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Workshop Tip #24: Plus 23 more tips. See below.    

How to Chunk Content into 3 Minutes - Part 2    

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How do people learn online?  
What e-learning behaviors do they exhibit?

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3-Minute e-Learning enables faster learning


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How does 3-Minute e-Learning contrast with other Learnings?  


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Trainers may cause impediments to rapid learning design 


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For training needed yesterday...go the way of 3-Minute e-Learning 


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3-Minute e-Learning responds to an immediate call to action for rapid development and delivery that results in quick skills acquisition.  

Join the Story-based Webinars Online Workshop.
In this workshop you will learn... 

With the "Story-Based Webinars" you'll learn simple methods to convert your training and presentations into proven and tested Interactive Approaches. You'll discover how to use Interactive Stories based on real-life events to add meaning, engagement and immediate usefulness to content. Your learners stay focused and involved. They learn and remember your ideas better. Your webinars will become exciting and refreshing.



  • Design engaging webinars.
  • Facilitate highly interactive webinars
  • Extend the power of webinars  

Workshop Tip #7: Compliance eLearning from Real-Life Government Penalties.

Workshop Tip #8: Show Proof that Stories Impact Learning

eLearning Workshop Tip # 9: Hangover Joe - Chainsaw Safety eLearning

eLearning Workshop Tip # 10: How to Teach Very Complex Ideas with Story-Based eLearning Scenarios

eLearning Workshop Tip # 11: Minimalist Story-Based eLearning Lesson Grabs Learner

eLearning Workshop Tip # 12: How to use the story-based approach in software training

eLearning Workshop Tip # 13: Using Live Calls

eLearning Workshop Tip # 14: How to Add Suspense to eLearning Stories

eLearning Workshop Tip # 15: How to Add Curiosity in eLearning Stories

eLearning Workshop Tip # 16: Avoid "Crisis of Emptiness" in eLearning

eLearning Workshop Tip # 17: Converting Obscure eLearning Content into Usefulness

eLearning Workshop Tip # 18: Anti-Bullying - How to combine story with a compliance lesson?

eLearning Workshop Tip # 19: Incidents of errors as basis for technical learning design

eLearning Workshop Tip # 20: Weaving Stories and Factual Content for Seamless Lessons

eLearning Workshop Tip # 21: 11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo

eLearning Workshop Tip # 22: The Conversationalist - Facilitate Rapid Webinar Discussions

eLearning Workshop Tip # 23: How to Chunk Content into 3-Minutes - Part 1

Dozens of methods will be presented in the workshop. Participants will have access to hundreds of stories and methods to help them produce more engaging technical and compliance eLearning.   


They will own copies of the examples for their own reuse.


Watch for more workshop tips to come!