strategies Win 

Reid Wilson, one of my favorite anxiety therapists, continues to publish and conduct research showing the efficacy of his paradoxical anxiety mental game strategies. Wilson says, "If clients can truly say 'yes' to the encounter, & accept exactly what they are experiencing in that moment, then they will be back in control. This is manifested in the supportive message of It's OK that I'm anxious, I can handle these feelings, & I can manage this situation."

In my clinical experience, I have found that when my clients finally understand the paradoxical strategy of welcoming anxiety at a gut level, they get better in the moment and experience lasting change. I have seen this work with people of all ages from school age children to college students to working professionals to retired folks. 


Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Sacramento Valley
New Office Opens in Roseville, CA

On June 1st, the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center opened a new branch office in Roseville, CA. The name of the new office is Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Sacramento Valley. Currently, Laura Johnson sees clients on Mondays and Fridays in Roseville and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Saratoga. Laura is in the process of hiring another therapist to expand the availability of appointments in Roseville. Our Center Assistant, Laura Belknap, takes calls and books appointments for both offices.


Click here to read more about the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Sacramento Valley.


Melissa Gould & Forrest Benjamin Gould
Melissa Has Returned From Maternity Leave

Melissa Gould, LPCC, returned from maternity leave on May 6th. Melissa is seeing clients on Wednesdays and Saturdays and will be adding a third day soon. In reflecting on motherhood, Melissa notes that while "many parts of day-to-day parenting are no fun...there's so much joy in it all...Life feels a bit richer these days!" Welcome back Melissa!

CBT Center Retreat 2015
Staff Therapist, Family & Friends Spend the Day in Nature

On Sunday, May 17, the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Silicon Valley employees, family and friends spent the day in a special 20,000 acre nature retreat at the Santa Lucia Preserve. As a team, we enjoyed breakfast in the Hacienda, a hike on the Williams Canyon trail, a picnic by Moore's Lake and horseback riding on Garzas trail. We all agreed the best part of the retreat was getting to know each other and our family and friends in an informal, fun environment.


National Social Anxiety Center
New Organization Dedicated to Overcoming Social Anxiety


The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center * Silicon Valley / Sacramento Valley is proud to announce that we have joined the National Social Anxiety Center, a prestigious alliance of CBT Centers around the country with certified cognitive therapists specializing in evidence-based therapy for social anxiety. Social anxiety (which includes performance anxiety, selective mutism, assertiveness, many types of work anxiety, fear of negative evaluation and judgment and other anxiety-related disorders) is the third most common anxiety disorder in the United States.

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