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Ruby~Red Colloidal GOLD - Latest cutting edge technology brings you this ultimate Ruby~Red GOLD

Next Generation of Colloidal Gold 

The fantasmological effect of a ruby color emanating from a clear glass bottle of water which contains no coloring agents whatsoever and is only caused by light refraction from millions of microscopic nano particles of pure gold is truly awe inspiring.  The knowledge about using gold to produce a ruby red color was known as far back as the original making of ruby red glass. But to achieve all of this it was necessary to mix in additives of nitrates or chlorides to achieve the color.  Now at last, by harnessing the same concept as the sun uses to achieve its own rebirth of golden energy, we can create miniscule nano particles of pure gold so tiny that they become denser in the surrounding water and offer a combined much larger area of refracted light generation at the ruby red end of the spectrum.  All of his means we have an even more effective ultimate colloidal gold for health and beauty solutions.

Ruby Red Gem iv
Ruby-Red Gold

Harnessing the secrets of past Sun Gods and that of the combustion secrets of the Sun itself - we bring you our incredible colloidal Ruby Red GOLD to treat: -
Nerves - Neural Pain -  Stress - Nerve related spasms - Brain related tremors -prevention reduce the threat of Heart and Stroke  - Heart rhythm regulator - ARTHRITIS, with Copper. - Skin improvement - Increase IQ.

"Elixir of the Sun"
A true Liquid Gold to strengthen the Mind, Body and Soul.

Named Ruby Red Gold after its natural beautiful ruby red color at between 50ppm and 100ppm. 
The visual color pales as the ppm drops to 25ppm when it becomes a paler ruby/rose; and  pales still further to a rose' at 12ppm
Nothing added other than nano particles of gold in pure distilled water.

Ruby Red 4
ALL BOTTLES DEPICTED ON THIS PAGE ARE 500ml  and are shown here just to depict the averaged color of thes colloidals. We do not supply these colloidals in clear glass bottles but in amber colored glass bottles of 50ml. - 100ml. - 500ml. and 1 liter.

Ruby Red Gold is created utilizing physics technology stolen from the sun.  It is pure ultrafine Colloidal Gold at its finest.

  Light Rose

12 ppm    Regular Ruby Red GOLD   - 
colloidal color = pale rose'
50ml. $56.55      100ml.  $98.35


25 ppm    250% Enhanced Ruby Red  
colloidal color =  pale ruby/ rose'   
50ml.$86.42      100ml.$138.24

50ppm ruby red

50 ppm    500% Super Ruby Red          - 
colloidal color =  ruby red     
50ml.$128.45    100ml.$176.35


100 ppm  1000% Ultimo Ruby Red    - 
colloidal color = deep ruby red       
50ml.$165.35    100ml.$228.45

We've resisted producing a pink/rose to ruby red colored colloidal gold because we did not want to create it using any type of additives or dangerous chemicals to achieve the color.

Now at last we can offer you a completely 100% organic and natural RUBY~RED GOLD COLLOIDAL  -  REVIEW NOW

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Eureka Elixir

ALL Four Colloidals
gold, silver, copper, zinc
500ml. 100ml. 50ml. Eureka Elixir
List Price 100ml. aprx. 4ozs $38.95
Special Reduction on one 100ml. bottle $34.65

ECONOMY SPECIAL - 2 x 100ml bottles  = 200ml. aprx. 8ozs SAVE $15.55
FREE S & H within contiguous continental United States
Infections from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens


Our Price: $89.80
FREE S & H in contiguous continental USA
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FIGHT AND KILL THE CAUSE - Not just mask the symptoms!
High colloidal concentration formula - defends body, and attacks all infections from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Fast acting potent ppm up to 450-500ppm. For use internally and topically. Greatest germ and bacteria killer! 

We don't know of any circumstances where any single-celled invader has not been eradicated within a clinical petri dish environment within a few hours maximum. (obviously within a living complex organism like the human body it will take from a few days to a few weeks to finally eradicate an entire infection.

Also found effective in protecting and defending against most types of FLU especially when taken with the very first onset of symptoms. (sore or itchy throat, dry cough or swollen or painful sinuses)

This is one that you should always have at home for yourself and your loved ones.

SF/GA* 100ml.  $89.80  (Large size)
also available in:-  small  personal mobile size (10ml.) and Specific Treatments regular size (50ml.).

Buy More and Save More than $10.00 with the 200ml. Economy, 300ml and Half liter
With the holiday season fast approaching let's get you and yours healthy and fit.
wishing good health, great happiness, much laughter, and evermore wisdom

 Mike Reagan
Alchemists Workshop tm
Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc

whether of Health and Beauty protection - accelerated healing of health conditions or good maintenance

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