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  • January 2017 Newsletter  (1/4/2017)
  • In This Issue:
    Aura Borealis, the Northern Lights
    Role Models, Redefining Aging
    Your Remarkable Mitochondria
    DreamSpa almost Sold Out!

  • December 2016 Newsletter  (12/20/2016)
  • In This Issue:
    All of Life is Powered by Light
    Before & After Kirlian Photographs
    Energy Testimonial
    Fiber-optic Properties of Human Tissue
    Light Orchestrates Biochemical Activity
    Pre-order production almost sold out!

  • November 2016 Newsletter  (11/28/2016)
  • In This Issue:
    Naps Make You Smarter
    Healing Brain Injury with Light
    YouTube videos: The Brain and Light
    Brainwave Entrainment
    Save with Pre-Order Discount

  • June 2016 Newsletter  (6/8/2016)
  • In This Issue:
    Men Like to Look & Feel Younger Too!
    NASA Light Therapy for Astronauts
    A Common Interest in Light: Mark Twain, H.J. Kellogg, Einstein & Tesla
    Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy & Focus

  • April 2016 Newsletter  (4/20/2016)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Back In Stock!
    3 Miraculous Stories of Renewal:
    Miracles From Heaven - Annabel Beam
    A Walking Miracle - Tari Heap
    How To Heal By Thought Alone - Joe Dispenza

  • January 2016 Newsletter  (1/1/2016)
  • In This Issue:
    Light Is a Missing Nutrient for the Body
    Light Therapy Eases Depression
    Reboot Your Brain!
    Customer Testimonials

  • July 2015 Newsletter  (7/9/2015)
  • In This Issue:
    The Eye in Your Brain
    Nearsightedness & Sunlight
    Corporate Nap Rooms
    How to Choose Healthy Coconut Water
    Save $200 - Limited Offer
    DreamSpa Energy Testimonials

  • June 2015 Newsletter  (6/1/2015)
  • In This Issue:
    What are Biophotons?
    Pain Relief Testimonials
    Reserve Your DreamSpa Today and Save!
    Why DreamSpa?

  • April 2015 Newsletter  (4/21/2015)
  • In This Issue:
    Natl Geographic: Sleepless in America
    Reset Circadian Rythms with DreamSpa
    Sleep is Critical to Brain Detox
    DreamSpa Do's and Dont's
    Customer Referral program
    Light History: Dr Ott

  • January 2015 Newsletter  (1/16/2015)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips: Jet Lag & H2O
    Feeling Younger Helps You Live Longer
    Why We get Sick on Long Flights
    Dr Oz: Turn Off Stress to Sleep
    Light History - Full Spectrum Lighting
    Sleep Better with DreamSpa

  • December 2014 Newsletter  (12/16/2014)
  • In This Issue:
    Improve Sleep with DreamSpa
    Reboot Your Brain
    How Important is Sleep?
    Sleeping Pill Advisory
    Sleepiest & Most Rested Cities
    The 10 Most Sleep Deprived Jobs

  • November 2014 Newsletter  (11/24/2014)
  • In This Issue:
    See the Results
    A Better Way to Better Skin
    Light Therapy History Profiles - part 2

  • December 2013 Newsletter  (12/7/2013)
  • In This Issue:
    Power Nap with the DreamSpa
    LEDs & Cosmetic Rejuvenation
    A Better way with Licensed Esthetician, Joan Kesman
    See the Difference in just a few sessions
    Testimonials - Cosmetic
    History of Light Therapy - Profiles

  • November 2013 Newsletter  (11/2/2013)
  • In This Issue:
    Light & ADD/ADHD
    ADHD - Promising Treatment Possibility
    Video Testimonial : A mother's story - her son's reversed sleep patterns corrected.
    How The DreamSpa Works - Part 4
    Testimonials - Mental Clarity
    CFL Bulbs Cancer Warning
    History of Light Therapy - Profiles

  • April 2013 Newsletter  (4/2/2013)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips - Jet Lag
    Blue LED Light as an Antibiotic
    How the DreamSpa Works - Part 3
    Mother's Day Discount Offer
    Downloadable Customer Referral Flier
    New Customer Web Page
    Customer Referral Program
    Testimonials - Jet Lag and more

  • November 2012 Newsletter  (11/13/2012)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips - Improve Sleep
    How the DreamSpa Solution can Enhance Sleep
    Sleeping Pills New Warnings
    Sleep Testimonials
    How The DreamSpa Works - Part 2
    Video: Your Brain on the DreamSpa
    10 Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs

  • October 2012 DreamSpa Newsletter  (10/18/2012)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips - Hands & Feet, Pets
    How The DreamSpa Works Part 1
    Free Carrying Case & Shipping
    Light as Nutrition - Webinar
    DreamSpa Pet Testimonials

  • August 2012 DreamSpa Newsletter  (8/20/2012)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips - Head Meridians
    Earn $250 Visa Card
    NASA Space Program & DreamSpa Blue LEDs
    UK Researchers, LEDs and Alzheimers
    DreamSpa Testimonials
    Save on a Pre-Owned Unit
    YouTube Videos & Webinars

  • June 2012 DreamSpa Newsletter  (6/8/2012)
  • In This Issue:
    DreamSpa Tips - AM Sessions & Hydration
    Free Worldwide Shipping
    Earn $100 Visa Card
    DreamSpa Testimonials
    Save on a Refurbished Unit
    New YouTube Videos
    Updated User Manual
    Coming Soon: New Website

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