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Who's Gaming Your Incentive Program?Gaming


People tend to do those things for which they are rewarded. To encourage employees to provide the customer service promised to our customers, employee incentive and recognition programs are put into place to reward employees who engage in desired behaviors or who achieve specific outcomes. 


Desired behaviors can be measured by mystery shopping programs, manager reports, audits, customer feedback measures and performance reviews. Specific outcomes can be measured by sales amounts, referral numbers and the like.


No incentive program is perfect and, over time, sometimes employees figure out a way around the system to "earn" the incentive. In other words, sometimes employees "game the system".

Here are some common games we see. We hope they help you in planning to avoid them.


The Game: Trick the Technology


If an organization uses technology alone to measure key service metrics and reward performance with incentives, the system is usually an easy target for gaming the system.


The modify the order trick. A mystery shopper overheard a training conversation at the first of two drive through windows at a quick service restaurant. When the mystery shopper attempted to hand the employee payment, the mystery shopper heard the trainer saying "No, never just accept the payment. Always be sure to click on Modify Order then click Ok  before you accept the customer's payment. This will restart the timer on our transactions so our service times will look good."


The ring up single items as multiples trick. At a grocery store checkout


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Get to Know QR Codes


QR Code Mobile Survey        QR Code Mobile Location Visit Report        QR Code Mobile Visit Report

Are QR codes confusing to you? They were confusing to us at first, too.


Mostly, we found them confusing because, at Confero, we use the term"QR" to refer to our detailed process of quality assurance for each mystery shopping or audit report ("Quality Review").


We are now getting used to seeing "QR" (Quick Response) codes everywhere. If you have customers who have Smartphones, "QR Code" is a good term to understand.


QR codes are those odd looking square patterns that seem to be cropping up everywhere. If you have not noticed one, look at most any print magazine ad and you'll find one easily.


Here's how it works:

Read the full article here.

Confero Featured in TrustAtlantic Bank Commercial


Elaine Buxton, Confero President, Talks About TrustAtlantic Bank
Elaine Buxton, Confero President, Talks About TrustAtlantic Bank

It was my pleasure to appear in a television commercial for TrustAtlantic Bank, a client and Confero's business banking partner. TrustAtlantic Bank focuses on assisting mid-market businesses, business owners and individuals with their financial needs. Two video spots were produced. In the 90-second version, I had an opporutnity to explain why TrustAtlantic Bank has been a reliable partner in building Confero's business. A shorter 30-second version has been used in television advertising.  Jim Beck, president and CEO of TrustAtlantic Bank, also appears in the video. 



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Top 10 Retailers for Customer Service


Customer Experience Notes


The NRF Foundation, the research and education arm of the National Retail Federation, has announced the top 10 retailers for excellent customer service selected by shoppers in the seventh annual NRF Foundation/American Express Customers' Choice survey.


The survey asked 9,374 shoppers which retailer provides the best customer service.


According to shoppers, the ten finalists for customer service, in alphabetical order, are:


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