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Demystifying Magnification Power of Loupes:
7 Questions and Answers
B.J. Chang PhD


How can 4.8x magnification be less than 4.5 magnification? In our newest white paper we will discuss where the magnification you personally experience comes from!

These same principals explain how you can have multiple magnifications using the same SurgiTel loupe.

Click to read for more information or contact your local representative to receive a demonstration of these principles in your own office!
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"Teeth are small. The afflictions that can lead to their demise are even smaller. One such culprit, the intra-coronal fracture, is near impossible to see unless viewed under significant magnification..."
"How is it working under 8.0x magnification? The answer is quite simply: awesome. The level of detail under which these loupes allow you to operate will blow your mind - especially if you have been using 2.5x-3.5x. "
"Increasing magnification causes all margins of restorations to be more accurate. Time will be saved by little or no bleeding as the tooth tissue interface is not compromised. Difficult situations now become manageable."

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