May 23, 2016
Limited Seating
CaLBOC Statewide Annual Conference  
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Getting It Right... Successful Bond Programs
The California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber)
1215 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814 
Keynote Speaker: 
John Chiang
State Treasurer
10:00-10:15     Welcome - Michael Turnipseed, CaLBOC President
10:15-11:00      Public Accountability for Public Bonds: Is it Enough?
 Co-Chair Fred Keeley
11:00-11:45      20 Years of Successful Citizen Oversight 
 Tim Towers, Santa Clara Unified 
11:45-12:15       Lunch  - Plates Catering 
12:15-1:00        Keynote Speaker: 
  John Chiang, State Treasurer
1:00-1:15           Presentation of Anton Jungherr Award
1:15-2:00           A Successful Construction Project Story
  Larry Adams, Santa Clara Unified 
2:00-2:45         Construction Performance Audits: 
  How to Achieve Your Construction Program Goals
  Curtis Mathews, Moss Adams.
2:45-3:00         Closing - Michael Turnipseed, CaLBOC President

Conference Highlights
Construction Performance Audits: 
How to Achieve Your Constructions Program Goals 

Speaker Bios:
Curtis Matthews, CPA, CCA
Partner in Charge, Moss Adams LLP
Curtis is the leader of Moss Adams' Contract Compliance and Control Solutions Practice and brings extensive construction cost control experience to projects, having led the audit and successful controls
implementation of the largest health care construction project in the United States. He has helped project owners negotiate favorable contract terms, implement strong project controls, monitor construction controls performance and ensure that construction project charges are compliant with contract requirements.

Peder Jensen, CCA
Senior Manager, Moss Adams LLP
Peder focuses on construction controls and construction performance audits for clients in a variety of industries. He has worked extensively with corporate assessment teams, regularly visiting project sites, evaluating internal controls and assisting with large contract changes. Peder is a Certified Construction Auditor.

AB 2316 is Insider Deal that Soaks Taxpayers
May 19, 2016, 2016 |By Kevin Carlin

Leaseback saws require fixing, but this bill won't do it
- Protects contractors who previously agreed to illegal deals 
- No-bid leaseback school contracts promote pay-to-play
 ... While AB 2316 uses the terms "competitive procurement process" and "objective criteria," it does not sufficiently define selection criteria or evaluation standards. Thus school bureaucrats can still steer contracts to their favorite contractors based on prior relationships and/or future expectations. Without properly defined selection criteria and evaluation standards, best value continues to allow and encourage favoritism, corruption and pay to play. 
     Price can't be a significant factor in the proposed contractor-selection process either. Under AB 2316, final plans and specifications approved by the Division of State Architect are no longer required at the time of contractor selection. DSA-approved plans and specifications have been required by law since 1933's Long Beach earthquake to ensure safe and sound construction for students and maximum cost savings for school districts. ...
     Worse yet, AB 2316 retroactively allows a handful of contractors who previously broke the law to keep almost all of the tens of millions of dollars they took from California schools via prior contracts with illegal conflicts of interest. Without AB 2316, these contractors are required to return to our schools all of the money they illegally received.
     After recently losing two conflict-of-interest appeals, the construction industry proponents of AB 2316 have traded their lawyers for lobbyists in the hopes they can buy from Sacramento politicians that which they could not get from the courts - a get-out-of-jail-free card.
     By retroactively limiting California's longstanding remedy for illegal public contracts, AB 2316 rewards contractors who broke the law to the financial detriment of California schools and taxpayers.
     The best and safest solution is a simple one-sentence amendment to Education Code 17406 clarifying Education Code 17417's impartial and verifiable best-price competitive bidding procedures apply to all leaseback school construction contracts.
     Competitive bidding procedures for 17417 have been around since 1957, and none of the fraud, favoritism and corruption that has occurred over the last 10 years existed until those procedures were ignored based on prior self-serving amendments of Education Code 17406 lobbied for by the construction industry. ...
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AB 2316 Insider Deals May Hurt Taxpayers and School Districts
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