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  • Cats In Love  (1/31/2012)
  • A special Valentine's Day 2012 issue. Includes encore presentations of our most "loveable" cartoons, the grand opening of our Valentine Boutique for cat lovers featuring "Cats In Love" our designer Valentine series, Valentine gifts and cards from the cartoon, and our feature article, "How Do I Love Thee (Cat)? Let Me Count The Ways."
  • The Twelve Cats of Christmas!   (11/30/2011)
  • The Grand Opening of our new shop, The White Cat Co., showcases our "Twelve Cats of Christmas" holiday collection (it's the famous song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas", with cats!) on cards, mugs, and Christmas tree ornaments.
  • In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion... It's Johnny's Birthday. TPC E-news, 3/29/11  (3/30/2011)
  • A special March 29th, 2011 issue for Johnny's Nth birthday. Includes a special birthday cartoon, "Inception", which chronicles the events surrounding Johhny's arrival in our lives, and the Inception Back Story, the unabridged saga of how Johnny came to us, with a behind the scenes look at the making of a cartoon, plus Director's commentary. :)
  • A Wild Goose Chase. Literally! (TPC E-News impromptu Sept. 12, 2010 issue)  (9/12/2010)
  • The Wild Goose issue! Includes the impromptu story of the Maple Grove Goose (poor thing, twisted up in twine, and badly in need of rescue), Patty and Sandra and Lionel, Oh My! (the long awaited biographies of mom's trio), and a tribute to the animals and pets lost in the 9/11/2001 tragedy.
  • Julie's Anniversary Issue (TPC E-News for August 2010)  (8/27/2010)
  • Our 6th issue, and Julie's 4 Year Anniversary issue. Includes the Creator's Blog for August 2010 "What Do You Do When You Inherit +/- 18 Cats?!", a promo for Jane's most recent Illustration project, "Hairballs in the Morning 2" by Lesley Bistline, and in honor of Julie's anniversary, the continuation of her story in The Pride Cartoon of the Month, "I Want You 2 Want Me."
  • The Pride Cartoon™ E-News, issue #5, June 2010  (6/11/2010)
  • Our 5th issue. The Kitten Issue. Includes feature story from The Feral Cat Report, "The Young and the Feral: HalfTail Gives Birth", and The Pride Cartoon for June, "It's A Boy!" in honor of Jack's 2nd birthday.
  • The Pride Cartoon™ E-News, issue #4, January 2010  (1/12/2010)
  • The Resolutions Issue! Includes Johnny's Favorite Things: Custom Fire Safety Stickers. From The Feral Cat Report: "Adolfo's House" and "That D--n Cow", and The Pride Cartoon™ of the month, "Rubber Ducky".
  • The Pride Cartoon™ Holiday E-news  (12/14/2009)
  • Holiday 2009. Includes last minute holiday cards for cat lovers, our holiday greeting to friends, Johnny's Christmas feature story, "The Finger", and the cartoon of the month, "The Ghost of Christmas Pest."
  • The Pride Cartoon™ newsletter, issue #1, October 2009
  • Our first issue. Includes the first installment of "Julie's Friends", Creator's Blog "Squirrel Supermoms", November featured items: Pride Episodes on Holiday Cards, an Urgent Bulletin about Baby Grace, the tiny calico feral blinded in Queens... and The Pride Cartoon of the month, "The Fly."
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