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April 2010

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Never Too Early ...
Think About This ...
Are You A Self-Empowered Banker ...
And The Answer Is ...
Just Two Years ...
Dump Your Credit Card Debt ...
Never Too Early ... Never Too Late

    Are you drowning in debt, saving for your childrens' college, needing additional equipment for your business or wanting to add a room to your home or vacation hideaway?

   It's never too early or never to late to set up a Self-Empowered Banking System.  Whether you're 6, 60 or anywhere in between -- NOW is the perfect time to get started building wealth with Self-Empowered Banking.

   To learn more about how Self-Empowered Banking can get you on the road to financial freedom and real wealth creation, contact Julie Ann Hepburnor call 312.957.9400 x 403.
Something To Think About ...

How much do you think banks make annually on overdraft fees???

See answer below.
Are You A Self-Empowered Banker? 

    Are you already a Self-Empowered Banker? 

    Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about how Self-Empowered Banking works and whether it's right for them?

   We would be delighted to talk with them further, please refer them to NPCG: Julie Ann Hepburn or at 312.957.9400 x 403.

  Thanks in advance for your help!
And The Answer Is ...

$ 24 BILLION in annual overdraft fees!

So, why are they in such trouble?
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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Building Wealth, the monthly e-news from National Private Client Group.  In Building Wealth, we'll give you news and tips to help you keep more of the money you make. 

In this month's edition, we look at one aspect of President Obama's Health Care reform Bill and how it will affect you, and we'll show you how one of our clients is using his Self-Empowered Bank!

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Julie Ann Hepburn

Just Two Years to Escape

     The recent passage of President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill* in late March will have many economic impacts on businesses, families and individuals.  Many effects are directly related to the provision of health care for everyone.   However, there is one piece of this legislation that we at National Private Client Group want to discuss with you today because it affects your investments.


     After December 31, 2012, individuals making over $200,000 and couples filing jointly making over $250,000 will be paying an additional 3.8% on investment income.  That's right, if you fall into these income brackets, after 2012, you will be paying an additional 3.8 percent in taxes on your investment income. 


      So, if right now you're making an average return on investments of 8 percent, after 2012, you'll only be making 4.2 percent.  If you're averaging less than an 8 percent return, you could be in trouble.  You have just two years and a few months to move your investments out of the hands of a shaky market and government investments, like CDs, 401Ks, IRA (Roth and others) that are paying less and less and often costing you more and more.


      Let's face it, inflation is not going to help you 'earn less' - it will just make what you are earning worth less - you'll still be paying taxes on the same money and getting less value all the way around.  Whether it's taxes, fees or other ways that you don't really notice - your money is quietly slipping away - to the government, to the banks, to the investment firm and others.


      While health care reform is a noble cause, there are actions you can take right now to protect, stabilize and multiply what you are earning.  This could be the perfect time for you to explore Self-Empowered Banking and see how it can work to your benefit and give you more control over the money you are earning. 

      With Self-Empowered Banking, you have the opportunity to build real wealth instead of helping someone else get rich.  To learn more or see if Self-Empowered Banking is right for you, drop us an email at National Private Client Group or call us at 312.957.9400 x 403.


* To read a summary of the bill: Health Care Summary.
Case Study: Dump Your Credit Card Debt

     Are you drowning in credit card debt?  One of our brand new clients, we'll call him Jack*, is a creative consultant.  He's been saddled with credit card debt with a $600 monthly minimum payment -- most of it going to interest. 

    When he recently received notice that his interest rate was going up to 25.9%, he called to see why they were jacking his rate up again. He's a good credit risk, has a nice credit score -- why was he being penalized? He was told that he was "just part of a random group who were assigned this new rate."

    That was the straw that broke the camel's back. He knew he was no longer willing to pay over $300 a month in interest-- it just seemed crazy to continue to be subjected to the whims of the credit card company. He decided right then to put an end to the torture and asked for a settlement. As a result, they closed his account and transferred his balance to a fixed payment loan of $250 per month for 60 months.

    But, here's where Jack is going to outsmart his credit card company -- he's going to use the power of his Self-Empowered Bank.  The extra money left over after he pays the monthly loan payment, plus the additional $150-$200 that would have been added to his new monthly minimum is now going into Jack's Self-Empowered Bank

    By working through his own bank, Jack will be able to pay this 60 month loan off in less than 2 years. In doing so, he will save thousands of dollars in interesthe's scheduled to pay the credit card company. Not only that, he'll earn intereston the money in his Self-Empowered Bank, have a ready source of cashfrom which he can borrow, at a rate he sets himself, and get some tax benefitsas a bonus.

    Jack likes being his own banker because it just makes sense. Jack knows that he can now control his own financial destiny with Jack's Self-Empowered Bank. How about you?

    For more information, contact Julie Ann Hepburn or call 312.957.9400 x 403.

* Jack is a real client of National Private Client Group. His name has been changed to protect his confidentiality, and he has given his permission for us to share his story.