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BuildingWealth                              September 2010
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NOW is the Perfect Time ...
Take Control ...
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Slaves to Debt ...
Predicitng Crises & Controlling Debt ...
Who's Controlling the World's Money ...
Events, Places & Spaces ...

October 4-13 & 22-31
Julie Ann will be in town during these dates.  Now's the time to schedule a meeting or host a SEB Roundtable (see below.)

Salem, OR
4-5: 2010 Freedom Retreat  & SEB Roundtables

if you missed the Night of Clarity in Nashville, you will have a second chance to see some of the top economic minds in action at the Freedom Retreat.

Hosted by my colleague Tom McFie of Life Benefits, Inc. you can get more information or to register for the event by clicking on either link above, or send me an emailwith "2010 Freedom Retreat" in the subject line.
Please send an email if you are interested in hosting or attending a SEB Roundtable or want to set up a client meeting with Julie Ann if you are in any of the above areas.
NOW Is The Perfect Time ...

    Are you drowning in debt, saving for your childrens' college, needing additional equipment for your business or wanting to add a room to your home or vacation hideaway?

   It's never too early or never to late to set up a Self-Empowered Banking System.  Whether you're 6, 60 or anywhere in between -- NOW is the perfect time to get started building wealth with Self-Empowered Banking.

   To learn more about how Self-Empowered Banking can get you on the road to financial freedom and real wealth creation, contact Julie Ann Hepburn or call 312.957.9400 x 403.
Take Control

    Have you already taken control as a Self-Empowered Banker? 

    Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about how Self-Empowered Banking works and whether it's right for them?

   We would be delighted to talk with them further, please refer them to NPCG: Julie Ann Hepburn or at 312.957.9400 x 403.

  Thanks in advance for your help!
Roundtable, Anyone?

Got friends or colleagues that you want to introduce to Self-Empowered Banking? Host a SEB Roundtable in your area. 

Julie Ann is constantly on the move and if she is coming to your area, ask to host a SEB Roundtable for a small group (6-10) of interested people in your area.  We'll post her travels in the Events  each month so you'll know if she's coming your way.

If she's not scheduled for your area and you want her to come your way, and are willing to host at least two SEB Roundtables,  please send us an email request with proposed dates and place the word ROUNDTABLE in the subject line

Quick Links

     The truth can often be found in places one never suspects they will find it.

     In this issue, we'll share an odd place with you where we found a bit of truth, and provide you with a bigger picture of the traditional banking/finance system.  As it turns out, what's true in the macrocosm of world banking and finance is also true in the microcosm of personal banking/finance.

    We invite you to be surprised and think about exactly where you fit in this bigger scheme of things. 

     We're also happy to announce that our own Amazon Bookstore is up and running on the Resources/Books page!  All my recommended books about Banking, Finance and Investing are there.  They are listed in the order I recommend you read them.

     If you read any relevant books or have a request for a specific book you think we should add, please send me an email with the information.  Happy reading!


Julie Ann Photo
Julie Ann Hepburn

Slaves to Debt ... Who's In Control?

Person 1: It's all about control.
Person 2:  Control the flow of weapons, control the conflict.
Person 1: No ... no, no the IBBC is a bank.  Their objective isn't to control the conflict -- it's to control the debt the conflict produces.  You see, the real value of the conflict -- the true value is in the debt it creates. You control the debt, you control everything.  You find this upsetting? Yes? But this is the very essence of the banking industry -- to make us all, whether we are nations or individuals, slaves to debt.


     Sometimes, there's a great deal of truth in fiction. The above conversation is actually from a movie, The International with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. Read a synopsis here:  The International. Watch the clip here: The International Control.
      Whether screenwriter Eric Warren Singer is a follower of Self-Empowered Banking or just a good researcher, his knowledge of the worldwide traditional banking system is right on target.  In this case, fiction is real, and it's a scary thought.
      One of the things we teach clients at NPCG is how the traditional banking system really works to create and multiply money.  Once you understand this, you can clearly see how Self-Empowered Banking is able to mirror that system.  In the traditional banking system, the banks have control of your money; in a Self-Empowered Banking System, you have complete control of your funds.  The systems work the same - the difference is in who has the control.
       If you want to know more about how the traditional banking system works to create, multiply and control money, please send an email with the phrase 'PDF How Banking Works' in the subject line and we'll email it to you.
      Debt has been a topic of conversation since the world began.  If you go back into history - you will see that debt is at the basis of war, revolution, political assassinations/coups, the drug trade and other conflicts.  Even natural disasters, though uncontrolled by humans, create debt.  All of these and many more - create debt.  Those who control that debt often control everything.

     Have you ever wondered why poor countries stay poor and rich countries just seem to get richer?   Or why war is often the answer to economic crisis?   Have you thought about when countries have natural or man-made disasters, why wealthy countries don't hesitate to jump right in to 'help?' Or why the world doesn't seem to live at peace very long?  
      When you think about all of this - recognize that under it all is the fact that wars, revolutions, political coups, natural and man-made disasters cost money.  People, banks or countries, which are in a position to finance these 'crises' are the ones who control the debt these conflicts create.  When you control the debt - you control the people, organizations, and yes, the nations creating the debt.

      This is how it works in the world.  How does it work in your own personal world?  Who is controlling your debt?  Is it the traditional banks, the credit card companies, the mortgage companies, the finance/leasing agencies, the federal or state governments or someone else? 

    As individuals, we often feel ourselves removed from the politics of world finance because it seems bigger, larger than life to us.  But, in truth -- the macrocosm of world banking and finance operates exactly the same way in the microcosm of personal banking and finance.

   So ask yourself, "Who is controlling my debt?"  If the answer is not ME, then it's time to explore the options Self-Empowered Banking gives you.  Perhaps, it's time to put some ME-POWER into your banking and finance choices.

     For more information, contact Julie Ann Hepburn by email or phone at 312.954.5700 x 403.

Historical Perspective: Predicting Crises & Controlling Debt

     In lieu of a case study this month, we invite you to view the bigger picture through a historical perspective.  In reading the two articles about world debt noted below, you will be able to see how your own personal debt situation is but a microcosm of the world financial crisis.
     The first article was written in August, 2003 and accurately predicts the credit crisis that we are now experiencing.  Find it here: The Coming First World Debt Crisis.
     The second article will give you a lengthy overview of why 'debt relief' has failed to liberate poor countries.  Find it here: A World of Debt ....
     Both articles are a bit lengthy - but they are worth reading.   If nothing else, we hope that they will give you a better perspective on why you need to take more control over your money and your debt by creating a Self-Empowered Banking System now - ME-POWER for your money.

     For more information, contact Julie Ann Hepburn or call 312.957.9400 x 403.
Something To Think About ...

    Do you know who owns the majority of the central banks, think Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, Bank of France, etc. in the world?  

    Do you know who owns the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)?  Even if you search the website, you may not find it but just do a Google search on "Who owns the Bank for International Settlements?" and you'll have the answer.

    If you know the answer to the second question, then you also know the answer to the first question.  When you know these answers, you'll find out who is actually controlling the flow of money -- and the debt -- around the world.  It's definitely something to think about.