JUNE 2008
Miracles tm
A New Combination Colloidal Formula Breakthrough

that could possibly save you or a loved one a lot of
embarrassment, pain and discomfort, whilst restoring
them back to a healthy, full and happy lifestyle
Hi , Greetings,

This time I think we have really outdone ourselves.
In our ever continuing quest for better and better innovative  and beneficial colloidal formulas, we have finally, we think, found an incredible and complex formula that is going to help a lot of people who up till now have been told there is nothing that can be done to relieve their troublesome and sometimes painful conditions.  Especially if it is related to any type of neural condition that in many cases poses as something else that is diagnosed

These neural infections can mimic many of the common and troublesome complaints that are most often caused by little known and dangerous microbial bugs that live and can lie dormant for many years even decades within our bodies, before bursting forth as an easily recognized complaint or condition.

However although people are being treated for the mimicked condition of these other illnesses, they are not getting better. This is because the cause of the condition is not the focus of the treatment.

So it was with this in mind that we set out to try to get to grips with trying to treat conditions like Bells Palsy and Lyme Disease which is thought to be related in so far as Lyme Disease can be a sleeper condition that is not discovered until a shock or trauma can provide the ideal conditions for it to attack certain parts of nerves in the brain which effect eyes, ears, one side of the face and mouth and can get even more severe if left undiagnosed and treated.

Our approach to these conditions is not to surplant existing medical knowledge, but to supplement any ongoing orthodox treatments with our new colloidal formula which we call Miracles tm.

We have already successful tried this solution out inhouse with remarkable degrees of  success and trust that it will do the same for you.



Galactic Spiral of Life
When All else fails,......maybe you need Miracles tm

A formulated colloidal elixir that seems to get to the heart of the problem
A combination of ultrafine colloidals of Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc with  *Samento TOA-free, and soluble vitamin **B12.

Miracles   The ultimate illness buster for everything.

* Samento is derived from a South American plant used by the local indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rain Forest to successfully treat illness and disease, and has been studied by Western scientific institutions for many years and been found very effective when used as a treatment. Many learned papers have been written and published on this subject. When taken with Ultrafine Colloidal Silver the combination seems to show itself greater than the sum of its individual parts by a factor of five.

** Vitamin B12 has been found to be very effective in helping  repair damaged nerves and their  connections within the head.  It has been effective with some people in the treatment of Bells Palsy and Lyme Disease.  When coupled with the use of Ultrafine Colloidal Gold and Copper the combined effects seem to be unbeatable.

  • GOLD Ultrafine Colloidal : -  Nerves,  Neural system, Stress Relief, neural pain relief.
  • SILVER Ultrafine Colloidal : -  Immune booster, restorative; germ, virus, bacteria, allergen and pathogen eradicator;  natural cell repair accelerator -skin, bones, muscles and soft tissue.
  • COPPER Ultrafine Colloidal : -  Blood cleanser; increases elasticity to skin, veins, arteries: increases connectivity between brain synapses: increases oxygenation to blood and pain relief.
  • ZINC Ultrafine Colloidal : -  Essential for vital organs and reproduction; natural defense against infection.

100ml regular lrge.

We are not  medical doctors but lowly holistic alchemists and as such we are unable to give  any medical advice.  Consequently we offer only our natural health and mineral supplements for personal experimentation and if you wish to try these out in treating a medical condition that you seek  advice from your doctor or professional health care practitioner.

Miracles is the copyright and trade mark of Alchemists Workshop

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