May 15, 2015
CaLBOC - 4th Annual 
Statewide Conference
"Value in a Changing World"
May 19, 2015 - Tuesday 
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
California Chamber of Commerce, California Room
1215 K Street, Suite 1400,  
Sacramento, CA 95814

$50 per person, includes lunch and refreshments

Tickets are going fast for the 4th Annual CaLBOC Conference. Consistently rated as one of the most informative and productive meetings on school construction, oversight, and finance in the public works arena, this year's theme is "Value in a Changing World".  
Keynote speakers include:
  • MICHAEL COHEN, California's Director of Finance and Chief Fiscal Policy Advisor to the Governor, on the Governor's view of school facility construction and,
  • DON MULLINAX, Certified Fraud Examiner and former LAUSD Inspector General, methods to detect fraud in school construction.  

Other panels will present interesting and novel methods to reduce construction costs, evaluate new ways to fund school facilities, and share their challenges and experiences in improving oversight of bond expenditures. 

Tickets are $50 in advance, and includes Lunch. Registration opens at 9:30 A.M, and the conference is scheduled to conclude at 3PM.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at:

San Diego Schools Put Stadium Spending Above Classrooms
April 30, 2015 | By Mario Koran |

EXCERPT: ... There's a crack in the wall at Hoover High that $923 million hasn't been able to fix. ...     ... Rainwater pools onto a flat surface near the business education building. With nowhere to drain, it seeps into the ceiling tiles until they bulge with water, and give way to the classroom below.

     "We usually just stick a broom through it and catch the water in a bucket," said Michael Shefcik, Hoover's head custodian. "It's OK - until the next time it rains. Then we go out and do it again." ...    ... Shefcik said an internal beam is now so rotten he can poke his finger through it.

     It's not a new problem. Hoover principal Joe Austin said the leak has been an issue since at least 2008, when the voters approved Proposition S, a $2.1 billion construction bond to pay for school repairs. At that time, Austin said school leaders were optimistic some of those funds could fix the leak. That didn't happen.

     Hopes were renewed in 2012 that Hoover could deal with its structural problems. That year voters approved another $2.8 billion construction bond and property tax increase - Proposition Z. But the crack still waits to be fixed.

That doesn't mean Hoover hasn't seen any bond money. On the school's north side sits a new football stadium with a vibrant-green turf field. Stadium and upgrades to other athletic facilities here ran the district $15.1 million. ... 

    ... Since 2009, the district has spent $107 million on stadiums and athletic facilities like weight rooms, scoreboards, tracks and fields. That's 43 percent of what the district has spent modernizing schools, which includes repairs, bringing buildings up to code, and adding classrooms.

     Yet, of the roughly 140 whole site modernization projects the district lists, only six are listed as complete. Work on the remaining projects are scheduled to begin sometime between now and 2027. ... 

Mission Statement 

To promote school district accountability by improving the training and resources available to California's Proposition 39 School Bond Oversight Committees and educating the state legislature, local school boards and the public about the oversight and reporting powers these Citizens' Bond Oversight Committees (CBOCs) have, and to advocate on a state level, where appropriate, on issues of common concern to all CBOCs.

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CaLBOC 4th Annual Conference
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CaLBOC - 4th Annual Statewide Conference  
May 19 - Tuesday


9:30 am - Registration

10:00-10:15 am



10:15-11:00 am 
1st Cost Reduction Strategies


PRESENTATION: Rethinking How California Funds
School Facilities

11:45-12:15 pm - LUNCH: Plates Catering

an outreach effort of the St. John's Shelter for Homeless Women and Children


12:15-1:00 pm  

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Governor's View of School Facility Finance
Michael Cohen,
Director of the California Department of Finance


1:00-1:15 pm 
The Anton Jungherr Award


1:15-2:00 pm  
School Construction  
Mr. Don Mullinax, CFE


2:00-2:45 pm  
PRESENTATION: Beyond Reviews and Reports: Actual BOC Members' Experiences  


2:45-3:00 pm 
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