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BuildingWealth                                November 2010
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Events, Places & Spaces ...

November & December

Home for the Holidays & for 2011 Planning.

   Please call 312.957.9400 x 403 or email NOW to schedule a 2011 planning appointment and please put "2011 Planning" in the subject line of your email.

NOW Is The Perfect Time ...

    Are you drowning in debt, saving for your childrens' college, needing additional equipment for your business or wanting to add a room to your home or vacation hideaway?

   It's never too early or never to late to set up a Self-Empowered Banking System.  Whether you're 6, 60 or anywhere in between -- NOW is the perfect time to get started building wealth with Self-Empowered Banking.

   To learn more about how Self-Empowered Banking can get you on the road to financial freedom and real wealth creation, contact Julie Ann Hepburn or call 312.957.9400 x 403.
Tell Others!
Are you reaping the rewards of Self-Empowered BankingDo you know someone else who could benefit from learning more about how Self-Empowered Banking works and whether it's right for them?

   We would be delighted to talk with them further, please refer them to NPCG: Julie Ann Hepburn or at 312.957.9400 x 403.

  Thanks in advance for your help!
Roundtable, Anyone?

Got friends or colleagues that you want to introduce to Self-Empowered Banking? Host a SEB Roundtable in your area. 

Julie Ann is constantly on the move and if she is coming to your area, ask to host a SEB Roundtable for a small group (6-10) of interested people in your area.  We'll post her travels in the Events  each month so you'll know if she's coming your way.

If she's not scheduled for your area and you want her to come your way, and are willing to host at least two SEB Roundtables,  please send us an email request with proposed dates and place the word ROUNDTABLE in the subject line

Quick Links

     Wow - it's turkey time already!  What a year!


      So, let's start by being thankful that we've survived, and perhaps even thrived, in a pretty stressed out economy this year.


     But, in addition to that, I want to say, 'Thank You!" to all of you -- my clients, family, friends, supporters and business colleagues for your business, support and caring as we've traveled this road together.


     I love what I do and am grateful to be doing it in an economic environment where unemployment is in double-digits in some areas of the country.  I get to do something I love with people who I care about and enjoy working with -- I get to help them with the skills and knowledge I've amassed over two decades. 


    I also get the added benefit of seeing the results that we work with them to create.  It is such a pleasure to see the sense of relief clients feel when they see their Self-Empowered Banking System perform what seems like miracles.   How good is that?


   And, while I'm thinking about all those great results, let's talk turkey -- it's not too early to start planning for 2011.  There are going to be many changes in the tax laws in 2011, especially in estate taxes.  NOW is the time to begin making changes to protect your wealth. To set up your 2011 planning session, call me at 312.957.9400 x 403 or email me.


   I have a lot to be thankful for this year and I'm sure most you do too.  We often don't have time to give thanks for what we have because we're often too busy thinking about what's next.    So I invite you to stop right now, and take a few moments to acknowledge those people, places and things for which you are grateful this year!


   OK - that's enough.  Now, let's get back to the turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Julie Ann Photo
Julie Ann Hepburn

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Five Things to Be Grateful For...

   If you have a Self-Empowered Banking System (SEBS) in place, here are five things you can be grateful for this Thanksgiving!


1.     You Made Money This Year!


While everyone else was running around crying over their lost investment portfolio, their foreclosure or other financial disaster as a result of the various 'crashes' the economy has weathered this past year, your funds were steadily earning dividends, helping you buy back your debt and in general, keeping you in the black.


You know, sometimes slow and steady wins the race.  Thank goodness for your SEBS!


2.     Yes, You Bought Your Debt Back!


Those folks using their SEBS to help pay off credit card and other types of loan debt are now paying those exorbitant interest rates and financing charges to themselves!  They are using the system as it is meant to be used - to keep their hard earned money flowing to them instead of away from them.


Hurrah - you are out of or almost out of debt!!!


3.     Yes, You Made Even More Money This Year


Using the same principles as traditional banking, the more money you deposit in your SEBS, the more money you have to loan yourself and the more you loan yourself, the more you make.


As we all know from Banking 101 - this is how traditional banks make the bulk of their money.  The more they take in, the more they can loan, the more times they turn that money over, the more money they make.  It's called velocity and the faster they do it the more they make. 


It works the same way in your SEBS - when you increase the velocity, i.e. the speed at which you borrow and pay back repeatedly, the more money you make.  If you've been using your SEBS this way, then yes, you made even more money this year!


Keep your Nikes on - your moving forward fast!


4.     You're Paying Less Taxes This Year


And you didn't need President Obama's 'stimulus' package to do it!


If you've been working your SEBS, you're going to pay less in taxes this year because of the way the system works and because a portion of the money you earn is tax-free.


That's hard to beat no matter what the government has to offer.


I'll take that!


5.     You Have Financial Freedom


Perhaps, this is the one unexpected gift that having a SEBS gives most people.  You are now in total control of your money, where it flows and to whom. 


When you're in control of your money, there's no greater sense of freedom - you can make the SEBS work for you in a way that no other independent financing or investing system can.


As we say on our website:


When a personal banking system, with its ability to finance, is combined with an investment system, the combination of the two will always out perform a stand-alone investment system.


When the banking system combines reduced tax liability with a financing engine, giving you complete control over your investments, there appears to be no system capable of generating wealth with as much consistency or sustainability.


   For those of you with a SEBS in place, we hope you give yourself a special thanks for taking the step toward true financial freedom.  

    For those without a SEBS in place, give yourself a big thanks for being willing to consider it, even if you haven't taken the first step yet.   As the Chinese philosopher Confucius says,  "The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step."


   Maybe it's time to take that first step.  After all, Christmas is coming and so is the next tax year!  No telling what's going to happen in 2011, so NOW is the time to start planning how to make SEBS work for you in the new year!  Give me a call at 312 957 9400 x 403 or send an email now and let's get started so next year you'll be grateful you took the first step now!


   Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Something To Think About ...

    Well, Pollyanna believed there was always something to be grateful about and she played a game about it called 'The Glad Game.'

   When you think about your financial situation, what are you glad or grateful about?

   Think about it and send an email with GLAD GAME in the subject line and next month we'll publish a few of your answers.

   In the meantime, here's something to think about from the website,
  • The average college graduate has nearly $20,000 in debt.
  • Average credit card debt has increased 47 percent between 1989 and 2004 for 25-to 34-year-olds and 11 percent for 18-to 24-year-olds.
  • Nearly one in five 18-to 24-year-olds is in "debt hardship," up from 12 percent in 1989.

   How are you planning to finance your children's college?  It's never too early to start a SEBS specifically for a large purchase in your future such as your child's college.

   For more information contact Julie Ann Hepburn at 312.954.9700 x 403 or via email at COLLEGE PLANNING.  Be sure to put COLLEGE SEBS in the subject line.