Demystifying LED Headlights: 7 Questions and Answers
B.J. Chang PhD


Last month we shared the most common questions about magnification, with answers. This month we will share the most common questions and answers about LED headlights.

Read what types of LED Headlights offer the best image and eye safety.

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Utilizing Next-Generation Vision-Aid Products for the Ergonomic Practice of Surgery (Excerpt)
Raymond Singer, MD, MMM, CPE, FACS, FACC, FCCP.


Quote Open ...We all use too much light in the operating room. A simple maneuver of turning down the ambient room light immediately increases the brightness on the field. Of late, I actually turn off the spot lights and only use my loupe mounted light."

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Fundamentals of Clinical Illumination and LED Technology
Jin Chang Ph.D

How effective is your clinical illumination? Are you getting the best definition with the least glare? Are you seeing the best color rendering of the anatomical features in your work? Learn about LED Technology and how it impacts your work in this white paper!


Read the complete white paper here

The Blue Light Hazard in Medicine and Dentistry
This video from the Price Lab highlights the dangers to the eye of looking at bright lights, especially LED lights that have a strong peak output in the 440 to 460nm range, e.g., LED operating theater lights or a dental curing light.
For more information and references relating to the blue light hazard, see their article.
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