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  • Awareness & Action on the Camp Tax Code Reform Proposal  (5/1/2014)
  • The Camp Tax Code Reform has some proposed revisions that may affect life insurance and annuities policyholder and their beneficiaries adversely. Read about it here and take action NOW: write your representatives in Congress and voice your opinion. We've included a sample letter for you.
  • Night Of Clarity YouTube  (1/8/2014)
  • You've heard me talk about Night of Clarity, held each year in Nashville and presented by my colleagues Carlos Lara and Dr. Robert P. Murphy. Here's an overview of this year's event with some of the latest thinking on the subject of 'Why privatized banking and why now?"
  • Why You Should Be Afraid of Your 401K  (11/21/2013)
  • Here's a question for you: Did you know that until the 1980s the 401K was meant to be only a supplement to the pension plan offered by your employer, and that it was initially only for top executives who needed a place to stash pre-tax dollars to bring their income tax rate down?
  • Recovery Slower ...   (6/6/2013)
  • The recovery that seemed so robust at the beginning of the year is not as deep as it seemed. The 2012 Annual Report released late last week by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis indicates that Americans have yet to recover more than 55% of their pre-recession wealth.
  • Retirement & Mutual Funds  (9/18/2012)
  • We posted a link to an article on our Facebook page last month that discussed funding retirement. According to this article, based on a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) - almost half of Americans die with less than $10,000 in assets. The study looks at the connection between wealth and health combined with Americans' increased reliance on government for retirement support.
  • Paying for College Education   (6/19/2012)
  • For those who have heard the Self-Empowered Banking introductory presentation, you may remember that there's a question asked: Would someone make money by borrowing $10,000 for two years at 6%, and then putting it in a CD at 4% compounded for two years? Is this a good deal?
  • Euro Zone 2  (12/9/2011)
  • Which zone are you in? If you think the 'Euro Zone' is somewhere 'over there' -- then think again. Find out how what's going on 'over there' is affecting you and what you can do about it.
  • Treat Not Trick ...  (10/31/2011)
  • Treat yourself to Your Financial Destiny 2012. Mark your calendar: Friday, April 20, 2012 from 9 am to 4 pm and get ready to learn the new rules for building wealth.
  • Ranting About The Economy  (9/28/2011)
  • We're ranting about the economy in this issue. Have we become a nation that is so tied to consuming that we've forgotten that it takes 'producing' to get the economy moving again? Is the real problem with our economy a political one or is the economic philosophy that we live by flawed? You can't afford not to know the answer to this one.
  • Part 3 There's Always More to Learn ... June 2011   (6/23/2011)
  • Third in a three-part series recapping the highlights from Your Financial Destiny 2011 held in Chicago, March 18, 2011. Are you the Saver, the Banker or the Borrower? Learn why it's important for your to learn how to be all three when it comes to managing your money.
  • Part 2 There's Always More to Learn ... May 2011   (5/19/2011)
  • Second in a three-part series recapping the highlights from Your Financial Destiny 2011 held in Chicago, March 18, 2011. In this issue, learn how the Federal Reserve was created, how it got its power and why you should take control over your hard-earned dollars.
  • There's Always More to Learn ... April 2011   (4/8/2011)
  • First of a three part series recapping the Your Financial Destiny 2011 day-long seminar held in Chicago, March 18, 2011. This issue highlights the key points from the first two speakers' presentations. The next two issues will feature the remainder of the speakers.
  • What Are You Giving Yourself This Christmas? December 2010  (12/22/2010)
  • A little planning now can go a long way. Take a look at what happened to just a few NPCG clients in 2010 because they took the time to plan at the end of 2009 -- definitely gifts worth giving, getting and keeping!
  • What Are You Thankful For? November 2010  (11/23/2010)
  • A look at all of the reasons why you should be grateful if you have a Self-Empowered Banking System. Given the volatility of the economic situation, those with a SEBS in place have a lot to be grateful for.
  • Where Is your Parking Lot October 2010  (10/29/2010)
  • You have a lot of choices when it comes to places where you store your money. But, how much control do you really have over some of those places and how easy is it to access your money?
  • The Bigger Picture - Where Do You Fit? September 2010  (9/23/2010)
  • Who's controlling the world's debt and where do you fit in that picture? An interesting perspective on the world's traditional banking and financing structure and how it affects you.
  • How Green Are You? August 2010  (8/27/2010)
  • We talk about alternative fuels, hybrid cars, smaller carbon footprints -- how about alternative banking that helps YOU go greener, and I don't just mean environmentally. Financial sustainability is what I'm talking about creating here.

  • Special Edition How Vulnerable Are You? May 2010  (5/11/2010)
  • A look at the vulnerability of investments in the wake of May's world financial market free fall.
  • Just Two Years to Escape April 2010  (4/9/2010)
  • The recent passage of President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill* in late March will have many economic impacts on businesses, families and individuals. Many effects are directly related to the provision of health care for everyone. However, there is one piece of this legislation that we at National Private Client Group want to discuss with you today because it affects your investments.

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