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Monthly Newsletter                                                                                                                  June  2011

Take a Look...
New Arrivals...Painted Peruvian Plates, Glazed Donuts, Ceramic Whimsies, Handcrafted Fused Glass Pendants and lots more....
Kumihimo "Artist" Showcase
"Spots & Stripes" Kumihimo Pattern of the Month...
Felted Purse Project of the Month...
Kumihimo Tip #4
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 Dear Knitters and Kumihimo-ists!

Hi there,

Believe it or not, the sun is FINALLY shining in Truckee. We skied a foot of fresh powder on May 29th. But the sun is out now and the forecasters say that SUMMER is HERE!!

I had a great time visiting a few different Bead Shows this last month and found some real treasures. Most of what I purchased can be found on my website, www.whataknit.com. Take a look! I picked up some beautiful "Painted Peruvian Plates" and some "Gorgeous Glazed Donuts".

Our next Kumi-gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st. I wish all of you lived close enough to join us!  I suggest that if you enjoy Kumihimo, try to get a group together. There is nothing better than seeing what other people are doing and sharing ideas to get the creative juices flowing!  

The response to the Guatemala trip has been overwhelming and wonderful. The trip is FULL. However, if you are interested it never hurts to put your name on the waiting list. Sometimes there are last minute cancellations. Click here if you want to read about the Guatemala Trip.

Once again, thank you to all of you that host classes. I had alot of fun teaching in the Bay Area in May and last weekend I had a fantastic time in Quincy. I really appreciate and love getting together with you. 


Happy Braiding and Knitting - Karen


Glazed Plum Donut Necklace

Glazed Ceramic  Donut Pendants
 are really fun to play with and gorgeous too! They measure 1 5/8" in diameter and have a 7 mm hole.  Cost $5.00 / each.

 Glazed DonutGlazed Donuts

 Glazed DonutGlazed Donut


 Create your own bale or attach the Donut with a Larkshead Knot (pictured).

 Painted Peruvian Plate




Painted Peruvian Plates are one of my favorite new discoveries! They come in wonderful colors and patterns and be easily dressed up or down. In addition to making great pendants for Kumihimo Necklaces they work well as closures on purses and embellishments on other creations. These donuts measure 1 5/8" in diameter with a 10 mm hole. Cost $5.00/each


Painted Peruvian PlatePainted Peruvian PlatePainted Peruvian PlatePainted Peruvian Plate



 See all twelve colors of Painted Peruvian Plates at www.Whataknit.com





Ceramic Whimsey SunCeramic Whimsey Suns come in 6 great colors. Use them as Kumihimo Pendants or use them to embellish other projects. They make great button closures on purses!  1" in diameter, 4 mm hole.
Cost $3.00 / each (more colors at www.whataknit.com)





 Ceramic Whimsey SunCeramic Whimsey SunCeramic Whimsey SunCeramic Whimsey Sun


Fused Glass Pendant Necklace 


These beautiful Fused Glass Pendants are "one-of-a-kind" and handcrafted by an artist in the Northwest. The colors are brilliant and sparkle in the sunlight. The threading hole is small (about 4mm) and finer threads and narrower cords will work best. I used the C-Lon Tex 400 and Perle Cotton.

Fused Glass Pendant SmallFused Glass Pendant Small

  Small 1 1/8" x 3/8" - Cost $14 




In addition to these fun items you'll find more new items like Jelly Belly Stone Beads, Texture Beads, New Large Hole Beads, Painted Ceramic Beads and lots of Metal Spacer Beads all at the Kumihimo Pendants & Beads Shop!


Kumihimo "Artist" Showcase - Paula Rachuy

8 Strand Beaded Round Braid"Incredible" by Paula Rachuy (Truckee, CA)

Paula discovered "What a Knit" on Facebook and gathered her friends for a Kumihimo Class. I met alot of very nice women as a result. Paula's Kumihimo necklace is an example of an 8 strand braid with beads on all 8 strands. She incorporated the Metal Flower Spacer Beads along the way. Just beautiful. She used Toho 6/0 seed beads and C-Lon 400 Tex cord. Check out Paula's necklace in the Kumihimo Gallery Slideshow.


8 Strands, 3 Colors :

Color A = Purple C-Lon w/ 9 grams Matte Maroon Toho Seed Beads (3 strands)
Color B = Peridot C-Lon w/ 9 grams Black Diamond Toho Seed Beads (3 strands)
Color C = Sable C-Lon w/ 7 grams Matte Moss Toho Seed Beads (2 strands)
Measuring: For a 16" braid finished with end caps (17" total length) cut the threads about 48".  I have added more length to accommodate the beads. Longer is always better.

Set-Up: N (32,1) AA, S (16,17) BB, E (8,9) CA, W (24,25) CB
Movement: Round braid sequence; left bottom up, top right down, clockwise quarter turn, repeat. Do not cross threads. Remember to bring them straight up and straight down!

Instructions: For this necklace you will start in the middle and work towards the ends. See last months newsletter if you need a refresher on "starting in the middle".
1. After measuring and cutting the threads hold them all together and tie an overhand knot in the middle.
2. String Flower Spacer Bead onto threads; the Flower Spacer Bead should be just above the knot.
3. Warp your loom for an 8 strand round braid positioning threads accordingly in the N, S, E, W positions (above).
4. String 8 beads on each thread (bead color matching or close to thread color as noted above).
5. Braid 8 moves without beads and then add beads each movement. Braid until all beads are used. Braid 8 more moves without beads.
6. Add Metal Flower Spacer Bead.
7. Repeat steps  4, 5, 6.
8. String 12 beads on each thread (same colors as before).
9. Braid until no beads remain and then braid until desired finished length.
10. Remove from disk, stitch end, wrap and cut.
11. Remove knot at Flower Spacer Bead, warp loom and repeat instructions (steps 1 through 10) for second half of necklace.
12. When both ends are finished apply end caps. The 4mm end caps will work very well with 8 strands of C-Lon.  

If you would like to be showcased, please send me a picture. I absolutely love seeing what you make. Email me with your pictures! If you can, take your pictures on a white background!

P.S. I try to check and double check my instructions. If you ever see a goof, please let me know and I'll make the correction. Thanks.

Kumihimo Pattern of the Month..."Spots & Stripes"

16 Strand, 3 Color, "Spots and Stripes"Spot and Stripes Kumi Patttern

It's time to start experimenting with your 16 strand braid patterns. With 16 strands you get to be twice as creative as with an 8 strand braid. Both braids pictured are the exact same 16 strand braid pattern but as you can see by changing the positioning of colors, there are two distinct looks. This is the beauty of Kumihimo. By changing colors and placement of dominant and passive colors, combining textures, etc...there really are no limits to what you can create. Think out of the box. Try new things. If they work, tell your friends. If they don't, take them a part and try something else. Have fun


Top Braid:
Color A: Lime (stripes) Cut 4
Color B: Turquoise (main color) Cut 10

Color C: Black (dots) Cut 2


Bottom Braid:
Color A: Turquoise (stripes) Cut 4
Color B: Black (main color) Cut 10

Color C: Lime (dots) Cut 2

Measuring: Determine desired finished measurement, double that and add 4 to 5 inches. 

Set up Disk: Starting with N #32: AA (32,1), BB (4,5), BC(8,9), BB (12,13), AA (16,17), BB (20,21), BC (24,25), BB (28,29) . Space pairs evenly around disk .  

Movement: Bottom Left to Top, Top Right to Bottom, Clockwise Turn to Next Pair.

Knitted / Kumihimo New Project Idea....

Felted Purse with Kumihimo Strap 

and Painted Peruvian Plate Closure ...


Felted Purse with Kumihimo StrapThis is a super quick knit. I knit the purse in an evening and felted it in the sink in the morning. I blocked the felted purse and while it was drying I braided the Kumihimo strap! The closure is finished off with a multi-string beaded tassel and a Peruvian Painted Plate. I used "Poems" and added some yarn from my "stash" to add to the Kumihimo Strap. You can use any yarn that you have that felts and knits up to the gauge in the pattern.  Purse in picture measures 5 1/2" tall x 6 1/4" wide.



1 Skein POEMS - 50 grams; 109 yards (if you make your purse bigger you may need

more yarn)

#9 US Needles

Kumihimo Disk / 16 bobbins
Painted Peruvian Plate


Gauge: Approx. 4.25 sts/in (garter stitch)

CO-cast on

ktog-knit 2 together


bo- bind off



Instructions for Purse:

1. CO 30 sts (7 inches wide); cast on fewer stitches for a narrower purse.

2. Knit all rows until piece measures 13".

3. Begin taper for flap; k2tog at the beginning of every row until 3 sts remain.

4. Knit last 3 sts tog and bo.

5. Fold rectangular portion of purse in half and stitch side seams with POEMS yarn.

6. Felt in washing machine or in the sink to desired texture and size (warm water, soap &


7. Block and embellish as desired.

*You can vary the dimensions of the bag by increasing/ decreasing the number of stitches

you cast on and the length you knit the body of the purse. If you increase the size you may

need a second skein of POEMS.

Instructions for 16 Strand Kumihimo Strap

1. Choose a Kumihimo Pattern (2 colors, 3 colors, etc.)

2. Determine desired finished length, multiply by 2.

3. Measure 16 stands. For contrast, I added some solid color "stash" yarn that I had on


4. Knot ends together in an overhand knot.

5. Bring knotted end though disk and set up your disk.

6. Braid until desired length.

7. Secure ends. Steam and stretch.

8. Attach to bag!

If you live in Truckee, you can get POEMS at the Lake Tahoe Yarn Company for $7.50 / skein.


Kumihimo Tip #4
Make Your Own MixAlot of us have been very busy making Kumihimo necklaces with lots of 6/0 seed beads. Finding the right size tube of beads for each project is not a perfect science so we inevitably end up with extra beads. Don't despair. Collect colors that you like and "Make Your Own Mix". Think about some different color schemes that you like and collect accordingly.
Thank you for meandering through my What a Knit Newsletter. If you need Kumihimo Disks, bobbins, "Petite" Satin Cord, C-Lon cord, end caps (hook & eye or magnetic), patchwork knitting patterns, ToHo Seed beads, unique pendants, Kumihimo Kits (they make great gifts) click on any of the following links:
Kumihimo Classes? Yes, I love to teach. Click link to go to Kumihimo Workshop page.

As always, please feel free to call me or drop me an email if you have any questions or suggestions.  Email Karen or call 530-448-3624.


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