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Alchemists Workshop tm.
Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc
for prevention of illness and disease, accelerated healing and skin and body care.
Alchemists Workshop was set up as a company of holistic alchemists to research the benefits of diet and vital precious and primary minerals missing in our daily diets in comparison to earlier and less polluted times.

During the last 36 years their research has led to AW creating their own super quality Ultrafine Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper and Zinc as well as pioneering their own unique specially formulated 100% colloidal mixtures to treat specific health and skin conditions.

The large and varied range of helpful products include colloidal solutions for body, mind, and skin care.

Alchemists Workshop also has two separate web stores to serve both the United States and Canada (priced in $ US Dollars) and another one for UK and EU priced in GBP).

Three different types of communiques and newsletters are sent out regularly which cover new health breakthroughs and general health information, Special Offers, and a new Opinion communique from the chief holistic alchemist,  M. Merlinski. which is sometimes combined with another new communique called Alchemystic Symbols.

St Helier, CI
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