April 14, 2016
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CaLBOC Statewide Annual Conference  
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Update: AB-2116 - School Bond Debt
Passed Through the Education Committee    
Gallagher bill AB 2116 passed unanimously through the Education Committee on April 6, 2016. Gallagher says AB 2116 improves school bond oversight accountability and fiscal responsibility by certifying that a tax base can support a bond and requiring the governing board of a school district to take into consideration the county assessor's projections for property valuations. His Assembly bill is built on research and recommendations in a July 2015 California Policy Center study.
AB-2116 School bonds: citizens' oversight committees: school bond waste prevention actions.(2015-2016)
CaLBOC Statewide Conference
Tuesday May 31, 2016
Getting It Right... Successful Bond Programs
The California Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento

Tentative Agenda 
10:00-10:15     Welcome - Michael Turnipseed, CaLBOC President
10:15-11:00      Task Force on Bond Accountability: 
  Task Force Report. Co-Chair Fred Keeley
11:00-11:45      20 Years of Successful Citizen Oversight 
  Tim Towers, Santa Clara Unified 
11:45-12:15       Lunch  - Plates Catering 
12:15-1:00        Invited Keynote Speaker: 
  John Chiang, State Treasurer
1:00-1:15          Presentation of Anton Jungherr Award
1:15-2:00          A Successful Construction Project Story
  Larry Adams, Santa Clara Unified 
2:00-2:45         Construction Performance Audits: 
  How to Achieve Your Construction Program Goals
  Curtis Mathews, Moss Adams.
2:45-3:00         Closing - Michael Turnipseed, CaLBOC President
Several Years and $1 Billion Later, San Diego Schools Are Actually in Worse Shape
After a tax hike, two ballot propositions and $1 billion in spending, San Diego's city schools are in worse condition today than they were eight years ago, according to new data.
     ... The report shows the agency's Facility Condition Index is significantly worse than it was in 2012, when Proposition Z was passed. And even worse than it was in 2008, when voters approved Proposition S.
     Proposition Z was a property tax hike officially called the San Diego Neighborhood Schools Classroom Safety and Repair Measure. It had a main objective of "repairing deteriorating 60-year-old classrooms, libraries, wiring, plumbing, bathrooms and leaky roofs," according to the ballot language voters saw.
      Proposition S was an extension of a previous tax hike. Combined, they were worth $4.9 billion.
      Now, after the district has spent $1 billion, buildings are in worse shape than they were in 2008.
     The index, or FCI, is a standard industry measurement calculated by dividing the total cost of facility replacement, repair and renovation needs by the replacement value - determined by multiplying the district's total square footage by the current cost for new construction per square foot. The amount to totally repair San Diego Unified's buildings is $1.25 billion. To replace them entirely comes in at $5.5 billion, the latest figures estimate. ...
     ... San Diego Unified has spent large swaths of bond money on things like wireless Internet access and iPads, which, while valuable, do nothing to improve crumbling school buildings and leaky roofs. Nor do other projects prioritized early in the district's bond program, like  new stadiums, improve the FCI. ...
     ... On the upside, there is still $3.9 billion left to be spent from Proposition S and Z. (A closer look at the next $800 million in projects can be seen here.) But decisions and project commitments early on have a huge impact and set the tone for the bond program, a lesson the district learned from Prop. MM. ...
     ... Andy Berg, chair of San Diego Unified's independent citizen's bond oversight committee, did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story.
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AB-2116 Adds Transparency to School Bonds
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AB-2116 Adds Transparency to School Bonds
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