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Dear Knitters and Kumihimo-ists!


Hi there,

I hope that all of you had a great holiday season and that your New Year is off to a super start. 


December was a blur. My Kumihimo disk and Marudai were in constant use. As you can guess, everyone that I know got a Kumihimo something or another.  


This month I have been VERY busy getting ready for our Knitting and Kumihimo Trip to Guatemala. My mom and dad have been leading these special trips for over a decade and they are amazing trips. This year, participants have received a pattern  to make a gorgeous knit shawl as well as kits for several Kumihimo projects.  We will be in Antigua for 5 days and Panajachel / Lake Atitlan for 6 days. In between our many exciting excursions to textile markets, ruins and coffee plantations (to name only a few) we will be busy knitting and braiding. These trips are truly "lifetime experiences" and I am so grateful to be a part of this trip. My mom, Irene York, will share her knitting ideas and I will teach new Kumi-techniques! Our departure is but a month away and I am already anxious to start packing. After the almost 2 week Knitting & Kumihimo Retreat, my husband, brother and his 2 children will join us for another 10 days. Needless to say, I am SO excited.


While I am away (February 5 to 26), my What a Knit shop will be CLOSED. I will ship orders through the end of January. You are welcome to place orders while I am away and I will fill them and mail them as soon as I return on Feb. 26th. Stock up now and let me get the things to you that you'll need while I am away. Thanks!


Bon Voyage,




P.S. I need "Artists of the Month". If you want to share your Kumihimo creations please feel free to email me  photos. Photos seem to work best that are taken on a white background. Include a list of the materials you used and share some brief instructions.

Thank you!    
Email Karen


Kumihimo "Artist" Showcase - Kaelyn York
Kaelyn York (Truckee, CA)


Kaelyn York is my very special 16 year old niece and one of the most creative gals I know. She has a very interesting collection of cords and beads and buttons and she creates remarkable things. She figures out her own way to make closures, attach pendants, incorporate buttons - just wonderful!


Over the Christmas holidays, Kaelyn and I spent several days together making Kumihimo gifts, steaming our traditional persimmon puddings and watching movies. I couldn't ask or want for anything better!


I have to brag for another sentence. Kaelyn was in her high school winter drama performance and she was incredible. Of the seven acts, Kaelyn was in 5 of them and one of the acts was her own monologue. Her dad told me it would bring tears to my eyes and it did. Thanks for letting me brag!

Her necklace is an 8 strand round braid using teal satin cord and Matte Transparent Ruby AB 6/0  seed beads. The first part of the braid is satin cord only, followed by a section with seed beads placed on the "edges". She cleverly attached a button pendant and added beaded "tails".  

Knitting Pattern of the Month - January
HITCHHIKER Scarf by Martina Behm


I wish I could say this was my design but it isn't! My mom came across this pattern and knitted Hitchhiker Scarves for Christmas presents for me, my niece and my sister-in-law. Mom selected gorgeous yarns in special colors for each of us. I love it so much that I had to put my Kumihimo down, run to the local yarn store and start my own. This is a fun and easy pattern and awesome to watch how the self-striping yarn knits a colorful fabric.
Here's how the designer describes it, "So here's Hitchhiker: It is a narrow, slightly asymmetrically shaped triangular shawlette that can be wrapped around the neck several times. The ends are long enough to tie it with a knot. One of the short sides of the triangle features a saw-tooth border that evolves naturally during the knitting and gives the shawl its unusual shape. Because the knitting starts at one end, you can stop anytime, bind off and end up with a useful neckerchief, shawlette or shawl."
This is what I have on my needles right now. The Designer recommends 42 "points" so I'm not quite halfway. The scarf my mom made for me has 36 points and it is plenty of scarf! I'm using US #4 circular needles (24") and SHIBUI / Sock yarn. It's 100% superwash merino, 191 yds / 50 g. I'm guessing I'll use 3 balls. This pattern is well-written, the knitting is fun and watching the color development is addicting. The pattern is a repeat of 8 rows so I find myself sneaking away from my work and indulging myself in "just 8 rows".



Kumihimo Project Kits

 Reverse Spiral BraidReverse Spiral Sampler Kit


I love the Reverse Spiral. I certainly didn't invent it but I did write some instructions that have been pretty easy for immediate success. This kit is a sampler kit. The kit contains instructions and cotton cord that is color coded to the pattern / instructions. I've tried to make it pretty simple.


Cost:  $6.00   Click here to go to Kumihimo Project Kits.




Edge Bead Necklace Kit Edge Bead Necklace Collection

The Edge Bead Necklace Kit comes in 4 color ways.

1) Antique Gold & Lt. Beige Satin with Black Beads
2) Coral & Peach Satin with Silver Lined Red Beads 
3) Royal & Purple Satin with Silver Lined Purple Beads
4) Plum Satin with Multi Color Matte AB Beads


Kit includes: 10 yards of Satin (if 2 colors then 5 yards of each color), one set of 6 mm magnetic end caps (silver color), 1 tube seed beads, illustrated instructions.


I have provided enough cord to make up to a 20" necklace; my preference is closer to 17". (Finished lengths include end cap assemblies). The instructions are written for the longest length but you can easily adjust the size to any length simply by choosing where you want to finish and trim the ends.

Cost $14.00            Click here to go to Kumihimo Project Kits.




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While I am away (February 5 to 26), my What a Knit shop will be CLOSED. I will ship orders through the end of January. You are welcome to place orders while I am away and I will fill them and mail them as soon as I return on Feb. 26th. Stock up now and let me get the things to you that you'll need while I am away. Thanks!
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