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Musical Pathways Foundation offers Kindermusik, an early childhood growth and development program which through joyful music-making between the parent, child and teacher seeks to promote cognitive, physical, language, social, emotional and musical development in young children newborn - 7.  Each class, geared toward your child's individual development, is taught by a trained and licensed Kindermusik educator who is passionate about transforming the lives of children and parents.
Come enjoy the sounds of children singing, playing instruments, dancing, exploring literature and  be amazed at how children learn to listen in an active, intent way, gain self-control, empathy and teamwork skills all in the form of play.  Learn bonding skills with your child, and enjoy the musical goals which range from developing a steady beat at 18 months to learning to read and write music at five years old.  The program is based  on the most current research, that all children are musical and that the parent is the child's most important teacher.
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