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My monthly newsletter -- aimed primarily at music teachers -- is filled with practical tips and tricks, real-life examples and a little bit of humor... just what you need to keep you motivated in your musical pursuits. Each issue also includes a special tip just for flutists.

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  • News Blast! July 2013
  • News Blast! June 2013
  • News Blast! May 2013
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  • News Blast! June 2012
  • News Blast! April 2012
  • Teaching adults offers its own special challenges and opportunities. In this issue, I share some tips I have learned over the years to make it work.

  • News Blast! March 2012
  • Want your students to know more about the composers they play and to fall in love with their music? Read on for some helpful tips.

  • News Blast! February 2012
  • Music isn't math. Thank goodness. But there are days when I wish it wasn't quite so subjective! Read on to learn why.

  • News Blast! January 2012
  • Read on to learn how to help your students feel truly valued and appreciated. Respect and well-earned compliments are like a boomerang that will come back to you in students who are committed and love music, their lessons and their teacher.

  • News Blast! December 2011
  • In this holiday season, I am giving you the gift of music: some original compositions by Melinda Bargreen.

  • News Blast! November 2011
  • In this Thanksgiving season, let's remember the importance of saying please and thank you. These are important lessons we can teach our students.

  • News Blast! October 2011
  • I am not technically savvy, but I have found some technology that has really enhanced my teaching: YouTube and Facebook. There are so many ways we can use these networking tools in our studio!

  • News Blast! September 2011
  • It's back-to-school time, and I'm gearing up to start up my studio teaching year too. I am changing my studio policies in some major ways. Here's why...

  • News Blast! August 2011
  • We all know that music is must more than just notes and rhythm, but sometimes we fail to teach that to our students. Here are some tips for teaching musicality.

  • News Blast! July 2011
  • Summer is the time to relax, but it can also be the time to practice without the usual hectic activity for you and your students. Here are some tips to make the most of it!

  • News Blast! June 2011
  • Aah, summer... A great time to recharge your batteries. And what better way than to attend a music convention? If you've never been to a convention and think it may be a series of dry lectures or a waste of money or vacation time, think again.

  • News Blast! May 2011
  • As our graduating seniors move on to the next stage in their lives, take some time to ponder these questions: Who should choose to pursue music as a major in college? How will your students know if it's the right choice for them? What does it take to be a professional musician? And what is your role as their teacher as they make these decisions?

  • News Blast! April 2011
  • Master classes have many benefits for your students and for you! Read this issue for tips on bringing master teachers to your studio. Then, did you know a trampoline can improve your flute playing? Read this issue to learn how.

  • News Blast! March 2011
  • It's contest season, and the judges opinions can sometimes throw us for a loop. Read this issue to learn how you can know you are a winner before the judging even begins. This issue also includes a tip about associating holidays with specific teaching topics.

  • News Blast! February 2011
  • Does a good teacher know everything? Or is a good teacher constantly learning too? Read on for my thoughts on this! Also, this issue contains some pointers for pitch-perfect performance, from the moment you walk on stage.

  • News Blast! January 2011
  • Happy New Year! This newsletter includes helpful tips to make your studio more comfortable and inspiring all year long. I've also included a free flute practice chart and tips for getting students to be their own best teacher.

  • News Blast! December 2010
  • In this issue, I include links to more inspiration about the important role of music in our lives. Then I give some very practical advice about making student practice time really count, with a link to a sample daily practice chart. Flutists will gain some insight into how to play controlled vibrato.

  • News Blast! November 2010
  • Pat yourselves on the back, teachers! And check this newsletter out for some inspiration about the importance of music in our lives, plus some great practice pointers, tips for teaching rhythm and fun ideas for celebrating the great composers.

  • News Blast! October 2010
  • This edition takes a closer look at web sites -- what a good site can do for you and what it cannot! Includes a list of resources for getting yourself online.

  • News Blast! September 2010
  • Start up the new season with some pointers on raising your rates and establishing studio policies that work.

  • News Blast! August 2010
  • Check out the books on my summer reading list. They'll help you learn to better manage your students, with great results.

  • News Blast! July 2010
  • Make the most of your summer with my tips for "Bare Bones Practice," and some quick fixes for "chicken elbows" and "sagging flutes." Then, put your feet up and listen to my radio interview on KUOW. Was your early musical training anything like mine?

  • News Blast! June 2010
  • Check out this issue for some innovative ideas to make the most of student recitals. You'll also find tips for keeping your studio busy over the summer and helping students achieve perfect flute playing posture.

  • News Blast! May 2010
  • In this premiere issue, I answer the question: "What does a squawking chicken have to do with teaching music?" Read on to learn how painting my house taught me important lessons about the value of practice, and how blowing bubbles makes learning proper embouchure child's play!

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