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Employee Incentive and Rewards Ideas    

Our experience in employee recognition and on-the-spot rewards in different industries has opened our eyes to creative ideas introduced by our clients and our client services team.

This idea is one of our favorites. The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority (RDUAA), a long time client, honors associates who score 100% on mystery shops Confero conducts at the RDU airport. They airport authority changes the gift over time and tracks which employee receives which item, so that they award item is always fresh and meaningful for the recipient. This summer, the RDUAA presented top performers with a car sunshade imprinted with the RDU logo and the tagline Exceptional Service. In our heat wave in North Carolina this summer, the sun shades have not only been useful, they have become coveted. On any given day, the employee parking areas are peppered with cars using the sun shade. Now that recognition item is not only a valuable item for the recipient, it has become a daily reminder of customer service as employees come into work. At one point, the air traffic controllers in the tower even noticed the sunshades and asked how to procure one!

This year is Confero's 25th year in business, so we have periodically featured a "25" list in a newsletter article. So here are our top 25 employee incentive ideas. Please share your ideas with us!

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Is Valuable Customer Insight Hiding in your Spreadsheets?     

If your company collects customer feedback, comment cards, store visit or field audit report information in spreadsheets, you may be missing out on the information's maximum value. Comparisons and correlations of the data collected provide key insights that you may miss if the information is hidden inside multiple spreadsheets managed by multiple people. Here's a prime example:

One of our mystery shopping clients was concerned that the mystery shopping report scores were very low compared to the district manager audit information.

Turns out, the district manager audit reports were housed inside a spreadsheet maintained in operations. An administrator would collect handwritten audit reports and key report information into a spreadsheet. A monthly summary of the spreadsheet results was produced to show an overall audit score for each store visited that month.

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Five Key Considerations for Customer Surveys   

  1. Audience: Consider the audience for your survey. Are you striving for opinions from all customers and target markets? Or would you like to hone in on a particular age segment, such as young adults? Once you select your audience, define your objectives with your target in mind, then craft the survey questions. For a survey that pins down the most valuable data, companies customize question wording, selection, and survey length to best fit the audience.
  2. Approach: Based on your target audience, choose the appropriate survey delivery method, including mail, email, phone, online, or a combination. Older respondents may prefer mail surveys, and may be more willing to complete a longer survey. Busy professionals, on the other hand, may prefer to respond to a five-question survey via mobile device. If you want to reach all segments, offer the survey through different mediums. 
  3. Incentives: Incentives for completing the survey impact response rates. Countless companies search for customer feedback and you need to make your survey invitation enticing. Taking your audience into account, determine a desirable incentive; consider an offer of downloadable incentives such as iTunes for younger respondents, or a future purchase discount for professionals, for example. 

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July 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition

picking pears  
  • Most customers only give companies two chances in customer service. According to an American Express study, half of Americans surveyed reported it takes two poor customer service occurrences before they stop doing business with a company.
  • Customers find negative online reviews more believable.  57% of consumers find negative reviews on blogs and social networking sites to be credible, as compared to 48% who said that they give more credence to positive ones. 
  • The large majority of customers trust referrals when making purchase decisions. 88% of consumers surveyed revealed that they choose a company based no a friend or family member's recommendation.  

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July 2011

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July 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition


New Word to Know  


Social Support:  

Ways to encourage customers to assist other customers; especially in terms of technical support. Companies monitor social support and blend their own support people into the dialogue when needed. This strategy encourages conversations about your brand among users and provides IT departments with valuable user feedback.  As an example, take a look at Intuit's developer network forum, Adobe and Xtreme Gear's online forums.     


Mystery Shopper Comments of the Month

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What would you do if a customer made one of these comments about your location or about one of your employees?


"When I approached the greeter, she had her hands behind her head and was playing with her hair.  Finally she asked me if she could help me.  She assisted me, but did not smile at me.  I felt like I was interrupting her."


"The cashier smiled and greeted me. He suggested several different items with my order. The employees were working well as a team.  When they were not assisting customers, the employees were cleaning."


"I could hear the same cashier that helped me cheerfully greet and thank customers.  She asked them if they wanted to add dessert, salad, and drinks."     

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